Lots of exciting changes, the biggest and baddest are the addition of two unlockable epic races:

Crystal Dwarf


And the addition of our first prestige (locked) class:


Also, the first 4 cleric domains have been added in-game!  Enjoy!  Currently they will give your cleric special bonus spell access



Here is our comprehensive list of updates:

[May 10 2015] – Zusuk
new (locked) prestige class: weaponmaster (help-class-weaponmaster)
[May 09 2015] – Zusuk
re-enabled “handle_warding”
implemented paladin’s ‘divine grace’ feat
added new feat: greater disarm
disarm now knocks the weapon to the opponent’s inventory, unless you have the greater disarm feat
added new ‘info-kill’ flag for mobiles
to buy a normal feat, you need either normal feat points, or epic feat points
to buy normal class feats, you can use any feat to purchase it (normal, class, epic-class, epic)
to buy epic class feats, you need either epic class points, or epic points
to buy epic feats, it require epic feat points
staff level characters no longer have any casting time
immortal level characters no longer have any mem time
added more dummy checks in code to prevent having multiple combat-round events
while i was at it, also added tank’s combat position into the prompt
per the request of resakse, the combat prompt now shows the enemies position
duplicated the proper tables from dev-> production for unlock saves/loading
[May 08 2015] – Zusuk
good news: new prestige classes, epic races coming soon!
bad news: arcana golem and trolls now cost account-exp to unlock
you can now access our first two epic races: crystal dwarf, trelux
thanks to ornir we now have locked-races, locked-classes saving
exciting news, account exp can now be acquired when you gain 1000 or more xp from a kill/quest/etc
[May 07 2015] – Zusukfile0001259157630
added a few more class skills to the wizard class
you can now advance levels when you have 1 train left
casting requires a move action now
you can no longer spam-cast spells with no casting time
[May 06 2015] – Zusuk
added filler domains for the rest of our cleric domains
finished adding the first 4 elemental cleric domains
you can now use identify/remove-curse scrolls regardless of skill/class/etc (temporary fix?)
[May 05 2015] – Zusuk
added improved unarmed strike definition
treatinjury (heal skill) now once high enough level, will cure poison and disease
the code now just takes your highest level, whether divine or magical for calculating spell effects/damage (due to domain spells)
added fire domain
the ‘stat feat <target>’ command is used for viewing a targets list of feats
added new stat subcommand: stat feat <target>
added the “class” command, type class <classname> to view that classes list of free feats
TODO: make sure it clears properly (domain spell-set in study)
upon saving from study, the new domain spells that correspond to your selected domains will be set
you can’t select the same domain name twice now
domains can be now selected via study menu
[May 04 2015] – Zusuk
because you can set-stats and base stats start at 8, when new characters are made, they start off with a penalty in trains
[May 03 2015] – Zusuk
note: domain powers, and granted spells do not work yet, just the framework is in place so far
added set-stats to study menu, only modifyable at 1st level
you can’t leave first level until you’ve spent your points
first 6 points cost 1, 7-8 cost 2, 9-10 cost 3
you now start with base stats of 8 + racial modifier and get 30 points to distribute
you don’t start off with any freebie boost anymore
started stat assignment code
added first domain “air”
added “domain” command to view domains
[May 02 2015] – Zusuk
started creating framework for cleric domains

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