Ambanya Seldo

Ambanya Seldo, the Child-Titan
Neutral Good
Deity realms: Childhood, innocence, creation, life, beauty, music
Spell Domains: Air, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Sun

Ambanya Seldo is one of the most blessed and honored titans, worshipped far and wide across Luminari. For all his active involvement in the affairs of mankind, however, much about him is still a mystery. He insists that he is one of the oldest titans, but is never seen as an adult—his avatar is always a young boy, fair and carefree, of whatever race he is visiting. This is the reason for his name, which in elvish means “Beautiful male-child.” It is often shortened to simply Ambanya.

Ambanya’s priesthood explains that he chooses that avatar because he feels himself an inadequate work in progress; as one of the oldest titans, he is among the most familiar with the Father of Titans and measures himself against the unimaginable perfection of that being.

Ambanya’s scripture explains that his very first act upon achieving conscious awareness was to gather together the rocks that comprise the world of Luminari and move it near the sun to be warmed. Although many titans worked together to shape the world, much of the earliest landscape was his direct handiwork. His stated mission in life is to create beauty and safety in which the noble races can grow and develop into their heritage. This heritage is never explained in writing and is kept secret, but it is Ambanya’s primary goal.

Ambanya Seldo watches over children and the innocent, and orphans in particular. His compassion is matched only by his playfulness, and many a child has known Ambanya as a playmate and later grown to serve him as an adult. He acts as muse to artists, musicians, and architects, many of whom worship him. Although worshiped by children of all the noble races, he is honored in particular by elves, gnomes, and halflings, many of whom feel a deep kinship with him because of his innocence and spontaneity. Many of the fae are purported to worship him as well.

Like all gods, it is theoretically possible to slay him, but those who would harm him would do well to beware. He has stood against the mightiest of the dark gods unperturbed, and is more ancient than the foundations of the earth.