Apologies for long time periods between website updates! The last actual listing of updates we posted was way back on December 9th 2015!

Featured changes since then besides metamagic:

  • New Race System! type “race” in game to see the aesthetic changes, lot of mechanic changes in the code were made with a lot more planned
  • Weather System in Wilderness (type MAPin wilderness to see)
  • New Class System! type “class” in game to see thevisual changes
  • Major bug fix with houses to ensure gear doesn’t get deleted
  • Region Events
  • New Prestige Class: Stalwart Defender
  • New Prestige Class: Arcane Archer
  • Revised performance mechanic for Bards

Here is the comprehensive list of updates:


[Aug 10 2016] – Zusuk
released new race system 1.0 (todo: finish race list, integrate more hooks for the system into the code)
[Aug 01 2016] – Zusuk
made mechanice for “race feats”
[Jul 16 2016] – Zusuk
made mechanice for “race info”
[Jun 22 2016] – Zusuk
made mechanice for “race list”
[Jun 13 2016] – Zusuk
started creating the “race” command
[May 29 2016] – Zusuk
phase 3: fix playable races in race listing code – move their mechanics to feats
[May 14 2016] – Zusuk
phase 2: fix playable races in race listing code
[May 11 2016] – Zusuk
started fixing playable races in race listing code
[Apr 30 2016] – Zusuk
finished race list for animals
[Apr 20 2016] – Zusuk
started pruning and adjusting races, commented out all race listing outside of animals to focus on not breaking shapechange mechanic
[Apr 12 2016] – Zusuk
started pruning and adjusting races
[Apr 06 2016] – Zusuk
started pruning and adjusting races
[Mar 30 2016] – Jordan
Fixed typo #92 room description in the Training Hall.
[Mar 24 2016] – Jordan
Fixed #91 in the typo list related to Raven’s Gate
[Mar 17 2016] – Ornir
Added spell circle as an optional parameter to the spelllist and spells commands.
[Mar 13 2016] – Gushi
change Added two quest items that will be needed later in the camps in Jharkendar
change Shrinked the possible spawning monsters from 200 to 40 in Jharkendar
[Mar 12 2016] – Gushi
change Some updates to the Jharkendar area
[Mar 12 2016] – Jordan
Fixed typo #86/87 related to Graven Hollow
[Mar 08 2016] – Zusuk
moved some race-family related constant arrays to constants.c
added a new player house for kiro near halfling hometown
[Mar 04 2016] – Ornir
Added MSDP variable AFFECTS which is an array of tables describing the affects you currently have active.
[Mar 03 2016] – Ornir
Added new MSDP variable SECTORS which lists all sectors and their internal numeric representation (for Mudlet Mapper)
[Mar 02 2016] – Zusuk
more merging of various race code elements
fixed a bug with autokey (submitted by “cunning” from TBA forum)
added a dummy nowhere check in command_wtrigger() due to crash
[Mar 01 2016] – Treyorn
Fixed various typos in rooms, triggers, mobs, and help files.

[Feb 25 2016] – Zusuk
replaced npc-race types with new consolidated race-types for both npc/pc
fixed damage messages for dirtkick
fixed a portal in cloud realms
[Feb 24 2016] – Zusuk
cleaned out unused/unfinished racial assignment in race.c
cleaned up a large amount of unused defines in structs.h connected to race
[Feb 23 2016] – Ornir
Fixed problem where you can memorize unlimited spells of the highest circle you can cast…
[Feb 22 2016] – Zusuk
added about 10 missing damage messages
modified default page length
removed some static string arrays that weren’t being used anymore
removed a few functions not being used anymore from race.c
removed height, weight specifics assocaited with race_list(), now just have size categories
is_class_feat() now runs off the new classo system
feats that are classified as ‘class feats’ are now handled by classo
[Feb 21 2016] – Zusuk
classo now handles all free class feats gained at levelups
race/class feat processing is now split into two separate functions
‘class feat <class>’ command now reads from the new classo system
fixed alignment issues with affect command
fixed object ‘web of lies’ from blindbreak
[Feb 20 2016] – Zusuk
quest status will now show quest reward (coins, exp, and object rewards)
fixed a crash bug with deleting unfinished quests (qedit) … I think :p
[Feb 19 2016] – Ornir
Fixed faster memorization timing issues when preparing spells.
[Feb 19 2016] – Zusuk
moved all the bard feats to classo
moved all the ranger feats to classo
moved all the paladin feats to classo
moved all the berserker feats to classo
moved all the druid feats to classo
moved all the monk feats to classo
moved all the rogue feats to classo
[Feb 19 2016] – Ornir
Ability ‘turnundead’ now uses the daily use system, was on cooldown system.
[Feb 19 2016] – Zusuk
fixed an issue with non-cast related ironskin casting
fixed some race-related issues with mobs in dollhouse
fixed a little bug with running girl in doll house
[Feb 18 2016] – Ornir
Altered the size of storms – They are now bigger and badder!
[Feb 18 2016] – Jordan
Fixed Room End of The Gauntlet Hall(40412) Room description and door typos.
[Feb 17 2016] – Ornir
Weather is now live in the wilderness. Currently it only affects the dynamic descriptions. Type MAP to see the weather patterns.
[Feb 17 2016] – Zusuk
move all the paladin feats to classo
[Feb 17 2016] – Ornir
Weather patterns have been added to the wilderness. Type MAP to see (blue Rs are rain, Light blue Rs are heavy rain, Yellow Ls are a lightning storm!) Weather has no effect at this time and is just in as a proof of concept.
[Feb 17 2016] – Zusuk

moved all the warrior feats to classo
moved all the cleric feats to classo
moved all the sorcerer feats to classo
moved all the wizard feats to classo
updated the website’s theme
a plus sign now marks known spells in the study system
added asterisk to mark options in the study menu that are not available
[Feb 17 2016] – Jordan
Fixed typo #79
[Feb 16 2016] – Jordan
Fixed typo #77 (room 145264)
Fixed typo in the Treasure room description (25050)
[Feb 16 2016] – Zusuk
created structures and functions to allow for free class feats and assignment of feats as classfeats
changed prereq system for classes to accomodate for special combat feat scenarios
checkload changed to level immortal
added in-game check to prereqs for classes
fixed some color/alignment issues in prereq command
added some more info to the class prereq subcommand
added some dummy checks in the mxp code in the equipment command to address a crash issue
[Feb 15 2016] – Zusuk
made the harvesting success messages a little less cheesey
fixed funnelweb spider
mobs can now speak (and do other stuff via scripts) while casting
started matching the polymorph spell mechanic more in-line with wildshape
polymorph spells now have attack types like wildshape
fixed a bug with computing shield enhancement bonus
change blink dog wildshape form attack to bite
removed reference to classfeats command in code/displays
added spell circle access feats – to help visually show what level classes get their spell circles
commented out some unfinished elements in the house code that was causing compilation warnings
“fixed” some memorization compilation warnings
phased out race_ext file, now all contents located in race.c/race.h
began merging race and race_ext files
added bonus damage to base backstab/circle attacks to balance new awareness flag
updated backstab help file
backstab now makes an opponent aware upon successful execution
new help file: circle, circle-combat-maneuver
[Feb 14 2016] – Zusuk
gain now using new system
respec now using new system
new command: class prereqs <class name>, display a detailed list of a classes qualifications
new command: class list, default for new ‘class’ command with no argument – will list available classes
new command: class staff, displays a cryptic list for staff debugging usage 😛
new command: class info <class name>, display a given classes details (sorry typo laste change entry)
new command: class infi <class name>, display a given classes details
new command: class feat <class name>, display a given classes feats
new command: class – will replace classlist and classfeat

changed formatting of class list for viewing classes
made new class available function check using new system
made new prereq check function using new system for all classes
finished building prereq system for classes
setting race for staff is no longer by letter, but instead by race name
setting class for staff is no longer by single class letter, but instead by class name
[Feb 12 2016] – Ornir
MAXIMIZED spells will now show up as maximized.
[Feb 11 2016] – Zusuk
new shifter wildshape form: blink dog
new affection flag: blink
added new help file: blink
old damage-reduction system now is ineffective against spells
concealment doesn’t dodge spells anymore
started coding new races for the shifter shapes
new feat: shifter shapes v
new feat: shifter shapes iv
new feat: shifter shapes iii
new feat: shifter shapes ii
new feat: shifter shapes i
new feat: limitless shape
[Feb 11 2016] – Ornir
modified the closed sign in the shop in Graven Hollow…typo
added ‘fish’ keyword to the largemouth bass from graven hollow
Fixed a typo in the graven hollow fishing script
[Feb 11 2016] – Zusuk
natural attack stacking will now show
slight downgrade to damage dice for wildshape natural attacks
fixed the wildshape message for returning to your normal form
fixed the wildshape message for shifting into a wildshape form
fixed a bug with smash defense
slight damage increase to springlead and headbutt
shieldslam had inverse check for saving throw, now fixed
added some more messages for offensive skills
dirtkick feat info will now show details of the mechanic
dirtkick no longer enjoys automatic success
shield slam wasn’t calculating strength bonus in damage, fixed now (strength-bonus / 2) since its offhand
fixed feat description for shield slam
added a new house for abe in spider swamp (unfinished descriptions)
added a new house for tristan in ashenport
[Feb 10 2016] – Zusuk
fixed some gear from cloud realms
fixed a bagful of gear from troll hometown
[Feb 10 2016] – Ornir
Spell research is now available at the Ashenport Mage Guild’s library.
[Feb 09 2016] – Zusuk
armorlist command, each armor name is now highlighted white
weaponlist command, each weapon name is now highlighted white
added new racial size modifiers for dragon race
added new racial size modifiers for outsider race
added new racial size modifiers for construct race
added new racial size modifiers for magical beast race
added new racial size modifiers for fey race
[Feb 09 2016] – Ornir
Houses now work, kinda. Objects will empty contents to floor but all objects will save. Shelving this for another time.

[Feb 09 2016] – Zusuk
cleaning up race-extension file
basic framework for shifters started, starting to build utility for sorting race-types
added a list of suggested zones to add to main quest line
listed zones involved in main quest line
outlined key characters in main quest line
updated main quest line notes
turning color completely off will now actually turn your color completely off 😛
cleaned up formatting/spacing in protocol.c file
an empty prompt will no longer capture garbage and other player’s prompts 😛
command ‘display none’ or ‘display off’ will actually turn off everything now
new function: is_prompt_empty()
the display/prompt command now will handle actions
[Feb 08 2016] – Zusuk
whirlwind full round action added, ‘feat info whirlwind’ for more info
whirlwind mode (via command) disabled
removed the hitall skill – deprecated mechanic
deer in mosswood no longer will punch you, they will bite you 😛
holding a light that is burnt out will no longer falsely state that you ‘light’ the item before holding it
added a little color to the torch burning out warning messages
expired torches/lights will say (burned out) when they are useless
an extinguished light will automatically be unequipped
you will now get a little bit extra warning once your torch runs out
fixed a bug with trains saving/not-saving properly
[Feb 07 2016] – Zusuk
identify in shop now gives a lot more details
new prestige class, STALWART DEFENDER!
new feat: smash defense
new feat: last word
new helpfile attack-queue
new helpfile action-queue
added new help file: actions
[Feb 04 2016] – Zusuk
new feat: renewed defense
new feat: DR defense
new feat: immobile defense
object value limits for 3rd value have been increased, this should allow for high valued vnums for key-value for items like chests
fixed portals in ‘crimson flame’
[Feb 04 2016] – Ornir
Piglets and pigs now bite instead of punching.
sows now bite instead of punching.
To prevent the spread of disease, shopkeepers no longer puke on your clothes if you have insufficent funds. It was just un-hygenic.
Fixed issue causing items in shops to be listed as (1) in stock…now shops can have unlimited items available again.
[Feb 03 2016] – Zusuk
fixed a incomplete descrip room 14115
new feat: fearless defense
new feat: AC bonus
new feat: mobile defense
new feat: defensive stance
[Feb 02 2016] – Zusuk
started work on skills/feats/mechanics/details for shifter/stalwart defender
basic framework finished for shifter in the code

basic framework finished for stalwart defender in the code
[Feb 01 2016] – Zusuk
started work on stalwart defender prestige class
started work on shifter prestige class
[Jan 31 2016] – Zusuk
fixed formatting on display_class_info() function, a sample can be viewed by typing: help fighter
if helpfile doesn’t exist for a class, it’ll try to display it via the new function
new function: display_class_info()
added the descrip listing to the classlist command
added class descriptions to every class
added a new field to classo: class description
[Jan 30 2016] – Zusuk
added helpfile: redit room flags
[Jan 28 2016] – Zusuk
spell min. level is now handled via classo!
init_spell_levels now runs completely off classo
caster spell initialization now runs completely through classo
finished bard spell-assign in classo
finished ranger spell-assign in classo
finished paladin spell-assign in classo
finished sorcerer spell-assign in classo
finishe druid spell-assign in classo
fixed a bug with certain circumstances causing weaopns to automatically full damage dice
fixed a bug with elf weapon proficiency
fixed a bug with epic wizard class feat distribution
fixed a bug with calculating ranged weapon dice damage
fixed a bug with research and prestige class bonus levels
fixed a crash bug in gen_comm
pulse_luminari also now checks to make sure you are fighting for firing to be on
added a line in extract_char to turn off firing
fixed a bug with ranged attacked fire-assisting
[Jan 27 2016] – Zusuk
finished cleric spell-assign in classo
finished wizard spell-assign in classo
spelllist doesn’t require any levels in the class to view the spell list
fixed the ‘stats’ help file
[Jan 26 2016] – Zusuk
started going through ideas list to see what we can do, what we can’t do, what we want to do, what we don’t want to do, and what we’ve done
prefedit/idea/typo/bug commands no longer break stealth and are usable while crafting
did a lot of cleanup in the treasure constants file
fixed some issues with ammo description for random drops
[Jan 26 2016] – Jordan
Fixed the mobile race/size/classes in zone 322
[Jan 26 2016] – Zusuk
lvl-immort (31) and higher can now add entries to the changelog
history will now capture gen_comm channels such as chat
deafness for chat purposes doesn’t affect staff
the crafting tutorial will now give the ring mold to the player and mention if they have a full inventory, the ring will be dropped to the ground
[Jan 25 2016] – Zusuk
removed rage help file, now just refers feat info rage
typing nochat works just like nogossip

fixed keywords for two-handed-weapon help file
fixed an object missing the ‘takeable’ flag
fixed a broken key in ‘ogre lair’
rangers now get neutralize poison and remove diseas as 3rd circle spells
oops, bluff is once again a class skill for bards
the crippling strike help file had incorrect info, it now just references the feat info comman
offensive spells will now engage properly
added a brief help file for arcane archers, just a temporary filler until we finish setting up classo
quicken spell feat will now make the spell instant as opposed to just halving the casting time
fixed the quicken spell feat entry
fixed the maximize spell feat entry
started moving spell assignment into the new classo system, going slowly but surely, got tons of spell assignments
fixed another bug we had in damage messages
fixed an issued with adjusting known spells as an arcane archer
updated abilities display with new feat-type names
metamagic help file added
removed some debugging messages i accidentally left in ;p
[Jan 24 2016] – Zusuk
new feat: Swarm of Arrows!! Pew pew pew pew!! PEW PEW!
new feat: DEATH arrow, muahahahhaah PEW PEW!!
added ranged combat specific death messages (finishing blow)
completely redid the damage message for ranged combat
when advancing levels and gaining feats, the correct feat type will be displayed (before it defaulted to ‘class ability’)
OOPS nearly corrupted the game, you should be able to log back on now ;p
fixed a bug with memorization queue not saving/loading correctly
found another funky bug with skill focus, should be fixed now, char may have to respec if they have funky ability values
fixed a bug with bonus class-feats for warriors/wizards (everyone was receiving them)
fixed sorid the shopkeeper in ashenport
[Jan 23 2016] – Zusuk
arcane archer class is in game, it isn’t quite complete though, two more feats to finish
the mechanic for bonus caster levels for prestige classes is implemented
you can now select a preferred arcane and divine class, this will only have application for certain prestige classes and currently can be changed at any time
[Jan 22 2016] – Zusuk
new feat: enhanced arrows
new feat: seeker arrow
new feat: imbue arrow
[Jan 22 2016] – Ornir
Metamagic is now LIVE – All classes can use metamagic. Currently implemented metamagic feats are Quicken Spell and Maximize Spell.
[Jan 21 2016] – Ornir
First pass at metamagic – Wizard metamagic.
[Jan 21 2016] – Zusuk
classlist will now display class epic feat progression rate
classlist will now display unlock cost of a class
class epic level feat progression is now calculated via the class_list
more clean up in class.c!
started work on a new prestige class
fixed a mistake in calculating epic level, level 20 isn’t technically epic, its level beyond 20

[Jan 20 2016] – Zusuk
titles are now determined from the classlist
classlist will now display all the titles a class will get
classlist will now display the menu option for the class including hte letter we staff sometimes need 🙂
various gear fixes done on gear reported by players
fixed a broken exit in jot
[Jan 19 2016] – Zusuk
fixed a broken linked room in lizard king zone, also added a small reward in the treasure room
when you wildshape you no longer receive your armor’s dex cap
some redundency removed from damage reduction, also epic damage reduction feat wasn’t being calculated correctly
effectiveness is more varied on bard performance now
did some fine tuning to break % chance on performance
consolidated then added more details to our gear-system documentation
enhancement bonus on the actual armor slots (body, head, arms, legs) will now always be divided by 4 to compute average enhancement bonus for your body slots
shield enhancement bonus you now get FULL value for in computing enhancement bonus
fixed an issue with calculating enhancement bonus for armor
[Jan 18 2016] – Zusuk
added new field to class_list structure: account-exp cost for unlocking class
account.c now uses class_list
fixed my own bug i created in who list ;p
**PLEASE REPORT: any funny behaviour you notice with gaining levels or other class related aspects of the game
high or low saving throws is now running off the class_list
determination of class/cross-class skills is now running off the class_list
advance_level() function for classes is now running off the class-list for calculating hps, moves, mana
deleted more old deprecated stuff out of class.c
char_from_room() will now distinguish whether its a ch or room issue before exiting (crashing) the MUD
added some more dummy checks to some teleport functions in dg-scripts
fixed a double assignment of scribe scroll feat to wizards
[Jan 17 2016] – Zusuk
new command: classlist – will show a listing of all classes and basic information about each class
db.c will now load the class list
added a set of handy macros in class.h for accessing the class_list[]
filled in the base class values for the new class_listing function
cleared out some old dated code from class.c
set up all the necessary structures for the new classo
set up a bunch of functions to support class-prerequisites
set up a bunch of new functions to support classo
[Jan 16 2016] – Zusuk
fixed an issue with respeccing after taking epic skill focus
a handful of new functions added to class.c to help with class sorting/expansion in the code
added new struct to class.h for centralizing more class info
[Jan 15 2016] – Ornir
Added check for charging without a weapon to fight.c (crash bug)
[Jan 15 2016] – Zusuk
fixed a small bug with soundproof rooms + bardic performance
i -think- i fixed the issue with duplicate wear off messages :p
fixed a bagful of items submitted by shadorn (01/15)
[Jan 14 2016] – Zusuk

fixed a bug with missing armor-assign slot, filled it with a duplicate armor-type for now
new function award_magic_ammo – load a random ammo of various enchantmnt level
new function that allows auto set-up for an ammo object
ammo break probability implemented
[Jan 13 2016] – Zusuk
rare/legendary/mythical now make a noticeable different in gear power
an extended list of armor types will now be dropped randomly
fixed a bug with certain combat feats not working correctly
rare grade for gear now makes a difference
consolidate between treasure.c and oedit.c : set_armor_object() [located in treasure.c]
consolidate between treasure.c and oedit.c : set_weapon_object() [located in treasure.c]
[Jan 12 2016] – Zusuk
archery will now compound both bow and arrow enhancement bonuses
fixed an issue with auto-assist using archery
fixed an issue with extra action consumption with archery
fixed a pile of items that shadorn turned in (01/11)
[Jan 12 2016] – Ornir
Region events implemented (first step for wilderness encounters, weather, etc.)
[Jan 12 2016] – Zusuk
alignment selection in character creation now has a little more info for new players
selecting any combat-feat (ex: weapon focus) for any sort of composite short bow (regardless of its strength bonus) will now be valid
feat selection for combat-feats attached to a weapon now won’t list all the extended composite bow strengths
selecting any combat-feat (ex: weapon focus) for any sort of composite long bow (regardless of its strength bonus) will now be valid
[Jan 11 2016] – Zusuk
fixed an assortment of items that had wrong type-values
fixed ethereal shift feat info
fire bolt now has correct info on element
fixed the mobs in zone 319 (Yllythad Sea)
fixed a bug within performance
performance will now refresh upon verse completion
fixed names for composite long/short bows
random treasure code will now create weapons of any type in game
updated our website “links” page with two more random generator websites that are great for builders
when looking at objects it will now more clearly show size/material
removed ‘message type’ display in stat/identify since it is now automatically calculated
[Jan 10 2016] – Zusuk
player quest list will now only show index, quest name, done, and min/max level of quest
quest list (show_quest) now has two separate displays for players/staff
in score sheet, on quest will no longer give you a meaningless quest number, instead the quest name will be displayed
who list will now show real race only, no disguises/wildshape/polymorph/etc
fixed wear-off message for hold person
fixed wear-off message for water breathe
finished fixing races/class of mobs in zones 266 (ankou)
fixed issue with sorcerer skill trains, should be resolved now
you can no longer ‘gain’ levels while polymorphed, wildshaped or disguised
you can now use the ‘affects’ command while paralyzed/dazed

fixed 23 mobiles in zone 323 – caverns of the pale man
jump is now working correctly for rangers
fixed item: penguin claw ;p
fixed a bug where disguise/wildshape and other forms of altering your race would change your xp tables
adjusted our variable tracking memory limit: –param=max-vartrack-size=40000000
modified perform help file
modified perfor help file
you can see who is bardic-performing with look now
added some much needed comments to function: list_one_char
paladins now get neutralize poison, may have to respec to see it
paladin mounts will no longer use the invisiblity spell
[Jan 09 2016] – Zusuk
helped fix a BUNCH of small bugs thanks to shadorn
avenger is no longer cursed
typeing perform without an argument will list your available performances
finished adding performance: song of focused mind
finished adding performance: song of the magi
finished performance: song of rooting
finished performance: song of fear
you can now create instruments via OLC
offensive songs will now engage performer/victim
lingering song feat now will give the bard 2 rounds of effect instead of 1
[Jan 08 2016] – Ornir
Player’s objects (worn and inventory) are now saved to the database, hopefully solving the object-loss bug.
[Jan 08 2016] – Zusuk
added basic info for each song for helpfiles
bards are now assigned the new songs, some of them are incomplete
added feats to mirror new skill-songs
[Jan 07 2016] – Zusuk
NOTICE: reworking 4 of the songs due to buginess, so 8 functioning songs currently
olist type 38 (instruments) now works
new event function: bardic performance!
do_perform is being used, so added a new command: do_play for performances
wrote two simple functions for altering hp/moves via performance
added extension to anticipate other forms of performance, such as acting, oratory, etc
added 12 songs modeled on homeland bards: song of healing, protection, focused mind, heroism, rejuvenation, flight, revelation, fear, forgetfulness, rooting, dragons, the magi
new function: process_performance, a basic function that will act as guts for performances, will send messages and calculate effects
updated acrobatics help file
ornir fixed zusuk’s buggy account in the DB
fixed info in ‘train’ file
increase object file life from crash/rent to 999 days
fixed false-negative report for pfile affections
fixed object: vial of vicious red liquid
fixed object: small bottle filled with a milky white liquid
fixed object: azure blue potion
fixed object 101222
fixed ancient gnarled runestaff
fixed wand of power
fixed staff of free movement
fixed error in object 100570

fixed an appropriate report message from shop ‘value’ command
mobs with pathing are no long reporting syslog errors if they have no path (temporarily)
[Jan 06 2016] – Zusuk
when using the ‘value’ command at a shop, the shopkeeper will now let you know about his current expenditure budget
feat info for summon familiar has been updated with more information
mobs with triggers will no longer cast invis on themselves
autoquest mobs will no longer cast invis on themselves
hlquest mobs will no longer cast invis on themselves
now have different identifier for mobs that can speak (ask) and mobs that can autoquest
the young memlin was stopping himself with his own speech, fixed the trigger
damage message for frost weapon special ability added
frost special ability will now be visible on a weapon when it is active
replaced missing image on ‘in the beginning’ on the website
cleared our ‘links’ page on the website of all the dead links (thanks jordan)
updated plugins on the luminari website
fixed broad rimmed hat item-type and unused affection
fixed shambling mound mobile
fixed elemental swarm mobiles
increased chance of successfully utilizing a mount overall
added a position check for opponents counter-trip
you can now ‘reply’ while crafting
added some comments to object-saving code as first step to try and resolve crash-equipment-deletion issue
in order for mobs to flee, they have to make a successful dexterity check (wimpy mobs)
[Jan 06 2016] – Ornir
cleaned up the database to make wilderness work better.
[Jan 06 2016] – Zusuk
studying at level 1 automatically resets your training points to compensate for intelligence modifications
[Jan 05 2016] – Ornir
numerous fixes to the wilderness!
[Jan 04 2016] – Zusuk
adjusted object values to be more appropriate for clangeddin bracers
added an invoke message for clangeddin bracers
added a group check to clangeddin bracer
fire seeds spell now actually does something!
[Jan 04 2016] – Ornir
Building tool: Added pathlist command and reloadimm paths command for working with paths in the wilderness.
[Jan 04 2016] – Zusuk
shapeshifting from eagle -> humanoid shape will now remove flight
victims that are somehow bashed during flight now send an appropriate message when they return to their feet
re-wrote ‘stopping combat’ once someone flees
[Jan 04 2016] – Ornir
Screenreader support: Added dynamic descriptions to the wilderness even with the map turned off.
[Jan 04 2016] – Zusuk
fixed a mob with inappropriate references (145231)
[Dec 30 2015] – Zusuk
greeting mob now mentions the rewards of completing the newbie tutorial
greeting mob now strongly encourages new players to enter the tutorial
added some critical command instruction to the first auto-quest in the tutorial

added tutorial for dealing with charmees
added tutorial for forming groups
helpcheck is now available to lvl_immort (31)
epic spells no longer require an armor check, you can cast in full armor with no penalty
added new macro to utils.h: is_epic_spell(spellnum)
fixed race/class of mobs for zone 252
disabled acrobatics check for fleeing
[Dec 28 2015] – Zusuk
pruned idea list
fixed beginner’s water-skin that was wayyyy over-wight
pruned bug list
[Dec 27 2015] – Zusuk
fixed a math bug in group-gain function that was crashing the game
[Dec 24 2015] – Zusuk
changed the ‘class’ command to ‘classfeats’ command
the feats command will give more syntax info on the bottom now
added some missing info from the ‘quest’ help file
[Dec 23 2015] – Zusuk
you can now use your teleporter to get to mere of dead men (see help zones3)
added to zones3 help file two group-only end-game zones that need serious testing!
[Dec 21 2015] – Zusuk
shop tutorial now introduces the ‘AFF’ command
shop tutorial now gives you 100 coins in order to complete it
fixed an issue with the shop tutorial
fixed typo report 71, thanks jordan
stat modification now notifies the player he/she needs to spend all her points to advance
fixed some typos i created ;p
added more info to stat modification menu so its more newbie friendly
modified stat menu output so its clearer
removed debugging messages from the stat modification menu via study
added to feat tutorial instruction to set stats
[Dec 20 2015] – Zusuk
jordan fixed about a half dozen typos that have been reported
[Dec 18 2015] – Ornir
Worked on the next part of the Campaign Quest, about 85% complete.
[Dec 18 2015] – Zusuk
addressed a bug with falling characters, please report if you experience further issues
[Dec 18 2015] – Ornir
Added reglist command (OLC for regions in wilderness, first step)
[Dec 16 2015] – Ornir
added some regions, fixed some issues with rooms in the wilderness. This is an ongoing project.
Added option for immortals to reload regions in the wilderness: reloadimm regions
Added a room flag to allow dynamic description generation for static rooms in the wilderness.
[Dec 14 2015] – Zusuk
ornir made some upgrades to the database server-side for the MUD
mobile check for automatically standing back up is now restricted: mob must have more than 0 hps to stand
[Dec 14 2015] – Ornir
Added penalty/bonus for total party level vs victim level
[Dec 14 2015] – Zusuk
fixed up some helpfiles with incorrect information

when studying players will display {studying} instead of {spells known editor}
in zone 256 there was a broken door, this has been fixed
fixed jump spell, now will give you a +10 bonus to your acrobatics check
new affection flag: acrobatic, added now for the purpose of ‘jump’ spell
[Dec 11 2015] – Ornir
Improved dynamic descriptions in the wilderness, giving proximity ot various regions.
[Dec 11 2015] – Zusuk
fixed some lockpicks with improper material / size from ashenport
[Dec 10 2015] – Zusuk
fixed some keyword issues in rat hills


  1. Damn – I lurk and keep an eye on this place as I liked the things I saw early on, but haven’t had the time to look in closely recently.

    I’d kind of assumed this Project had gone dead, due to no activity on the forums – no blog updates etc. This change Log is MASSIVE. Absolutely amazing to see the hardwork – but you’ll see more traffic if you do a weekly / monthly change log.

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