Lots of changes in the MUD since our last update!  You can view the full list below or by typing “news” in-game.

Some of the highlights include:

  • More descriptive text for “missed attacks” including shieldblock, parry and attack glancing off your armor.
  • Finished the free class feat list (talents) for rogues
  • Switched our old fire-weapon system to take advantage of the ranged-weapon types of our weapon defines
  • Created a reload mechanic for crossbows, and autoreload mode
  • Added more than a dozen feats
  • Major improvements to wildshape
  • Lore, identifying and stat objects has had a large over-haul, you will get a lot more useful information now
  • ..and MUCH more, see below


Here is the full list of changes!

[May 01 2015] – Zusuk
fixed some class weapon proficiency feats
made last two talents for rogue:  vanish and improved vanish
in addition to shieldblock and parry, missed attacks also can be considered “glance” – that the blow glances off your body armor
feat info sap now display accurate info about the sap feat
trelux claws can now be used for sapping
assigned sap as a free advanced talent (epic) for rogues, level 24
new feat from an old mechanic: sap
[Apr 30 2015] – Zusuk
assigned backstab as a free advanced talent
added a backstab feat that makes backstab do double damage and bonus attack roll
backstab now is no different than a normal attack
fixed a lot of funky sized races
wildshape access is determined by feats now instead of druid-level
wildshape access no longer includes magical beasts
[Apr 29 2015] – Zusuk
updated our tmc (mud connector) listing
[Apr 28 2015] – Zusuk
when you wildshape, you now take on the size of the new form
fixed a bug with displaying a damage message even after death
action queue now gets cleared upon death
added combat-round clearing in peace command
you can’t “fire” or “autofire” if you are already engaged
[Apr 27 2015] – Zusuk
had to move the clearing of eCOMBAT_ROUND in stop_fighting(), and place it in specific places, such as switch opponents
issue with clearing combat-round even during death, cheesy solution implemented
fixed major crash bug
[Apr 26 2015] – Zusuk
using the d20 list of npc races for wildshape
shapechange has been replaced by wildshape
more work on the wildshape feat
[Apr 24 2015] – Zusuk
fixed a fatal bug in the “attacks” command
fixed a HUGE bug with stop_fighting: it did not clear the eCOMBAT_ROUND event!
heavy repeating crossbows hold 5 bolts now (as opposed to light repeating which holds 3)
just for now made it so repeating crossbows behave like heavy crossbows as far as action-needs, but when you do reload, you reload 3 bolts
[Apr 23 2015] – Zusuk
implemented reload system in combat
added new feat “rapid reload”
created a basic reload system
reload is a subcommand of reboot, so i renamed the command reloadimm
had to add some dummy checks into ranged combat to account for swapping weapons in-combat
is_using_ranged_weapon now returns the object
started creating framework for reload weapon mechanic (crossbow, slings, etc)
moved all ranged functions except do_fire and do_autofire into the assign_wpn_armor.c file
added a lot more comments to the perform_attacks() function to clarify the separation between melee/ranged attacks
[Apr 21 2015] – Zusuk
composite bows (long and short), have different classes anywhere from normal (+1) to (str 5), meaning that is the maximum strength bonus they can take advantage of
slings get strength bonus to damage
ranged weapons no longer get dex-bonus to damage
activated a few archery based feats that were not in-game
added different “ammo type” for missiles for ranged weapons
converted the ranged-weapon system to use the current weapon-type defines
stock starting gear for newbies now have the correct weapon/armor types set for them
you no longer can select damage-types for weapons (slashing, etc), they will be autoset based on weapon defines in th code
[Apr 20 2015] – Zusuk
damage-types (slashing, bludgeoning, piercing) assign by weapon defines are now used, including multiple types
parry ability changed to ‘total defense’
“parry” and “shieldblock” spec-procs will now fire off failed attacks exclusively
if wielding a weapon, and an opponent fails an attack against you, there is a 1-in-3 chance that it will be classified as a “parry”
if wearing a shield, and an opponent fails an attack against you, there is a 1-in-3 chance that it will be classified as a “shieldblock”
two weapon defense feat now works for double weapons
canny defense requires that you are not using a shield
made sure canny defense and acrobatics AC bonus are dependent on using light armor (or less)
[Apr 19 2015] – Zusuk
added ‘improved feint’ feat
added initial feint system
added ‘disarm’ help file
updated code so improved disarm feat matches the pfsrd
trying to pick something up in combat will use a move action
added ‘improved disarm’ feat
disarm mechanic implemented
[Apr 18 2015] – Zusuk
extended the lore_app[] constant array to account for staff-level lore abilities
added initial code for wildshape
added disguise layer framework for a different version of wildshape
added extended race data from d20mud
[Apr 17 2015] – Zusuk
added epic feat ‘great charisma’
fixed armored spellcasting feat for new system
modified all objects with the obselete armor apply
removed some inappropriate references to tbamud 😛
fixed a small bug with the ymir_cloak proc
changed format of spell save/ magic resist information to make a little more sense
changed armor decimal display for players to 1 decimal place, looks more professional
moved special “identify” procedure for spec procs to new function
missed a couple of spec procs on the function-list, added them (ymir_cloak, vaprak_claws)
removed some redundant information in weapon statting
added a ton of spec_procs to the function list so they will give more info than “NULL” 😛
took out the deprecated proficiency system from oedit
highlighted item “type” in identify
[Apr 16 2015] – Zusuk
updated objects in ashenport up to 103070
fixed armor/weapon pieces in “Lizard Lair”
updated weapons/armor in “Portablo”
updated a single armor piece in “the training halls”
updated all armor pieces in “graven hollow camp”
updated armor pieces in “wizard training mansion”
all armor items in mosswood have been updated with the correct armor type values
when you type equipment, if you are wearing something that you are not proficient in, you will get a message (not proficient)
random armor drops (and loadmagic) now create armor pieces that have enhancement bonus
object values now display to imms when statting objects
treasure drop rate increase from 2% -> 10%
got rid of proficiency info in score sheet
[Apr 15 2015] – Zusuk
lore and identify spell now run through the same function as immortal stat to centralize item-related info
got rid of all the deprecated functions related to armor proficiency, threw them in the assign_wpn_armor.c file on the bottom commented out (i might want to use it as reference later for weight-related gear issues)
started fixing objects in mosswood
[Apr 14 2015] – Zusuk
modified all our molds to use new armor values (so loadmagic armor should work cleanly with the new system)
weapon type and armor type info is now displayed in the stat command
moved stat-object functions to act.item.c
added item.h file for future movement of item related header-file-stuffs
moved get_obj_material macro to utils.h (from craft.h)
[Apr 13 2015] – Zusuk
setting item type as weapon, then setting the values (C) and selection a weapon type will result in material, weight, size and cost to be automatically set for that weapon
finished double-weapon code! WOOT!
added utility for wilderness: get_direction_vnum(), for future tracking work
light-weapon flag code added for weapon finesse feat
ranger’s light-armor check for dual wielding now uses the new system
added is_using_double_weapon() function, started double weapon code
added defines for: blocking, bracing, deadly, distracting, fragile, grappling, performance, strength and sunder
[Apr 12 2015] – Zusuk
monks should retain all their “monk-like” powers/abilities while using weapons from the monk-family
update monk_gear_ok with new armor-type function to make sure the monk is classified as not wearing armor
update monk_gear_ok to allow for monk weapon family items
the equipment command now will reflect the values of the new armor-type piecemeal system
compute_gear_armor_penalty, with given ch, returns average of armor-penalty of equipped gear
compute_gear_spell_failure, with given ch, will give average spell failure of equipped gear
compute_gear_enhancement_bonus, with given ch, will give average of enhancement/material bonus
compute_gear_shield_type, with given ch, will give you the armor-type of worn shield
compute_gear_armor_type, with given ch, will give you the lowest armor-type value (none, light, medium, heavy)
[Apr 11 2015] – Zusuk
added some xp gain caps based on level in gain_exp()
you can now see your threat range and critical multiplier with the ‘attacks’ command
factored out some more code for critical mechanic
added code to handle the special CRIT_X2, etc (i think this was created originally to stop builders from creating weapons with insane crit multipliers)
[Apr 09 2015] – Zusuk
moved combat_maneuver_check from act.offensive.c to fight.c
made modifications in compute_armor_class() to replace old size code with simpler size_modifiers[]
combined combat_maneuver_check with compute_cmb and compute_cmd
added a special inverse size_modifier_inverse() for simplification of armor bonus/penalty based on size
got rid of two size_modifier functions that were redundant
add ‘far shot’ feat – the ability to fire an arrow outside of your room
extracted set_armor / set_weapon out of the feats.c file and placed in assign_wpn_armor.c (new) file
[Apr 08 2015] – Zusuk
added door difficulty to dc check on pick locks on doors
fixed bug allowing pick lock success no matter what
id/lore don’t show weight/height of pc/npc targets anymore, we just utilize size classes
respec now will clear shapechange/polymorph
all characters start with 4 points in their crafting skills
when you respec now, you don’t lose your crafting skill progress
fixed yahg’s quest (time limit was funky)
sorching ray got a downgrade
mobiles that don’t leave a corpse will dump their items onto the ground, so autoloot isn’t supported yet
incorporeal creatures, elementals and undead no longer leave corpses
added a reminder in the portal room of the tutorial (tutorial to mosswood) that you can type ‘enter portal’ to return to mosswood
fixed some bugs with aranys’ script and added text clarifying you need to clear your inventory to successfully complete the tutorial
fixed a small bug in the script of vicril in the tutorial zone
[Apr 07 2015] – Zusuk
commented code in make_corpse() in preparation for handling mobiles that should not leave any corpse
guard now gets cleared upon death
added some dummy checks for pvp xp abuse issues
you get a message now if you are losing xp (death, etc)
added ‘great dexterity’ as a rogue epic-class feat
sorted rogue class feats in alphabetic order to get rid of duplicate entries
fixed a bug not correctly displaying # of epic/epic-class feats gained at levelup
bug with bard known spells display in study menu resolved
had to add mechanic to support taking out “mag-lights” and “glowing” objects to adjust the lighting of the room
mag-lights and “glowing” objects in your inventory or worn will light up a room now
typing ‘practice’ at a guildmaster/trainer will no longer list a bunch of obselete skills
got rid of a couple of deprecated help files
you no longer can flee (even if feared) if you are sitting (or worse)
modified the weight and armor-bonus on all the armor to reflect piecemeal system
added all the armor pieces for basic d20 system to OLC
piecemeal armor framework has been put in place!
setting armor type in OLC will auto-set wear-positions for the armor
setting armor type in OLC will auto-set for you:  armor-apply, cost, weight and material
armor types have been added to OLC
changed all the weapon/armor costs in set_armor / set_weapon in feats.c
changed all the weapon/armor weights in set_armor / set_weapon in feats.c
updated all the molds adding keyword ‘mold’ so we can find them: olist mold
exotic weapon proficiency now gives you access to all exotic weapons
weapon proficiencies require previous level (martial requires simple, etc)
[Apr 06 2015] – Zusuk
fixed some alignment issue with epic feats in study menu
bug with stacking feats between study sessions finally fixed!! woo!
slow fall wasn’t showing stacking
epic prowess wasn’t displaying stacking in the feats command, now does
calculating touch-attacks are no longer a hack
factored out all the different types of bonus-types in compute_armor_class
started creating structure to handle armor-class based bonus-types (shield, armor, natural armor, deflection, dodge, etc)
added feat ‘two weapon defense’
added feat ‘power critical’
added feat ‘mounted archery’
added feat ‘manyshot’
added feat ‘improved precise shot’
added feat ‘precise shot’
did more organization with combat feats
added get_wielded() to compute_hit_damage() and on both compute_hit_damage() and hit() we now run a check to assign attack_type for two-handed weapon if necessary
clarified the difference between the two damage calculating functions: compute_hit_damage and compute_damage_bonus, added that info to the comments
added more functionality to the compute_damage_bonus() function
[Apr 05 2015] – Zusuk
added mechanic for power critical feat, not yet added the full feat to the game yet
weapon-critical multiplier is now being utilized, along with its threat range
compute_hit_damage() now carries two new variables:  is_critical and attack_type
completely deleted a nearly useless function handling old combat skills not related to the new feat system
moved out some really old ranged code affecting damage in the hit() function, moved comments for the mechanic into compute_damage_bonus()
extracted weapon-type code in hit() into new function: determine_weapon_type()
finished mapping: int hit()
finished mapping: perform_attacks
added some more modes to get rid of mysterious # values
consolidated modes, and gave them defines (MODE_DISPLAY_RANGED, etc)
added is_critical variable into hit() so it can be passed to damage
isCriticalHit is now is_critical_hit, and now calculates a confirmation roll for criticals
started mapping the basics of the combat system out
turned some repeated dummy checks in perform_attacks into a function
added mechanic in isCriticalHit to compute weapon threat
starting to sift through the primary fighting pulse to clean up combat a bit
[Apr 02 2015] – Zusuk
simplified some of the functions surrounding the combat pulse
added the fight.c code to allow for perfect weapon extra attacks
made a duplicate of all the two weapon fighting feats, renaming them “dual” (ex. dual weapon fighting, greater dual weapon fighting, etc), and using them for ranger feats..  the only difference are these set of feats require wearing armor that is light or lighter
perfect two weapon fighting will now give a bonus offhand attack with no penalty
greater two weapon fighting will now give a bonus offhand attack at -10 penalty
improved two weapon fighting now will give a bonus offhand attack at -5 penalty
changed two weapon fighting to just reduce penalty per d20 mechanic (previously would also give an extra attack)
fixed a minor bug with displaying hitroll/damroll for rangers because of favored enemy
implemented ‘hide in plain sight’ feat
camouflage for rangers gives stealth bonus in nature, updated druid’s trackless step with accurate descrip
continue sorting/commenting feat project
epic toughness shows stacking now
fixed long descrip for ‘divine bond’ to give more detail about the bonus
gave divine bond an equal hitroll bonus
added ‘aura of good’ mechanic (acts like detect good)
implemented paladin’s ‘detect evil’ feat
[Apr 01 2015] – Zusuk
sorted out the epic feats in the code (both implemented and not)
updated ‘two weapon fighting’ feat to display accurate description
fixed another minor flee bug
springleap now is a move action instead of a full round action (especially since its stun/paralyze affects have been removed)
springleap used to have a flat 60% probability of success, now it uses an unarmed attack roll to determine success
adjusted the description of ‘spring attack’ to reflect what it actually does in our code: allows you to choose the direction you flee and gives you access to the springleap combat ability
fleeing <direction> now consumes a move action
implemented ‘point blank shot’ feat mechanics
finished sorting the unimplemented feats
started sorting the unimplemented feats with spacing and comments in the code
[Mar 31 2015] – Zusuk
druids get ‘venom immunity’ feat which as been implemented
added ‘grace’ feat, +2 to reflex saves, intended for use with duelist prestige class
added ‘enhanced mobility feat’ acts like mobility and stacks with mobility, intended for future use with duelist prestige class
armored spellcasting no longer stacks, may add aditional feats in the future to increase ability to cast while armored (arcane)
made animate dead a class ability


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