Nuruhuine, the Titan of Death
Chaotic Evil
Deity realms: Death, Darkness, Sickness, War, Hunger, Pain
Spell Domains: Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, War

Nuruhuine is one of the most feared and oldest titans, worshipped by those who call themselves evil. He constantly meddles in the life of mortals, earning him the reputation of a Chaotic Titan. He has several forms. His most prominent form is that of a nine foot tall hooded figure. No face is seen, only darkness. Black, long, worn out robes cover him. His hands are skeletal and his feet are covered by his flowing clothing. His other form is elven. His white hair reaches the middle of his back. He is eight feet tall and has a lean figure. His eyes would be described as pure darkness.

Nuruhuine’s following explains that he has two forms due to his constant involvement in the lives of mortals. His Undead form holds more power however. Those who see it do not live to tell the tale. And in death, they serve him.

Nuruhuine’s creation was from the disaster-element of the Infinite Eternal, for the Infinite created all – including disasters.  A part that wanted to separate.  A part that was different. It is debatable if he is the oldest. But he is up there. Without him, there is no death, no disease, no war, no pain. Nothing. For some, such a world would be a utopia. For others, it would be a dystopia. A work with no limits, no balance. As Chaotic as Nuruhuine is, he values such order. It gives him purpose. It gives him leeway to do what gives him pleasure.

Nuruhuine is not a complete monster. He looks after those who serve him and fuel his insatiable thirst for life. In other words, he protects the killers. He shelters the evil. Whether they be lawful or chaotic, they are treated as children to the Titan of Death.

War. War is his main avenue of power. In every war, Nuruhuine is there. Watching and guiding the flow of battle. He keeps the strong alive, and the weak dead.

He is not invulnerable, however. He can be slain. But be warned; he has faced the most powerful of Titans, both good and evil..

And in death, they serve him.