Duelists represent the pinnacle of elegant swordplay. They move
with a grace unmatched by most foes, parrying blows and countering attacks with
swift thrusts of their blades. They may wear armor, but generally eschew such
bulky protection as their grace allows them to dodge their opponents with ease.
While others flounder on treacherous terrain, duelists charge nimbly across the
battlefield, leaping and tumbling into the fray. They thrive in melee, where
their skill with the blade allows them to make sudden attacks against clumsy
foes and to cripple opponents with particularly well-placed thrusts of the

Here is a complete list of our changes since our last update:

[Sep 13 2016] – Zusuk
oh yeah.. DUELIST!
total defense is now a duelist class skill
fixed bane of enemies typo
new feat: crippling critical
[Sep 12 2016] – Zusuk
nabbed domain name: pathfindermud.com
new function: change_event_svariables – given eventID, modify that event’s sVariables
new feat: no retreat
new feat: elaborate parry
new feat: dextrous charge
new feat: riposte
new feat: grace
new feat: enhanced mobility
new feat: parry
new feat: improved reaction
new feat: precise strike
new feat: canny defense
new feat: snatch arrows
new feat: deflect arrows
created mechanic for deflect and snatch arrows
created macro and pfile variable to keep track of resetting deflect arrows
[Sep 11 2016] – Zusuk
added helpfile: help bard build (thanks dewinter)
[Sep 07 2016] – Zusuk
fixed an over-run room in ashstone
fixed a room description in room 145356
added some missing helpfiles
[Sep 05 2016] – Zusuk
made the spider-trap create spiders that are not quite as powerful
made velna a tad easier
[Sep 04 2016] – Zusuk
fixed all the pet shops that i could find issues with
fixed the pet-shop help file to reflect all methods of creating pet shops
assigned appropriate objects the proper spec-proc
modified shop code to accomodate new pet objects
added code so objects of ‘pet’ type upon purchase will convert automatically to a mobile
new item type: pet
fixed the acrobatics help file
added the feat progression rate to the feat-system help file
fixed feat info for shrug-damage
[Sep 03 2016] – Zusuk
fixed a buggy long sword
[Sep 02 2016] – Zusuk
added commandword helpfile
fixed the ‘where’ help file
fixed some chat errors from mobile scripts
fixed the smelly bum by disabling his dumb script ;p
fixed a potential bug with pin
added “random treasure drop” to ‘neary lair’ message
extracted occurences of the ‘nearby lair’ treasure drop message into a single function
crafting crystals are now more clearly labeled as such with lore/identify
[Aug 31 2016] – Zusuk
added some more dummy checks in potential crash area of quest.c code
fixed a bug with quest_hist() for out of range access of an array

new helpfile: freegrapple
new helpfile: struggle
new helpfile: pin
added grapple helpfile
new players will now be informed that the game mechanics are based on pathfinder and given the appropriate websitecropped-LuminariLogo.png
[Aug 30 2016] – Zusuk
fixed the ‘headbutt’ help file
fixed the headbutt file
[Aug 29 2016] – Zusuk
added some more debugging to wildshape
fixed a bug with wildshape attack types
death will now clear wildshape
extracted the functionality for clearing wildshape out of the command and into an independent function
wildshape now also lets you know how to return to your normal form
fixed object ‘carved wooden earring with an iron loop’
olc can now access the wear positions: ears, badge, eyes
you can no longer wield additional weapons while using a 1-handed ranged weapon
fixed a bug with aura of protection using the wrong cooldown mechanic
added helpfile for ‘shops’
fixed object 27405
headbutt missed attempt message now makes more sense
[Aug 11 2016] – Zusuk
updated the ‘race’ helpfile
fixed error with displaying certain races as ‘unattainable’
removed redundant command ‘race prereq’ – races only have unlock cost, they have no prereqs otherwise
[Aug 10 2016] – Zusuk
reattached wordpress.com to website for jetpack toolkit
disabled caching on website, causing issues with recent plugin updates
updated website plugins
updated website framework

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