Spellcasters, both Arcane and Divine, can now twist the arcanic fields to their will through the use of Metamagic!

Prepared spellcasters must prepare their spells slightly differently now, no matter if they cast mundane magicks or those altered by metamagic.  The names of the spell they are preparing must now be enclosed in quotes (‘).  Metamagical alterations to the spell come before the spell’s name, as seen in the following example:

mem quickened maximized ‘magic missile’

This will memorize a quickened, maximized magic missile spell (as a Wizard).  The metamagic feats have the following modifiers associated with them:

  • A quickened spell will have its circle increased by 4
  • A maximized spell will have its circle increased by 3

Casting a spell affected by metamagic is similar:

cast quickened maximized ‘magic missile’ target

This, along with the preparation command, can be shortened thus:

cast q m ‘magic missile’ target

Only the feats ‘Quicken Spell’ and ‘Maximize Spell’ have been implemented so far.  Please give feedback and report any bugs you find with the system!

(Image is “Mage by Sinto Risky”)


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