The Titans

Most of the major titans have names in ancient Elvish, as the Elves have the oldest written records. Many of these titans have had numerous names over the millenia, but the accepted standard among the noble races is that they are generally called by their Elvish names.

Aglar Ada – Fatherhood, justice, wisdom (LG) – humans, dwarves

Naneth – Motherhood and mercy (NG) – humans and elves, expecting mothers of most sentient races

Ambanya Seldo, the Child-Titan

Orod-Tano – Metal and engineering (NL) – Dwarves, gnomes, some beast races

Taure Fea – Green things (forests, plains, etc), mystery, balance (TN) – elves, gnomes, many fae, some beast races

Duin-naithe – Water, weather, storms (CN), elves, gnomes, some humans, many beast races, some fae

Nuruhuine, Titan of Death – W.I.P.