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ROUGH DRAFT: Proposed Regions


LuminariMUD Updates: 08/10/2016

Apologies for long time periods between website updates!  The last actual listing of updates we posted was way back on December 9th 2015! Featured changes since then besides metamagic: New Race System!  type “race” in game to see the aesthetic […]


Let’s MUD! Luminari is Mud of the month!

Proud to announce that Luminari was selected as mud of the month on reddit! We haven’t been posting a lot on the website, but we have been working on a lot of world building structure behind the scenes and planning […]


Luminari MUD Update: WEAPONMASTERS ASSEMBLE! 05/10/2015

Lots of exciting changes, the biggest and baddest are the addition of two unlockable epic races: Crystal Dwarf Trelux And the addition of our first prestige (locked) class: Weaponmaster Also, the first 4 cleric domains have been added in-game!  Enjoy!  […]


Luminari MUD Update 05/01/2015, Crossbow Reload, Rogues Rock!

Lots of changes in the MUD since our last update!  You can view the full list below or by typing “news” in-game. Some of the highlights include: More descriptive text for “missed attacks” including shieldblock, parry and attack glancing off […]


Lumina – Voiced by Stu Cook

Text: Eons ago, before civilization on this world established itself, the world now known as Lumia was adopted by the Luminari, a race of Celestial, Extra-Planar Beings. They chose Lumia because of the unique properties of the world, namely the […]