Zusuk here… I am back!  Been extremely busy and sort of out of development for the past 1.5 months.  I can not develop as many hours as before, but I am committing to at least 3 hours a week.  Huge thanks to all the staff, especially Ornir, for really taking charge in my absence and keeping the development moving forward!  Here are some highlights of the changes in the game between the dates [Jan 29 2018 – Apr 05 2018] and below the highlights is a comprehensive list.

Player Owned Shop Adjustments

You can now buy items via index number and you can identify the items for sale for free.

Helpfiles Galore!

Special thanks to Darvin for adding TONS of new helpfiles!

New Developer: Danavan, New Development Process

Already neck-deep in LuminariMUD bugs and development, Danavan is an extremely hard working, patient and kind addition to the staff.

We are currently using Trello to help co-ordinate development between our team of developers.

Website Design Changes

Special thanks to Ornir for re-working the look of our website!  He is still working on adding more critical content that the community would like to see on the website.

New In-Game MAIL System!

Huge huge thanks to D20’s developer, Gicker, for adding a new robust in-game mailing system.  You know longer have to worry about finding postmasters to deal with mail and it also addressed a dreaded issue with losing mail.

Staff-Run Events!

Special thanks to Thazull for helping run some staff-ran quests which include unique and very wondrous items as rewards.

New Zone – The Depths: Scorching Desert

A very special series of new zones being developed by Treyorn is being introduced to the game via the ‘Sorching Desert.’  The zone has been placed in the wilderness and is accessible for exploring, but we have plans to tie it into the lore and main quest line very soon.  A follow up post on this zone will be coming.

New Zone Contribution Program

Yours truly started this program, and therefore, if you participate, I am the person you should bug for your rewards!  Details of the program:

We have a community project in-game to help us decide where to place zones
in the wilderness, and where to build quests ideas around. The goal is simple:
go through a zone, take good notes, submit the notes to the public Google Sheet
and receive rewards!

Here is the link to the document:

Monk Gloves!

We now have special monk gloves that add damage to their unarmed attacks!

Thanks everyone for your amazing support, see you in game!


Comprehensive list of updates below:

[Apr 05 2018] – Zusuk
you can now identify player run shop stock via the salesman mobile with the ‘identify’ command… it will accept index numbers
[Apr 04 2018] – Danavan
Don’t give arcane sorcerers 0th level spells they can’t use.
[Apr 04 2018] – Zusuk
you can now shop in player shops (buy) via the index number
added a new photo for facebook page
[Apr 03 2018] – Zusuk
updated the ‘crafting’ helpfile with a link to ellyanor’s tutorial
new idea: link to crafting tutorial by ellyanor!
new idea: explain the (!) coloring/usage
[Apr 03 2018] – Thazull
added player shop for Ellyanor
[Apr 03 2018] – Zusuk
changed level for copyover to greater staff
[Apr 03 2018] – Danavan
Enabled the ‘Two Weapon Defense’ feat for selection, not just randomly on items.
[Apr 03 2018] – Zusuk
playing with a new format for the ‘blog’ or ‘update’ page on the website
added a small media player with the background story to the footer
added roboto as ‘body’ font choice (old choices for header/body was open-sans/open-sans)
added a site icon to the website
uploaded our small square graphics into the website
moved some ‘filler’ content to the right side of the homepage
played with the font on the website, trying out raleway
added an idea based on a bug submission from salinavi: druid and wildshape and followers
[Apr 02 2018] – Zusuk
started moving ibt content to forum and organizing/pruning previous forum submissions
fixed a bug in weapon-spells for off-hand weapon procs
started a project to auto-move our ‘ideas’ and ‘bugs’ to the developer Trello board
[Apr 01 2018] – Ornir
Fixed problem with calculation of Half-Orc stat points (that consequently prevented them from leveling past level 1!)
[Mar 28 2018] – Danavan
Fixed half-orc racial stats when studying
[Mar 27 2018] – Danavan
Updated cleave/great cleave help files to be more MUD-relevant.
Added messaging for cleave, so you can tell when it’s working.
[Mar 26 2018] – Zusuk
added helpfile (also courtesy of gicker and d20) for the new mail system
[Mar 26 2018] – Gicker
Added a more robust mail system
[Mar 24 2018] – Danavan
Feats which require specific weapon types will now check what you’re wielding for prereq purposes.
[Mar 23 2018] – Danavan
Fixed messaging for power attack and related modes, with values >5.
[Mar 23 2018] – Ornir
You are no longer able to memorize spells from restricted schools.
Fixed bad riding message.
Fixed bug with Abundant Step – Now you can not pass through noteleport rooms or player houses.
[Mar 23 2018] – Danavan
You can now refer to an item with multiple words separated by a ‘-‘. (i.e. “take gold-crest-sleeves”)
[Mar 23 2018] – Zusuk
new helpfile: bonus spell
did some cleanup (code re-arranging) in spell_prep.c
[Mar 19 2018] – Ornir
Generalized Item special abilities to allow us to create real wonderous items!
Added new item special ability (it’s a secret 🙂 Join THE GREAT HUNT to find out!)
Altered restring code to allow colors in restrung object names!
[Mar 15 2018] – Treyorn
A mysterious well has been sighted far north of Ashenport. (level 20-22)
[Mar 14 2018] – Ornir
Increased max number of Player IDs to resolve DG-Script issues.
[Mar 13 2018] – Zusuk
NEW: Zone Contribution program, type: help zone contribution
fixed object values on: a spiked battle collar, thanks colla for the bug submission
fixed the draconic wings messages, thanks Ornir for submitting the bug
fixed the battlemaze portal, thanks Colla!
fixed keywords on british scepter, thanks ellyanor!
[Mar 12 2018] – Ornir
Fixed broken lever in the Battlemaze!
Fixed some bad items in the Underdark.
[Mar 12 2018] – Zusuk
added process_armor_abilities() to spec_abilities.h
fixed some compiler warnings
cast_food_drink will not trigger armor-checks
new cast type: cast_food_drink – magic or magic-like affects that come from food/drink sources
power attack will not work with ranged weapons now
modified feat information for power attack
mode messages adjusted when trying to go over your BAB or the mode cap
added a “nothing” check in complete_quest()
checked into bug report about switch script in enterprise zone – crash was a fluke unrelated to any flaw in the script
[Mar 10 2018] – Darvin
Updated helpfile for holy-sword to be less confusing. Merged with holysword.
Enabled usage of gemote while harvesting.
Updated Dwarf info to reflect they are proficient with the Dwarven War Axe by default.
[Mar 06 2018] – Darvin
merged helpfile for “doors” with “open”
[Mar 05 2018] – Ornir
Fixed bug with resets, now you can reset doors to be hidden and locked with varying difficulties
[Mar 05 2018] – Zusuk
added a helpfile: instrument
[Mar 04 2018] – Zusuk
Ornir added a developer trello setup to help co-ordinate development of the MUD
[Mar 02 2018] – Ornir
Added rp command, to toggle the RP flag which indicated that a player would like to Role-play!
[Mar 01 2018] – Ornir
Altered teleporter so it will not teleport or recall in rooms that block the use of teleportation magics.
Fixed problem with Improved Critical feat where the threat range was not getting doubled. Now the threat range is doubled. Thanks Colla.
deleted obsolete improved-critical helpfile.
[Feb 28 2018] – Darvin
added helpfiles for genmap/genriver/deletepath
added helpfile for dracwings
added helpfile for dracclaws
added helpfile for dracbreath
merged helpfile for releasegrapple with freegrapple
added helpfile for turnundead
added helpfile for flurryofblows
added helpfile for powerattack
added helpfile for smitegood
added helpfile for smiteevil
added helpfile for layonhands
added helpfile for quiveringpalm
added helpfile for supriseaccuracy
added helpfile for powerfulblow
added helpfile for renewedvigor
added helpfile for shieldcharge
added helpfile for shieldslam
added helpfile for reneweddefense
merged helpfile for drow faerie fire with faerie fire
added helpfile for eyeofknowledge
added helpfile for defensivestance
added helpfile for massinvis
[Feb 27 2018] – Darvin
added helpfile for firebolt
added helpfile for lightningarc
added helpfile for icicle
added helpfile for reloadimm
added helpfile for healingtouch
added helpfile for manifest
added helpfile for hsedit
added helpfile for findmagic
added helpfile for rapidshot
merged helpfile for prayer with memorization
added helpfile for oconvert
added helpfile for obind
added helpfile for unbind
added helpfile for vanish
added helpfile for goodlance (not yet imp’d)
[Feb 26 2018] – Darvin
added helpfile for psp (not yet imp’d)
added helpfile for goodtouch
added helpfile for imbuearrow
added helpfile for eviltouch
added helpfile for evilscythe (not yet impd)
added helpfile for seekerarrow
[Feb 25 2018] – Darvin
added helpfile for ethshift
added helpfile for emptybody
added helpfile for deatharrow
added helpfile for destructivesmite
added helpfile for destructiveaura
added helpfile for copycat
added helpfile for cursetouch
added helpfile for comeandgetme
added helpfile for battlerage
added helpfile for blessedtouch
added helpfile for arrowswarm
added helpfile for wholenessofbody
added helpfile for armorlist
added helpfile for auraofprotection
[Feb 22 2018] – Darvin
Instant kill abilities such as quivering palm no longer can be used against shopkeepers or mobs flagged NOKILL
[Feb 21 2018] – Ornir
Blindness object special ability complete and tested.
[Feb 19 2018] – Darvin
Attempting to pick a lock will now use a move action
Players can no longer sleep or rest while raging.
Drow now qualify for the ArcaneArcher prestige class.
updated helpfile for polymorph self
[Feb 19 2018] – Ornir
Armor special ability implemented: Blinding
Object special abilities now implemented!
[Feb 18 2018] – Ornir
Quest for The Mosaic Cave now live! See Veralis at thr entrance.
[Feb 18 2018] – Zusuk
updated website plugins
updated website framework
[Feb 17 2018] – Darvin
added helpfile for aciddart
added helpfile for autoreload
added helpfile for animatedead
added helpfile for autofire
added helpfile for attackqueue
[Feb 16 2018] – Darvin
added helpfile for stunningfist
added helpfile for finddoor
added helpfile for abundantstep
[Feb 15 2018] – Darvin
updated helpfile for Aoo – merged with attacks-of-opportunity
updated helpfile teleporters – merged with new helpfil
e for recall
added helpfile for featlisting
deleted helpfile for boobs ><
removed helpfile for attributes – merged with statistics
merged helpfile for saving-throws with fortitude/reflex/will
added helpfile for guimode/mudlet
updated helpfile for wildshape – merged with wildshape return
[Feb 15 2018] – Zusuk
try #2 for reducing pet rescue ;p
[Feb 14 2018] – Darvin
merged helpfiles report/greport
added helpfile for defenses
added helpfile for nosummon
merged helpfiles nochat/nogossip/noauction/nograts
added helpfile for pull/push
[Feb 14 2018] – Thazull
[Feb 14 2018] – Zusuk
maps of ashenport for sale with swideth now
[Feb 14 2018] – Darvin
updated helpfiled actions to include smw as keyword
added helpfile for qcopy
added helpfile for rank
added helpfile for moves
[Feb 13 2018] – Darvin
added helpfile for lms
merged helpfiles gsay and gtell
merged helpfiles for open/close/lock/unlock
Removed helpfile for close
added helpfile for close
added helpfile for cmdlev
[Feb 13 2018] – Zusuk
changed the ibt staff commands to be accessible to any staff level
fixed a bug with aborting ibt submissions (bug/typo/idea) still saving
[Feb 12 2018] – Zusuk
added calls to save_char() in crafting tasks to help ensure save in case of a crash
fixed message for ‘already had armor’ going to wrong target
damage xp now requires the victim actually has xp and within a few levels of yourself (or higher)
attacking someone in your group forfeits your position in that group
an attempt to switch feint to AA system, under testing
on respec you lose your followers/group/etc
change race stats mods from manual to race-list determined
when you respec, you no longer keep your DR (damage resistance), sowwy
if you have unarmed strike feat with no weapon and weapon finesse, you can now use your dexterity as your attack bonus if it is higher
fixed prefedit so it matches toggle for autocollect
the alias for say: “‘” should work during crafting
removed ‘success’ message on crafting events (since it is not always a success)
fixed some typos in the code in domain and equipment files
cleric domain’s favored weapon is now considered proficient weapons
[Feb 11 2018] – Darvin
added helpfile for mcopy
updated helpfile for directions – now includes non-cardinals.
updated helpfile for immlist
[Feb 11 2018] – Zusuk
some superficial changes to eliminate compiler warning
some fixes added to turn undead
cloudkill now will accept your divine level for calculating number-of-pulses, if you are a ‘destruction’ cleric
added a ‘combat round event’ check into stop_fighting()
merged raw_kill and raw_kill_npc()
raw_kill_npc(): added check upon death of npc, searches room for anyone fighting the npc, if targetting the npc, stop_fighting()
clean up in do_hit() attempts to patch up issues with being able to spam attacks immediately upon death of foe
clean up in do_kill() attempts to patch up issues with being able to spam attacks immediately upon death of a foe
some clean up in set_fighting() function
changed set_fighting() to return a bool value based on success failure
you can now select stackable feats multiple times
you can now select multiple combat feats
if you select improved familiar multiple times, it will now report properly
duplicated the class feat list from wizards over for sorcerers – this will probably be changed in the future so the class-feats for sorcerer match their bloodline feat-list
moving gicker’s new code: sorcerer arcane bloodline
[Feb 08 2018] – Darvin
added helpfile for hp
updated helpfile for names-policy
updated helpfile epic-races
added helpfile reglist
added helpfile for pathlist
added helpfile for nogossip
added helpfile for noshout
updated helpfile say
added helpfile for rcopy
added helpfile for rent
added helpfile nochat
added helpfile ocopy
added helpfile scopy
udate helpfile get
added helpfile for thaw
added helpfile for tcopy
added helpfile for weaponlist
added helpfile for wizlist
[Feb 07 2018] – Zusuk
fixed parry helpfile
[Feb 07 2018] – Darvin
help file fpr names updated
[Feb 07 2018] – Ornir
New policy for character naming standards. Older characters are exempt, but new characters are expected to comply.
[Feb 07 2018] – Zusuk
fixed crash bug npc studying, thanks fizban for fix and colla for finding
[Feb 06 2018] – Ornir
that was the wrong command, and it is not ready yet 😛
Encounter regions are ready for testing! Contact Ornir to find out how to set them up.
[Feb 05 2018] – Zusuk
created focused ‘cut’ image of the world on ashenport region with zones
marked map image with regions and zones
changed charge ac apply to new version
increased effectiveness of feats: masterwork crafting, dwarven and draconic crafting
checkcraft now shows critical chance bonuses based on essence/feats
checkcraft bug fixed
[Feb 04 2018] – Zusuk
for creating items, if you don’t have high enough skill it now displays how much you need
display command selction for mana to psp
changed the autocollect toggle/prefedit into an event so it can deal with corpseless kills
damage reduction (like shrug damage) gets cleared on RESPEC
okay, stop_follower() now forces group leave if you were affected by charm
sowwy, no more metamagic on epic spells
blindsense will now negate the affects of blind under -most- circumstances
updated feat info about glorious rider to clarify penalty issue
special thanks to friedpotato for helping me find the bug with create strings
create string no longer accepts the ‘ character – conflicts with color code
limited create string to 80 characters
keywords in create are now stripped of colors
[Feb 03 2018] – Zusuk
added another quest fix (because i broke it)
[Feb 02 2018] – Treyorn
Seasoned adventurers! A massive reward sign has been spotted in the dark streets in Ashenport. A man is willing to offer his life savings to have someone from his past eliminated. The sign says to seek out Fensen at his shop in Ashenport for more details.
Seasoned adventurers! A post has been found on an Ashenport billboard of a man seeking revenge on an enemy from his past. Seek out Fensen, a shopkeeper in the city to see if you could be of any help.
[Feb 02 2018] – Zusuk
k updated, thanks shoon 🙂
ornir fixed song of dragons AC issue (we think)
help exp/experience added
i updated the ‘levels’ helpfile too
minor minor adjustment in the direction of easier change in xp-cap, xp cap doesn’t apply to chars below level 6
pets won’t attempt to rescue their master until they are UNDER a 1/3rd of their max hps
replaced references of mana in code to PSP, for no reason
[Feb 02 2018] – Ornir
Some builder commands added – genriver and deletepath. Please talk to Ornir or Zusuk before using these!
[Feb 01 2018] – Zusuk
removed rank birth for now, formula is whack ;p
rank no longer shows actual values unless you are staff
fixed color bleed in hlquest checkapproved
quest turnin that requires you having an object (not giving), will now accept equipped items
fizban fixed an issue with dollhouse tasks getting er-arranged, thanks folks for spotting that quickly
you need more than 1 group member to gain bonus xp for groupping
fixed crash bug with ‘olist ‘ if it created a buffer that is too large
[Jan 31 2018] – Zusuk
new list of special code-side spec procs so builders can request them for their zone
new helpfile: monk gloves
added helpfile: essence
[Jan 30 2018] – Zusuk
added to zone edit commands a lot more info when dealing with dependentent commands
changed wording in zone command if_flags to reduce confusion
removed command-disables in zone_reset() – they conflict with load-chances in our system
zedit success/failure commands now support a digit, example: s7, f2 to reference line numbers in command list
modifications to zedit
new staff command: finddoor – given key name or vnum, find doors it will unlock, thanks to Fizban and Paragon staff
fixed all the ‘coifs’ in the game ;p
new feature: binding items, so far it is a script/staff usage only, thanks to Fizban and ParagonMUD
new helpfiles: player-ran-shop, build-player-shop
new FEATURE: PLAYER RAN SHOPS! – thanks to Fizban and Paragon staff
updated copyover helpfile
[Jan 30 2018] – Wolves
Thazull has most AWESOMELY added every possible crafting mold to the mold vendor in Sanctus!
[Jan 29 2018] – Zusuk
new staff command: hsedit – edit houses via OLC, thanks to Fizban and Paragon staff
added save_char() calls to new todo command so ‘show todo’ is up to date immediately
new staff command: todo – create a personal todo list for staff, thanks to Fizban and Paragon staff
new helpfile: todo
new staff command: cmdlev – temporary set staff command(s) to any level, thanks to fizban and paragon staff
new staff command: findmagic – find all expendables by spell, thanks to fizban and paragon staff
new command: rank – rank all players by key, thanks to fizban and paragon staff
new wizhelp format for staff, thanks to fizban and paragon staff
updated website plugins

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