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Extended Quest Line, New Prestige Class, World Expansion and Much More!

Extended Quest Line, New Prestige Class, World Expansion and Much More!
Skull Cave by sandara on DeviantArt http://fav.me/d55s7e4

We have extended the Ashenport Regional Quest line to over 56 quests (19 new quests) that will carry a character to approximately levels 26-28.

Happy to announce we have over 100 original zones attached to the world so far, including an expansive Underdark and Outter Planes!


The Underdark

Planes of Existence

New Prestige Class – Sacred Fist:

Class Name : sacredfist
Prestige Class? : Yes
Maximum Levels : 10
Unlock Cost : 5000 Account XP
BAB Progression : Medium
Hitpoint Gain : 4-8 plus constitution bonus
Movement Gain : 0-4
Training Sessions: 4 plus Intelligence Mod (4x this value at 1st level)
Epic Feat Prog : Gain an epic feat every 0 levels
Class in Game? : Yes
Prestige Spell : Divine advancement every level

Willpower Save Progression: Poor
Fortitude Save Progression: Good
Reflex Save Progression : Good

Class Skills: Acrobatics, Heal, Concentration, Spellcraft, Discipline, Lore,
Ride, Climb, Escape Artist, Swim, Use Magic Device

Prerequisites : 8 ranks in Lore, Min. BAB +4, combat casting, ki strike, Has
Divine Any (circle) 1 spells

Description : Sacred Fists are independent organizations found within many
temples. Their ascetic members have turned their divine magic inward, bringing
their bodies and wills into harmony. They consider their bodies and minds gifts
from their deity, and they believe that not developing those gifts to their
fullest potential is a sin. Spellcasting does not dishonor them or their deity.
Sacred Fists are strong in faith, will and body.

Type: class feats sacredfist for this class’s feat info.


Level: 10, Stacks: Yes, Feat: AC bonus
Level: 10, Stacks: No , Feat: greater flurry
Level: 9 , Stacks: No , Feat: inner flame
Level: 8 , Stacks: Yes, Feat: sacred flames
Level: 7 , Stacks: Yes, Feat: sacred flames
Level: 7 , Stacks: Yes, Feat: AC bonus
Level: 6 , Stacks: No , Feat: uncanny dodge
Level: 5 , Stacks: Yes, Feat: sacred flames
Level: 4 , Stacks: Yes, Feat: sacred flames
Level: 3 , Stacks: Yes, Feat: sacred flames
Level: 2 , Stacks: Yes, Feat: sacred flames
Level: 2 , Stacks: Yes, Feat: AC bonus
Level: 1 , Stacks: No , Feat: improved unarmed strike
Level: 1 , Stacks: No , Feat: unarmed strike
Level: 1 , Stacks: No , Feat: AC increases with level
Level: 1 , Stacks: No , Feat: apply wisdom bonus to AC
Level: 1 , Stacks: No , Feat: weapon proficiency – monks


Feat : inner flame
Type : class feat

Prerequisites : none

Description : A sacred fist may use inner armour once per day. This provides +4
sacred bonus to AC, +4 sacred bonus to all saves, 25 spell resistance for a
number of rounds equal to his wisdom modifier plus class level.


Feat : sacred flames
Type : class feat

Prerequisites : none

Description : A sacred fist may invoke sacred flames around his hands and feet.
These flames add to the sacred fist’s unarmed damage. The additional damage is
equal to the sacred fist’s class levels plus his wisdom modifier (if any). The
sacred flame lasts for 1 minute.



All the updates since our last listing (March 11th):

[Apr 14 2020] – Zusuk
new feat: inner fire
rage, battletide, defensive stance, sacred flames help breach stat caps
removed hard stat cap of 50, still gear stat cap, but increased that cap by
about 50%
new prestige class: sacred fist
new feat: sacred flame
[Apr 13 2020] – Zusuk
fixed all the keys in hulburg (huge list)
[Apr 11 2020] – Zusuk
fixed keys for 6 more zones
fixed armor/weapons for 19 zones
[Apr 10 2020] – Zusuk
fixed keys for 15 more zones
[Apr 09 2020] – Zusuk
added more quest info for stohana for clarity
main quest line extended! should get a base race to level 26 now
more zones attached to the world: 99 total now
you can now reach the abyss from the astral plane
obj affection untyped will now be forced to enhancement bonus instead
now clearer if you don’t qualify for a quest due to chain pre-reqs
[Apr 02 2020] – Zusuk
sorted all the spec procs in spec_assign.c by alpha
added all the missing spec proc function names to spec_assign.c
sorted all the spec procs in spec_procs.h by alpha
[Mar 31 2020] – Zusuk
created a new set of swiftpaths
attached more zones! 91 total zones attached
[Mar 27 2020] – Zusuk
audited all connected zones for broken keys (73 total)!
fixed an interesting broken chest issue in cloud realm
[Mar 26 2020] – Zusuk
finished auditing all the broken keys in 31 total zones! about 43 more to go!
fixed all the keys in zone 1050
fixed broken keys in zone 1232
extended keycheck to check containers/ammo containers
new staff command: keycheck, check helpfile for info
[Mar 25 2020] – Zusuk
audited 184 total portals, all the portals in the world should be functioning
as intended now
defense command now mentions the AC cap
bucking mounts no longer damage the rider, action penalty only now (also will
solve being kicked out of group by rebelious mounts)
fixed the alandor ferry
[Mar 23 2020] – Zusuk
fixed a funky mobile load issue with the crawlings on the elemetal plane
[Mar 22 2020] – Zusuk
added another surface connection from the underdark (probably 2 will be grand
connected frozen castle to the world
moved the mosaic connection to the underdark to the northeast region of
[Mar 21 2020] – Zusuk
proud to announce we have over 70 original zones attached to the world so far
updated the staff worksheet with all the indirectly linked zones
updated the staff worksheet with all the wilderness-attached zones
removed a link to ‘trade way’ from ashenport that did not make any sense
[Mar 20 2020] – Zusuk
modified boost help file
added a new field to display prestige-class spell progression
fixed an error on stealth (sneak aspect) – the observer was using their
stealth instead of perception for their checks
[Mar 19 2020] – Zusuk
is_caster() macro now includes mystic theurge, arcane shadow and arcane archer
unarmed strike feat now lists unarmed monk damage
slightly increased the AC bonus for monks level bonus
level-bonus AC bonus is now a monk feat
wisdom bonus to AC is now a free monk feat
some revisions to feat display for monks
tried to fix a crash bug in quest view
[Mar 18 2020] – Zusuk
zhentil keep zone is now attached to the wildreness
the darkwood tree zone is now attached!
new command ‘survey’ – allows you to identify location of zone entrances in
the wilderness
new helpfile survey
[Mar 17 2020] – Zusuk
new characters that log in will be told to use the ‘STUDY’ command to set
their stats
[Mar 16 2020] – Zusuk
crimson flame zone is now attached via a portal in the wilderness
added some elementals to the elemental plane 🙂
re-added leather, it didn’t solve the issue… just added a clause to not add
material name if it’s leather
removed “leather” from the spec_armor_type array
fixed a bug with backstab feat where it still consumed a standard action
(instead of only move)
[Mar 15 2020] – Zusuk
room lists will be capped at 200 rooms to protect the buffer
hlq system has values for class # that exceeds our in-game limits… added a
dummy check to protect from crashes
connected the Lizard Marsh
shifted a couple of zones away from ashenport region
[Mar 14 2020] – Zusuk
re-enabled npc rescue – breaks a lot more than it fixes
the elemental planes can now be accessed via the astral plane
fixed the curtain in the abyssal vortex
added a portal to etheral plane that will take you to astral – note this
portal moves 🙂
[Mar 13 2020] – Zusuk
tried tweaking greater animation a bit more (hp on undead seemed low)
reduced AC bonus on epic mage armor by 10, but also gave it +6 general damage
with general damage reduction, if you absorb all the damage, it will show you
how much damage you absorbed
moved shrug damage into ‘general damage reduction’ so it will stack
the newer DR system now displays reduction for the combatroll pref
[Mar 13 2020] – Gicker
Fixed a bug with alchemists. They will no longer lose concentration when
trying to imbibe extracts
[Mar 13 2020] – Zusuk
fixed some missing identify clauses in object procs that causes crashes if you
stat the object
started going through a list of 161 portals to make sure they work
created an organization for the github projects related to luminari:
[Mar 12 2020] – Zusuk
finished fixing 74 broken switches throughout the world, yay all done! pant

fixed a broken chest in ruined keep (main quest line), missing closeable flag
made greater animation minimum level for undead higher
started fixing 74 broken switches! fun
fixed a broken portal to the battlemaze in zone ‘(1350) Menzoberranzan’
fixed a portal in zone ‘(1391) The Grimlock Burrows’
fixed all the portals in zone ‘(1555) Labyrinth of the Mad Drow’
Underdark is connected via a puzzle in Mosaic, 17 zones:
started auto-formatting src files using vs-code (control-k then control-f)


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