Volume 7 issue 1 of the new Imaginary Realities is out now, after a long delay.  Imaginary Realities is the only remaining e-magazine dedicated to MUDs.

This issue contains:

  • Choosing an Emoting System – Written by Griatch, this is a discussion of different types of ’emoting’ systems and their implementations using Evennia.
  • The Dungeon Keeper – Written by Robert “Hugo” Winter, this is a discussion of the purpose of a ‘dungeon crawl’ in the context of MUDs, along with various ways of implementing the concept.  There is some interesting use of group-wide multiple choices from Epitaph.
  • What Do I Do Now? – Written by Kavir, this article discusses newbie retention methods and the use of ‘MUD School’.
  • The Worlds in Which We Wander – Written by Michael “Drakkos” Heron, this is a discussion about developing areas, the important choices and the fact that area development is HARD WORK, again using Epitaph as an example.

file000286999262There is a lot of solid content in this issue, so check it out!

Imaginary Realities volume 7, issue 1

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