[Update: November 2022, Seaports (see below map)]


*Note, this is the Surface Map.  We also have an Underworld or Underdark and a network of planar zones that represent the Great Beyond (Planes of Existence).

A word from the developer of this feature, Ornir:

So the major, game-changing feature I have been working on is a completely
generated wilderness, 2048 x 2048 (total of 4,194,304) rooms (the map below,
each PIXEL represents a room).  This is only the beginning, as the
size can easily be changed with no real impact.  Technically, it is using
Perlin noise in different ways creating elevation, moisture, and temperature
map that then determines the biomes/sectors that are created.  All of this is on a
coordinate grid that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the mud.  If you
have ever played Minecraft, the concept is similar.

The option to have multiple wildernesses is not far off (about one day or so of
focused coding) and this will be used to flesh out the different planes as well
as the Underdark-type subterranean areas.

Surface Worldmap of Luminari

Sea Ports

Ashenport-63, 89N Kellust Sea Port286, 885
NW Ondius Sea Port-25, 198NE Kellust Sea Port423, 779
SE Ondius Sea Port107, 39E Kellust Sea Port644, 644
NE Ondius Sea Port191, 295SE Kellust Sea Port519, 539
SW Kellust Sea Port371, 431
SELERISHNW Kellust Sea Port161, 789
S Selerish Sea Port363, -295W Kellust Sea Port283, 724
E Selerish Sea Port358, -200
NW Selerish Sea Port161, -79VAILAND
W Vailand Sea Port-772, 473
OORPIIN Vailand Sea Port-599, 455
N Oorpii Sea Port-112, 785C Vailand Sea Port-467, 204
E Oorpii Sea Port-105, 510S Vailand Sea Port-512, 99
W Oorpii Sea Port-316, 520
NW Oorpii Sea Port-597, 804AXTROS
S Axtros Sea Port606, -719
WEST UBDINASW Axtros Sea Port591, -524
W West Ubdine Sea Port-683, -626E Axtros Sea Port866, -284
NW West Ubdine Sea Port-824, -406Sanctus688, -241
N West Ubdine Sea Port-554, -489
S West Ubdine Sea Port-566, -677CARSTON
SE West Ubdine Sea Port-371, -789E Cartson Sea Port743, -22
W Cartson Sea Port575, 75
SW East Ubdine Sea Port-268, -758HIR
S East Ubdine Sea Port-110, -722SW Hir Sea Port-442, -303
E East Ubdine Sea Port73, -603NW Hir Sea Port-507, -123
N East Ubdine Sea Port-71, -506NE Hir Sea Port-20, -85
E Hir Sea Port-57, -330
E Quechian Sea Port-651, -4
SW Quechian Sea Port-782, -110
NE Quechian Sea Port-703, 155

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