In The Beginning

In the infinite past, there was only the eternal, unchanging substance of the Infinite Eternal, the almighty, all-knowing source of all existence. In order for variety to emerge, the Infinite Eternal, or Father God of the titans, withdrew His being from an immense sphere, creating space. His essence remained, however, filling the emptiness. The infinity of concepts that comprise His perfection separated and congealed into new modes of being. The spiritual concept of form gave rise to base matter, and the spiritual concept of motion gave rise to physical laws. The concept of awareness gave rise to light, and the concept of ignorance gave rise to darkness. In many cases, the essences of spiritual concepts clumped together in such a manner that they became self-aware, and began to act in the universe as a single being, first growing in power and awareness as they explored and experimented, as newborns. In immense variety, these beings progressed to become the titans known to the mortal realms, and the creators of the unending planes, including the heavens and the hells.

The titans are like mortals in many ways—limited in awareness and cognition and power, yet they are as far above the mortals as the mortals are above the fish in the ocean. A man cannot teach a fish to make fire. The titans are made of the essence of eternal concepts, including everything from emotions like anger and love, to elements like fire and water, to laws of the universe like gravity and electromagnetism.

Many titans never contact or influence mortals in any way. Some are aware of their true nature as fragments of the Inifinite Eternal, and seek eventual reunification. Others seek more mundane causes, like scientific or magical progress, while others seek to reduce suffering.

Luminari Worldmap


Some titans have become opposites of the infinite goodness of their creator, being comprised of rebellion, treachery, cowardice, cruelty, hunger, doubt, and so on. Every attribute in existence has its just place, but these titans have become warped and seek evil and darkness.

As part of the infancy of the titans, they created the worlds and all beings that inhabit them, each race showing the hand of its creators. Titans of magic and music created the elves, titans of stone and wisdom created the dwarves, and so on. Some races worship a single titan, others many. Some races and cultures honor the titans, but only worship the Infinite Eternal.

The mortal world serves almost as a nexus of the universe (albeit one of many) where many of the powers and titans in existence seek to advance themselves and their cause. This is the source of all conflict in the universe—until mortals learn the true balance of all attributes and become perfectly unified, there will be imbalance and conflict.

The attention and influence of these immensely powerful beings is the source of arcane magic, which is drawn to the world almost by gravity, drawn to earth by their awareness, for the focused and conscious mind to manipulate. Divine magic is created by the affinity between a mortal and a titan, and the degree to which their essence and beliefs are similar.