Please welcome Telarious to the staff!

[Feb 02 2015] – Zusuk
added ‘animate dead’ feat
every feat invested in ‘armored spell casting’ reduces the arcane weight penalty by 5
[Dec 16 2014] – Ornir
added the Clearwater River, the Swiftwater River, the Ashen river and the Lake of Tears in the Ashenport region.
Allowed the use of different glyphs in the map – For example having roads use the glyphs -, | or + depending on what part of the road you are on.
Added PATHS to wilderness!  This is a new structure that allows the easy creation of roads, rivers, trails, etc. with dynamic room names.
[Dec 11 2014] – Ornir
Improved the auto-generated map of the wilderness – Now it includes both hand built and regional details!
[Dec 10 2014] – Ornir
Moved Mosswood closer to Ashenport, into the Mosswood.
Added ‘The Mosswood’ to the wilderness.
Added the ability to generate terrain in the wilderness using REGIONS!
[Nov 27 2014] – Ornir
Fixed bug causing crashes when statting mobiles and players.
[Nov 26 2014] – Zusuk
began phasing out deprecated AC applies (olist affect 17)
added new berserker feat:  ‘come and get me!’, counter-attack mechanic while raging
added new berserker feat:  renewed vigor, the ability to do a small heal while raging
added heavy shrug feat mechanic, but needs to be converted by ornir to new DR system
fearless rage should make you immune to fear effects
[Nov 26 2014] – Ornir
Updated the look of hte output of the cooldowns, affects and resistances commands.
[Nov 26 2014] – Zusuk
fearless rage, while raging, will remove fear from the rager
[Nov 26 2014] – Ornir
added wear-off message to the dirtkick blindness affect.
[Nov 25 2014] – Zusuk
added new feat (rage power for berserkers): powerful blow
added new feat (rage power for berserkers): suprise accuracy
encalpsulated rage wearing off into a function
changed ‘barbarian’ references to ‘berserker’
[Nov 25 2014] – Ornir
Converted Crystalfist and Crystalbody to daily innate abilities.
Added abilities command to show the number of uses left for Innate, Class and feat-gained abilities.
[Nov 24 2014] – Zusuk
added feat ‘fast movement’
added feat ‘indomitable rage’
added feat ‘indomitable will’
fast-movement feat will slightly reduce movement points used, and increase movement regeneration (temp mechanic)
typing rage while raging will de-activate your rage
rage is no longer standard action
raging now fatigues you unless you have tireless rage feat
normal rage = +4, greater +6, mighty +9, indomitable (epic) +12
rage now is not level based for berserker’s, but based on feats
[Nov 21 2014] – Ornir
Updated some object descriptions in Mosswood
fixed color issues with questmaster identification.
modified treasure code to give bonus types to bonuses.
Modified treasure code to generate weapons with enhancement bonuses.
modified cunning spell to have ENHANCEMENT type.
modified strength spell to have ENHANCEMENT type.
Bonus stacking is now in effect – see ‘help bonus’ for details.
[Nov 19 2014] – Ornir
Marked epic feats and epic class feats in the study menu.
[Nov 18 2014] – Ornir
fixed a bug in traps that was causing crashes.
added ‘Bonus’ help entry
Updated Identify spell to show bonus types.
Updated lore skill to show bonus types.
Added bonus types to stat command.
Added bonus types to bonuses from gear.
Updated and enhanced the ‘affects’ command.
[Nov 17 2014] – Ornir
Now casting will not engage you in combat with a mob unless that mob is not currently in combat.
[Nov 15 2014] – Zusuk
monk slow fall improvement will improve past level 20 now
rages per day will improve past level 20 now
shrug damage for berserkers will now show in feats how much you have, and will continue advancing past level 20 (epic)
trapfinding feat for rogues now gives a +4 bonus to detecting traps
adjusted it so improved uncanny dodge wil not be effective if the opponents berserker+rogue levels are 4 or more higher than the dodger
rogues now get dirtkick feat
fixed a little bug with identify (that i made, teehee)
[Nov 15 2014] – Ornir
split the affects command into 3 : Affects, Cooldowns and Resistances
Added Bonus types to affects.
[Nov 11 2014] – Ornir
Increased inventory carry limit by 5.
Fixed some formatting errors in the affects display.
Fixed errors with traps where some affects were incorrectly set.
Mysteriously fixed a bug with trap sense.
[Nov 10 2014] – Ornir
updated Shadow Shield spell to use the new DR system.
Fixed some erroneous error logging dealing with traps.
Stoneskin changed to apply DR 10/adamantine
Damage reduction has been implemented!
[Nov 06 2014] – Zusuk
temporary: added two dummy checks in comm.c lines 3059, 3062
[Nov 05 2014] – Ornir
Updated some messages for crystalfist and crystalbody innate abilities.
integrated traps into the event system.
Fixed problem with traps that was causing crashes.
[Nov 05 2014] – Zusuk
another dummy check in mobact.c, still wrestling with issue of mobiles in out of location rooms (yet not NOWHERE)
[Nov 04 2014] – Treyorn
Fixed numerous typos in Mosswood.  Thank you Ash.
Main quest extended into Graven Hollow. Main quest is currently under construction at this point until the Mosaic Cave and a Small Ruins zone are complete.
[Nov 04 2014] – Zusuk
added some dummy checks in cast_spell() having more issues with mobiles in out of location rooms (yet not NOWHERE)
fixed a small bug with charge
trap-sense in your feat list wouldn’t show stacking, it now does
trap sense now will help barbarians/rogue auto-detect traps
fully enabled disabletrap and detecttrap commands
disarming traps gives dc * dc * 100 xp
finding traps gives dc * 100 xp
fixed a typo in the weather.c file
jordan fixed some typos in mosswood
[Nov 03 2014] – Zusuk
fixed all the traps in game to hide their l-desc (added a period (.))
damge-types for some of the traps have been adjusted
fixed the “dts” helpfile
added the “traps” helpfile
added check_trap to door-commands
added the trap event that will attach to players: perform_trap_effect
added commands: disabletrap and detecttrap
basic trap engine installed: set_off_traps, is_trap_detected, set_trap_detected, check_trap
[Nov 03 2014] – Ornir
Wands and staves are a bit more difficult to use…Use Magic Device skill, however, can let you bluff your way through the activation requirements.
[Nov 03 2014] – Zusuk
masterlist command will now show the spellnum of the spells which should help facilitate selecting spells in oedit/etc
you can now oedit traps
added traps to object statting
modifications to olist type 31, including trap-type
[Nov 03 2014] – Ornir
Use Magic Device skill now allows you to bluff your way through activating a scroll.
[Nov 02 2014] – Zusuk
you can now modify zone echos as a staff-level character in medit
added the event structure to players to support traps
added all the constants required to integrate the trap system
added support for trap objects, type olist type 31
updated zreset/zpurge helpfiles to reflect normal usage
questmaster, and people who will respond to “ask” are now flagged with a red ! instead of a yellow Q 🙂
[Nov 01 2014] – Zusuk
color blind and i can’t type
umm i think its yellow, i’m color blin
now if a mobile has a hlquest or autoquest, they will be marked with a (Q) in yellow
added stealth and perception help files
you no longer need any training in perception to attempt to spot/listen
[Nov 01 2014] – Ornir
[Balance/Skills] Scrolls are now more difficult to use.
[Oct 31 2014] – Zusuk
hide now uses a move action to protect from sniping
sneak now uses a swift action
added an explicity rule to our policies (policy) file:  no poaching our coders/builders/players or advertising another MUD here
[Oct 30 2014] – Zusuk
updated the acrobatics help file
you now type ‘craft’ to see your crafting skills (or practice)
use rope has been disabled
decipher scripts no longer exists, will probably be handled by use magic device
search will now be handled under perception
open locks will now be handled under disable device
tumble + jump + balance now is all under acrobatics
balance was removed, it will be handled under acrobatics
removed spot, listen, replaced with perception
removed hide, move silent, replaced with stealth
[Oct 30 2014] – Ornir
Created the swift-action help entry.
Added move-action help file
Added standard-action help file
New Action type: Swift action
[Oct 30 2014] – Zusuk
removed all previous calls for set_wait() with action calls
falling, death are now 12 second action cost penalty
made training room vnum 14100 peaceful, since pk death spawns there 😛
added a normalizing color character to the [press return to continue] to help reduce color bleed issues
[Oct 29 2014] – Zusuk
quest list now shows quest-name instead of quest-short-desc
quest list will now show quest name instead of quest descrip
error in the check for bonus dex, fixed
if you miss an attack that has a stunning fist or quivering palm attached to it, you will expand that ability now
[Oct 28 2014] – Zusuk
reduce drastically the frequency of mobiles using stunning fist
rogues now get feat:  slippery mind
rogues now get improved evasion
rogues now get feat: crippling strike
rogues now get feat: defensive roll
rogue sneak attack and trap sense feat improvements will continue past level 20
sneak attack, although being properly assigned, was not showing up in the feat list… it now does
timeless body feat (monk/druid) as a temporary mechanic, reduces all incoming negative damage by 25%%
[Oct 28 2014] – Ornir
You now lose your dex bonus to ac if you are sitting or prone.  Rogues – You are welcome.
[Oct 28 2014] – Zusuk
added message for prepping stunning fist, and executing stunning fist to victim/audience
dirtkick issue, wrong skill message was being sent to damage(), fixed
[Oct 27 2014] – Zusuk
added a way to view your crafting skills:  just type practice
re-added increase_skill() function, also re-added the proper calls to the craft.c file so you can actually improve your crafting skills.. TODO: a way to view your crafting skills
greater flurry now gives another bonus attack at full BAB at level 15
[Oct 27 2014] – Ornir
Fixed a bug that was crashing the mud with the users command.
[Oct 27 2014] – Treyorn
Added Monk to help evasion and help improved evasion.
[Oct 27 2014] – Ornir
The Luminari Account system is now on-line and active.
[Oct 27 2014] – Zusuk
perfect self has temporary mechanic of +3 damage reduction to ALL sources of damage until we fix its proper implementation
ki strike has a temporary mechanic of +1 hit/dam until we fix its proper implementation
[Oct 26 2014] – Zusuk
fixed vaprak gloves
removed “IS PROFICIENT” debug message
[Oct 26 2014] – Treyorn
Fixed visual map overlapping in Jade Forest.
[Oct 26 2014] – Zusuk
you can now buy a medium warhorse somewhere in mosswood
[Oct 25 2014] – ZusukSDRandCo (6)
empty body feat added
diamond body feat implemented
added wholeness of body feat for monks
sorry, but treat injury cooldown has been trippled
still mind coded for monks!
purity of body feat now operational
slow fall monk feat now works
[Oct 24 2014] – Zusuk
added updated charge helpfile, includes details for new mechanic
added a twitter account for the MUD!  (  @zusuk_likmud
fixed a little issue with comments on the blog for the website
added feat: spirited charge
added feat: ride by attack
charge mechanic has been changed, will update the help file with details shortly
[Oct 23 2014] – Zusuk
changed “acrobatic charge” to “dextrous charge” as a temporary fix to a bigger issue
new feat:  mounted combat, also fixed a bug in parry
updated flurry of blows feat info to reflect updated system
renamed shield-bash to shield-punch
added a message if you successfully pulled of the debuff of kick
updated kick help file to reflect changes
added set epicclassfeats to give/take away epic class feat points <set victim epicclassfeats class-name #>
added set classfeats to give/take away class feat points <set victim classfeats class-name #>
added set epicfeatpoints to give/take away epic feat points
added set featpoints to give/take away feat points
found some bugs in the starting trains, fixed them
[Oct 22 2014] – Treyorn
The Main Quest has been extended through Wizard Mansion.  If you have lost your token from Alerion, please contact an Immortal.  If you have completed all the Wizard Mansion quests already, it may be a tad confusing because the quests you have completed are skipped.  The quests have been edited to fit into the main story line.
[Oct 22 2014] – Zusuk
oops a little booboo, i accidentally made it so you get your first bonus attack at full BAB 😛  i’ll fix that next reboot
hlquest disabled temporarily for zone 1030
changed the location of our daily pfile/pobjs backups so it wouldn’t be included in our weekly backups
[Oct 21 2014] – Zusuk
updated trip helpfile to reflect new system
updated bash helpfile to reflect new system
added “help combat-maneuver-check”
minor change to bash/trip mechanic:  bash now uses strength check for attacker, trip uses dexterity check for attacker
[Oct 20 2014] – Zusuk
kick mechanic changed:  does 1d2 or bare-hand monk damage if you are a monk, failed save by the opponent will result in loss of a move action
found a bug with the savingthrow() function, it was adding a d20 diceroll twice
i think i fixed a booboo, shield-slam victims are using the attacker’s saving throws
added helpfile “special-size-modifier”
temporarily disabling switch until we can adapt it to wilderness
fixed a movement loss bug with some new terrain types (movement_loss) in constants.c
zone 18 races have been changed to undead for now, and melee classes
[Oct 19 2014] – Zusuk
may have accidentally fixed the quest bug *knock on wood*
modified feat info abundant step to reflect a little more info about this new feat
created monk-feat:  abundant step
added basic helpfile templates to documents
added ‘magic missile’ and ‘acid fog’ help files
found double check for “affects” in stealth-mode code interpreter.c
updated “hide” helpfile to reflect new additional commands
you can now type equipment, inventory, idea, bug, typo while in “stealth” mode
fixed a nasty little bug with room-affection checks for targets not actually in the world (spell_parser.c, call_magic)
[Oct 18 2014] – Zusuk
there are some poisons already in the game, but for testing purposes, i added a blind poison in the thieves guild in ashenport (private shop with the crooknosed fence)
ROGUES level 10+ will have to respec to get their new free feat
giving apply poison feat to rogues for free at 10th level
added applypoison helpfile
poisoned weapons will now be listed as (poisoned)
added applypoison basic system, to be upgraded when we make a more in-depth poison system
you can now modify “poison” item types to create vials of poison for applypoison feat
olist type 33 (poison vials) now works
we now have valgrind memory debugging tool installed
added flat-footed help file
added flanked help file
added dexterity-bonus help file
added sneak-attack help file
[Oct 17 2014] – Zusuk
apparently the spell ‘obscuring mist’ for druids was not implemented yet, so i implemented it – its a  room affection 20% concealment bonus
walls are now intelligent:  they won’t hurt the caster, or his group
dispel magic can now dispel walls
added blocking mechanic for wall objects
added basic damage mechanic for wall objects
added basic mechanic for wall objects
[Oct 16 2014] – Zusuk
dropped the (craft) and (knowledge) tags on the respective abilities
you can now check if an actor is on a quest using is_on_quest(vnum) for autoquest system/scripts
de-queing of zone resets is now occuring every 3 seconds instead of 10
modified npc-abbrevs for who list
[Oct 16 2014] – Treyorn
Updated triggers, quests and mobiles within Wizard Training Mansion to fit into story line.  Main quest to be expanded soon.
[Oct 16 2014] – Ornir
added the MSDP ROOM structure – This is a table structure that contains a bunch of data relevent to the room you are standing in, including room name, number, exits and their numbers, terrain type, etc.
Added MSDP variables ROOM_VNUM, ROOM_EXITS, ROOM_NAME, AREA_NAME to the out of band communication.  Now you can use these to power your mapping scripts!
[Oct 15 2014] – Ornir
Now selecting feats while studying will unlock dependent feats instantly.
Linked the help and feat systems so that doing help on a feat that has no entry in the help system will automatically show the ‘feat info’ for that feat.
[Oct 14 2014] – Zusuk
fixed up some mobile races and mobile classes in zone 251
[Oct 14 2014] – Treyorn
Feats trainer in Training Halls is now a trainer.  Players can now train abilities in that room as well.
Removed practice from help train.
[Oct 14 2014] – Zusuk
implemented divine-bond, added help file for it as well
[Oct 14 2014] – Treyorn
The Training Halls (our newbie tutorial zone) is complete and live in game!  New players will start in this zone with the option of skipping the tutorial and going directly to Mosswood.  Players will now recall directly into Mosswood.
[Oct 14 2014] – Zusuk
fixed a bug where could pick feats that were not in the game via the study menu
[Oct 14 2014] – Treyorn
add Updated teleport description.  Removed Newbie Graveyard, added Wizard Training Mansion as example.  Removed Midgaard as recall location and added Mosswood.
[Oct 14 2014] – Zusuk
started commenting the feats.c file and cleaning it up
started going through our feat system to identify unfinished feats
[Oct 14 2014] – Ornir
Due to the recent prosperity of the town of Mosswood, the leadership comissioned the manufacture of streetlights to be placed around the main streets.  The resident wizard called it ‘A triviality’, but was happy to take the coin.  You might notice the town does seem a bit brighter for his efforts.
[Oct 14 2014] – Zusuk
added circumstance penalty to damage, if you are in a compromising situation in combat (like sitting) you take a 2 damroll penalty
added a MAX_DAM_BONUS cap of 60, will not even be relevant to anyone though 😛
found the bug in damroll bonus, everyone was getting free +12 damage because of my booboo 😛  sorry have to take that back out
offhand attacks only get 1/2 strength bonus like they should now
did some fairly thorough testing with attack roll, we seem to be good now (only taking into account primary hand, did not test ranged/offhand)
completely removed “compute_bab” as it was unused with the last modifications
in hit() a deprecated form of calculating attack bonus was being used, fixed
weapon-finesse will now check to verify your dex-bonus is superior to str-bonus before applying it (otherwise you’ll use str-bonus)
feat info for weapon-finesse now accurately reflects that you get dex bonus instead of str bonus (regardless of weapon size/type/etc)
promoted the status of some of our staff-users on the website, you know who you are 🙂
flushed the cache, updated all the plugins on the website, also updated some users with inappropriate levels of access
[Oct 13 2014] – Zusuk
added a temporary +5 bonus to crafting abilities in the check until we fix that system
add terminators to some constant arrays missing them
skill instead of ability names used for crafting, fixed that
changing all the ability names for craft, knowledge to lead with the actual names (more newbie friendly)
shield slam and shield charge were missing in spell_parser skillo()
shieldcharge !vict said “shieldpunch who” instead of “shieldcahrge who”
changed alignment of feats study menu
fixed a boundary bug with ‘eqrating’
[Oct 12 2014] – Zusuk
added a torch to supply shop in mosswood
[Oct 11 2014] – Zusuk
added “eqrating” command, its in development
fixed loading gear to mobiles not in game yet
[Oct 10 2014] – Zusuk
‘olist worn’ now will display affection modifiers
[Oct 10 2014] – Ornir
Monks set back to regular BAB.  Sorry, that is not the solution we are looking for.
Monks now get FULL BAB.  Hopefully now it won’t be flurry of whiffs instead of flurry of blows…
[Oct 10 2014] – Zusuk
fixed a boundary bug with ‘olist worn’
[Oct 10 2014] – Ornir
Added messages for shieldslam
power attack and combat expertise now work.
[Oct 09 2014] – Ornir
Guarding requires you to now have a Standard and a Move action available.  You need to pay attention and be available to move quickly at a moment’s notice to protect your allies!
Converted all weapons in zone 1030: Ashenport to the weapon-type system.
[Oct 08 2014] – Treyorn
Added missing extra descriptions in Graven Hollow and Wizard Training Mansion.  Updated all weapons to new enchancement bonus for those two zones.
Added “Potions” keyword to “Quaff” help file.  Added “Staves” and “Wands” keywords to “Use” help file.  Added “Scrolls” keyword to “Recite” help file.

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