The Underworld

A man is sitting in front of a human court. He is visibly ill, which is shown by his nonstop twitching. Every so often his head turns violently to the left. He didn’t even notice.

“My name is Theodore. I am here to tell you about a place known as the Underworld. This name was given by the denizens of this realm due to it’s location. Under. Deep below the known world lies a horrible place. This place is home to…creatures that have eyes on their hands and tongues that reach three feet.”

Theodore stops speaking for a moment. If one were to look closely at his face, they would see an expression of pure terror.

“But they are not the worst to dwell there. in fact, they are the best. The most…alive. The real monsters are the Undead that dwell there. Large, rotting death-hounds run across the more dangerous areas of the Underworld, ripping apart anything with life in it. All other creatures avoid those nine foot tall canines for their own safety.”

By now Theodore is twitching uncontrollably. Two old clerics start to cast a few spells on him, calming him down.

“But they do not compare to the Reapers. His elite group of soldiers who can match even the most powerful warriors. And the things they do to you.”

Theodore shudders.

“They are as evil as the big boss. They constantly leave the Underworld to collect. Collect woman, child and any too weak to entertain him in battle to give to the Titan of Death himself.”

Theodore stops talking and looks into the eyes of those watching him. People are clearly afraid of news before them. They knew nothing of the Underworld before this man stepped into their court. And they still don’t. Only a few creatures were mentioned. Clearly not all of them are known by this “Theodore”.

With that being said a being materializes in the middle of the room. He looks elven, white hair flowing down to the middle of his back. His height reaches eight feet and his build could only be described as lean. His ears are pointed, naturally and his eyes..his eyes are completely black.

“Enough of that old man rambling!” The mysterious individual says as he snaps his fingers. Theodores eyes open wide right before he explodes.

“My name is Nuruhuine. It is is a shame you all had to learn about my playground. My little haven on this mortal plane.” He smiles widely, his perfect white teeth in full view.

“You want to know about my world? Do you? Well. I might as well tell you the whole scoop.” He looks at the doors, shutting them quickly with magic of some sort.

“The Underworld is not only a hunting ground for my pets. It is also a city for those of a more evil alignment. You see, their aura is like fuel to me. I am Death. I need life. Oh, look at me! Telling you all my weaknesses. Does not matter. You all are going to die today anyways.”

Loud howling can be heard from a distance.

“Ah! There are my babies. Back from the Pit.”

Nuruhuine pauses for a moment.


Underdark (Underworld)
Underdark (Underworld)

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