Newest updates:

With Vatiken’s help, fixed minor bug where sometimes people would respawn exactly where they die (due to copyover).

Fixed big MEMORY bug, only last mobile who hit you was getting his memory cleared

Death is different, no longer sent to menu, no longer any PC corpses

Added NPC Classes:  Cleric / Magic-User, they only behave in combat so far

Shapechange framework added, see help file – available to everyone for now for testing purposes

Added NPC Races:  Red Dragon, innates added:  tailsweep, breathe, frightful

Fixed a bug I created with do_flee wimpy

Got rid of exclusive “god-only” messages

Violent AoE got a completely revamp due to charmie-need

Fixed parry: had a slight bug if someone started combat again you and you parried the first attack that would cause issues with HUNTING()

Added Damage Reduction and Concealment ratings to do_score

Fixed minor bug in medit.c, miscounted # of AFF_FLAGS

Added commands:  boost, gain and respec – see respective help files

Added MULTICLASSing !!  See help file

Switched cleric “memming” to “praying”

Hacked up memorization code to allow for multi-class memming/praying

Implemented Vatiken’s new group-system, help GROUP for more info

Added framework for website:

Help file update


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