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-14000 Humanity emerges
-12500 Elves emerge
-2600 Founding of Palinal
-1800 Gnomes arrive
-120 Jason of Pesh born
-80 Founding of Pesh
-30 Pesh achieves diplomatic recognition


Light ages are those in which the elves take an active hand in world affairs. They are times of progress. Dark ages are those times when the elves withdraw, and are times of regress.

-12500 to -11400: First Light Age
-11350 to -9800: First Dark Age
-9780 to -8880: Second Light Age
-8850 to -7000: Second Dark Age
-6940 to -3800: Third Light Age, know as Time of Myths.
-3800: First Cataclysm
-3800 to -3100: Third Dark Age
-3070 to -2150: Fourth Light Age
-2120 to -1130: Fourth Dark Age
-1100 to -800: Fifth Light Age
-800: Second cataclysm
-800 to -40: Fifth Dark Age
Present time: Dawning of new Light Age


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