CombatThe first step has been made in the implementation of the new Luminari combat system – Combat on Luminari is now event based.

What does this mean? Luminari no longer uses instantly executed combat rounds. Instead, each round is broken down into 3 phases. A character’s attacks are spread out among these phases in order:

Phase 1: Attack 1, 4, 7
Phase 2: Attack 2, 5, 8
Phase 3: Attack 3, 6, 9

No player character should have more than 9 attacks.

Each phase lasts 2 seconds. A combat round lasts 6 seconds. This is the first step in a number of changes to refine the combat system.

This change increases survivability – instead of a wall of attacks coming at you every 6 seconds, those attacks are spread out. You have more opportunity to react, flee, use special attacks or buff yourself or your allies.

Log in, check it out, leave feedback!

See you in the game.

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