Updates to LuminariMUD:


*mobiles (general) – decreased pulse_mobile, i.e. faster mob reaction, for charmees, # is now maxed out at GET_CHA_BONUS, if you go over the bonus extra mobiles will rebel

*NPC races – added framework, mobs will identify their race right now for debugging purposes

*NPC classes – added framework, mages will now behave at least semi-smart with their new code

*stats – constitution / hp – redid the system so gear/spells/leveling work correctly, increased max-stat limit to 50, changed bonus system to reflect 3.5ed, added aliases to calculate bonus [GET_<stat name>_BONUS()], character starting stats are fixed and have increases according to 3.5ed (not selected though), compartmentalized a lot of vitals like compute_armor

*aesthetics – weather.c added a little color, skill_messages have more color now, do_who a little more color, login screen colors

*train/ability – resemble skills in 3rd ED  [new abilities] listen, spot, tumble, hide, sneak, treat injury, taunt, concentration, spellcraft, appraise, discipline, parry, lore

*combat changes – multiple attacks, perform_attacks, multiple changes to the whole combat systme, parry, compute_thaco now is like 3.5ed system, compute_armor now is calculated like 3.5ed, dual-wield, initiative (limited implementation), switch opponents (AoO penalty), auto-diagnose added, taking things out of bags in combat imposes penalty (vs Tumble DC 15), completely rewrote do_flee also don’t lose xp for fleeing, dam_messages now % based, dual-wield (multiple hands), max. damage per damage() call now 999

*other char vitals – spell resistance added, regen changed from tick system to being called very 3 real seconds, advance_level and do_start redone completely

*information changes – do_score redone  [new commands] affects, attacks

*races – dwarf, human, elf, troll; troll regen added, racial bonuses added for all the classes, human skill/ability bonuses implemented

*class – monk, bare-hand damage, attacks and level armor bonuses added, wisdom armor bonus added, lay on hands ability added

*world modifications – newbie eq resembles old Luminari (added special   mode to perform_remove), some stock world bug fixes that were showing up in syslog, shop.c appraise changes

*prac/skill:  one practice per skill = 75 proficiency, bash behaves much different now (similar to Toril)

*prac/skill:     [new skills] quickchant, ambidexterity, dirty fighting, dodge, improved critical(2), mobility, spring attack, toughness, two weapon fighting(2), finesse, armor skin, blinding speed, damage reduction(3), tougness(2), self-concealment(3), trip(2), improved bash, improved whirlwind, spell penetration(3), spell resistance(5), initiative, power attack, combat expertise, epic skills needed for spells

*spells: casting time, say_spell at beginning of casting and finish of spell, heavy damage increase, added some color to say_spell, npc’s that cast AoE’s will not hit their fellow npc’s

*spells:     [new spells] stoneskin, blur, mirror image, ice storm, ball of lightning, missile storm, chain lightning, meteor swarm, flame strike, destruction, cause light wounds, cause serious wounds, cause moderate wounds, cause critical wounds, mummy dust, dragon knight, greater ruin, hellball, epic mage armor, epic warding, protection from good

*memorization: implemented, initial testing passed, a lot more to do

*color code:  added parse_at to all q, and to nanny check (for race/class new character selection), also disabled mpx because the potential security risk


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