Arcana Golem





Arcana Golems are mortal spellcasters (typically, but not always human)
whose devotion to the magical arts has allowed them to fuse with a
golem — but rather than being the mindless, magically incompetent beings
golems are, the process inverts the golem’s intelligence and magical
aptitude. This rebirth leaves them indistinguishable on the outside from
humans except for a vastly improved magical aptitude.


On the inside, Arcana Golems resemble the outside of Crystal Dwarves;
their organs have been replaced with metallic and/or crystally objects
that function as well as humanoid organs save for being a little frailer.
While Arcana Golems do not need to consume outside materials — the ambient
magical energy in the air is more than enough fuel — many like to
do so anyway. Arcana Golems do need to sleep a lot even for a mortal race;
they need an average of 12 hours of quality sleep per 24 hours to function
at full cylinders and like to sleep for several days at a time. Arcana
Golems reproduce as humans regardless of their original race. This can
cause animosity from the community of the rare dwarven or elven Arcana Golem.


The signature abilities of the Arcana Golem, aside from a natural talent
for spellcasting and crafting, is their Spell Battle. Spell Battle
allows the Arcana Golem to convert magical energy and accuracy into combat


Note: Arcana Golems are an “advanced” race and therefore have a lot
more challenging experience-chart. Type ‘levels’ in-game to view.


>Racial Abilities:
Spell Vulnerability:  -2 damaging spell saves
Enchantment Vulnerability:  -2 enchantment saves
Physical Vulnerability:  -2 penalty to armor-class
Magical Heritage:  Arcana Golem gain a 6th of their level as bonus to
Caster-Level, Spellcraft Checks and Concentration Checks
Spell Battle:  (see HELP SPELLBATTLE)
>Ability Adjustments:   -2 Con, -2 Str, +2 Wis, +2 int, +2 Cha


>Experience Modifier:   Double