Thanks to the Reddit community for the recognition!  To any new visitors, we highly suggest checking out a short lore article we have setup:

Lumina – Voiced by Stu Cook

It includes both a written and audio version of our background story.

Also we are happy to announce the release of the Drow race:

Cruel and cunning, Drow, also known as dark elves, were cursed
into their present appearance by the Arcanite and Prisoner’s magic, were led
down the path to evil and corruption. The drow have black skin that resembles
polished obsidian and stark white or pale yellow hair. They commonly have red
eyes. Drow are the same size as elves but a bit thinner. Descending into the
Underworld, they formed cities shaped from the rock of cyclopean caverns. They
developed a theocratic and matriarchal society based on power and deceit.
Females generally hold all positions of power and responsibility in the
government, the military, and the home. In such a society males are often
trained as warriors to become soldiers, guards, and servants of females. Those
males showing aptitude with magic are trained as Wizards instead. While they are
not born evil, malignancy is deep-rooted in their culture and society, and
nonconformists rarely survive for long.

Also, Ornir is hard at work creating a Mudlet GUI crafted to enhance the Luminari experience, and we will be keeping the community posted with updates as they are released.

Here is a comprehensive list of all our updates from the changelog since our last post (December 2nd):

[Dec 28 2017] – Zusuk
added to identify/stat info about monk-gloves if applicable
added a sample proc for gloves on object 224
added mechanic for special procedures on gloves
random treasure drops will now include extremely rare monk gloves
random treasure system mechanic for ‘misc’ category items revamped completely
bazaar now sells monk gloves
created monk-glove enhancement mechanic: each point adds to attack bonus and damage bonus
setting 0-val for gloves will assign them monk-glove enhancement
added 0-value in object editor for wearable gear for expansion purposes
all new players start with a magical torch that is a permanent light source until we fix fetching torches in pitch black
[Dec 27 2017] – Zusuk
feat info for shieldcharge is much more detailed now
fixed a little issue with shieldcharge missing feat reqs
drow have been fixed to get levitate innate instead of waterwalk
new spell: levitate
new mechanic: levitation, will stop falling, allow you to go over (not deep) water
fixed a bug with mirror image message
you will now see in your score if your monk-skills are being affected by your gear
[Dec 26 2017] – Zusuk
level of item drops from treasure should make more sense, with rarer gear much harder to get
the treasure grade system now has two more levels, for 6 total – each representing approximately 5 levels
abilities command will work on group members
you can now use cooldown commands to view group members cooldowns
you can now use resist commands to view group members resistances
you can now use affect commands to view group members affections
bazaar placed in ashstone bazaar, room 103006
bazaar armor – you can now purchase armor magic items using quest points
bazaar weapon – you can now purchase weapon magic items using quest points
bazaar misc – you can now purchase miscellaneous slot magic items using quest points
new room spec-proc: bazaar
room 103006 is now a bazaar
fixed an issue with colorign in random treasure

The Rredit Alien - Image not owned by Luminari
The Rredit Alien – Image not owned by Luminari

[Dec 24 2017] – Zusuk
added a logo and background graphic to google plus page
added social media share buttons to the website pages/posts/etc
connected twitter account to website
connected google plus page to website
connected facebook page to website
aura of courage now shows up in affections
small or smaller races that call a mount (paladin ability) will now get a more appropriate creature
[Dec 22 2017] – Wolves
Added a teleport keyword for Ruined Keep. Keyword is RUINED.
[Dec 22 2017] – Zusuk
moved all the ideas to the forums
updated the website’s plugins
[Dec 21 2017] – Wolves
Added the Ruined Keep! Its not tooo far to the southwest of Ashenport. Also fixed some room descs, restated all the objs and mobs. Quests and lore to follow!

[Dec 21 2017] – Zusuk
added dummy checks to address a teleporter-related crash
[Dec 20 2017] – Zusuk
fixed some grammar in armor-glance message
[Dec 18 2017] – Zusuk
fixed a bug with cui script
[Dec 17 2017] – Zusuk
added domain and wiz-school info into do_stat()
compartmentalized do_abilities into a separate function so it can be shared
stat affections has a LOT more information now
new helpfile: scriptvar
updated some coloring / spacing in script-stating for visibility
new command for stat: stat scriptvar <victim>, will show mobile scripts and character variables
mobile scripts and char-variables are no longer in player/mobile generic stat
changed ‘stat feat <victim>’ to ‘stat feats’
worn shields should now properly apply their AC bonus to bonus-type shield, instead of bonus-type armoring
[Dec 14 2017] – Zusuk
made sure to undefine all the newbie gear names
changed all the newbie starting gear in the code from vnums to defines
monks get cloth sleeves/leggings now
updated plugins/themes for the website
reconnected the area northwest of ashenport so it fits correctly to the world
fixed up the rooms in the shrine area northwest of ashenport
[Dec 14 2017] – Ornir
Altered the MSDP routines to speed up mapping and ensure accuracy, now you can map quickly!
[Dec 13 2017] – Zusuk
all affections on a character are now separated properly to respective bonus-types when extracted from GET_AC()
added a few comments to hands_needed() code
added a few comments to the perform_wear() code
fixed issue when trying to wear a 2nd quiver, giving the wrong ‘you are already wearing…’ message
[Dec 12 2017] – Zusuk
“You need to reload” message stops appearing when you have autoreload toggle on
fixed an issue with double poison messages outputting
check for trelux poison: bare-hand, this will only be valid for staff scenarios
ranged combat attacks will now have coloring selected by wolves
ranged combat attack victims will see red damage messages consistent with melee attacks
[Dec 11 2017] – Zusuk
you can’t reload if you are stunned or worse off
modified ranged combat output to easier understand why you are not succeeding in pulling off a ranged attack
fixed some bugs in ranged combat
factored out crossbow-system into sub-systems for ease-of-use
moved the reload-check for crossbow-like weapons from perform_attacks() to hit()
restructured ranged combat system
you can now look at your crossbow (and other reloading type weapons) to see how much ammo is loaded into it
[Dec 10 2017] – Ornir
help <racename> and help <classname> now use race info and class info and are much more useful.

[Dec 10 2017] – Zusuk
server updates
drow will start with (in addition to normal kit) a x-bow kit for starters
use to be only warrior-type dwarves got a dwarven waraxe for starting, but we now give all dwarves a waraxe as a racial bonus
rangers will now get studded leather armor starting (light instead of medium armor)
fixed some bolt and quarrel objects
[Dec 09 2017] – Zusuk
fixed a crash bug with charmee’s master not being in group when the charmee got killing blow on kill
ornir made some changes to help file system, hopefully includes race/calss now
[Dec 07 2017] – Zusuk
new helpfile: drow
new… RACE!! DROW, AIYEE!!!
new feat: faerie fire
new feat: darkness
new feat: levitate
new feat: drow weapon proficiency
new feat: drow racial adjustment
new feat: drow spell resistance
new feat: day blindness, penalties to character in daylight
these sectors are now dark rooms: underwater, underdark/underworld, caves
elf innates converted from racial to feats
new function: room_is_daylit() – to determine if a given room has daylight!
gnome racial innates moved from race checks to feat checks
arcana golem racial innates moved from race checks to feat checks
changed elven innate from race-driven to feat-driven
[Dec 07 2017] – Ornir
Inventory is now available via MSDP
[Dec 05 2017] – Zusuk
new command: defenses
[Dec 05 2017] – Ornir
Group info not available via MSDP.
Affects now available via MSDP
[Dec 04 2017] – Zusuk
posted a development update to the website/facebook group
updated the website theme
updated the website plugins
updated the website framework
group command no longer shows player mana
room report doesn’t report mana anymore
group report doesn’t report mana anymore
reduced the cost of research in general, for spells circle 3 and lower, new lower flat rate
added a dummy check into dg_triggers
wizards/sorc now start with cloth sleeves instead of leather
wizards/sorc now start with cloth pants instead of leather
added pkill help file
added policy for pkill: it is enabled for testing purposes, but should only be done with prior consent

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