This weeks updates:


Added tons of helpfiles, everything I could think of new I added now has a helpfile

Found a sneaky bug in memorize

Did a GET_CLASS scan for multi-class code to check for missed adjustments, and made them

Added server-startup / shutdown scripts

Did a memorize.c revamp in prep for more caster classes

Found a nasty crash bug in houses, with Vatiken’s helped it is now fixed

Replaced (only) in-game references to tbaMud with LuminariMUD

Added a total of 4 slots to PRAYing arrays, for expansion to cleric/druid/paladin/ranger casting

Modified save/load functions to handle the array in pfiles

Modified memorize.c to handle expansion of new classes

Made Druid class

Added framework for damtypes (like elemental damage)

changed all the defines of saving throws to new counterparts:  fort, reflex, save.. also added two   fillers, poison and death

To fill the gap in espec loading, added old saving throws and translate them to new ones

Added some more info to do_score   Realigned spells in mem lists, added a little color

Spell affects are now measured in round increments instead of game hours (ticks)

Converted current spell affects to new system

Spell levels were level dependent, regardless of what levels you have multi-classed, now only   “caster” levels will make your spells more powerful

Got rid of sort_spells in db.c (at least temporarily), not compatible with how i’m sorting spells

finished display for damtypes (affects)

started some changes in constants.c to move away from capital letters (thanks Bakarus)   got rid of NOBITS (now:  None)

added AFF_DEAF .. although it may be a little too harsh right now

added AFF_FEAR

added AFF_STUN – can attack, but can’t enter commands (affets mobact too)

added AFF_PARALYZED  same as stun, but also can’t attack

spell polymorph (mostly just framework, probably should share functions with shapechange)

changed spell color-spray

New spells!  spell endure elements   spell expteditious retreat   spell grease   spell horizikauls boom   spell ice dagger   spell iron guts   spell mage armor   spell negative energy ray   spell ray of enfeeblement   spell scare  spell shelgarns blade   spell shield   spell summon creatre 1   spell true strike

charmee’s will now autoassist (even if not groupped) and autorescue if they are a warrior > level 5

expanded player structs in plrtoascii, expanded max_skills to 600 (400 spells / 200 skills)

max_types increased to 800

renumbered all skills and everything after, renumbered lib->messages too

found out that expanding the struct in plrtoascii destroys mud, so undid it 😛

consolidated the various caster arrays, freeing up space in pfiles

made a warding array to save stoneskin/mirror image and the sorts

made a spec_abil array to save x-per-day use skills

added framework for rage skill

went and adjusted all the save-types for all spells

added room-affections framework, thanks to: The Arrow <pt94jpi>

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