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Development Updates [Jan 29 2018 – Apr 05 2018]

Zusuk here… I am back!  Been extremely busy and sort of out of development for the past 1.5 months.  I can not develop as many hours as before, but I am committing to at least 3 hours a week.  Huge […]


Let’s MUD! LuminariMUD Game of the Month, a New Race and GUI Development

Thanks to the Reddit community for the recognition!  To any new visitors, we highly suggest checking out a short lore article we have setup: Lumina – Voiced by Stu Cook It includes both a written and audio version of our […]


LuminariMUD Updates: 08/10/2016

Apologies for long time periods between website updates!  The last actual listing of updates we posted was way back on December 9th 2015! Featured changes since then besides metamagic: New Race System!  type “race” in game to see the aesthetic […]


Luminari MUD Update 05/01/2015, Crossbow Reload, Rogues Rock!

Lots of changes in the MUD since our last update!  You can view the full list below or by typing “news” in-game. Some of the highlights include: More descriptive text for “missed attacks” including shieldblock, parry and attack glancing off […]



Nobility is an easy concept to understand, but one very difficult to explain. What is the difference between an orc and and Elf that makes one worthy of esteem and the other worthy of disgust? Is it a result of […]


A New Issue of Imaginary Realities!

Volume 7 issue 1 of the new Imaginary Realities is out now, after a long delay.  Imaginary Realities is the only remaining e-magazine dedicated to MUDs. This issue contains: Choosing an Emoting System – Written by Griatch, this is a discussion […]