The Swiftpaths

Ancient artifacts constructed before recorded history, the swiftpaths are portals located at various places across Lumi(n)a. Their placement is not completely understood but it has been discovered that there are increased concentrations of crystalline arcanite at Swiftpath sites. It is unknown exactly how the swiftpaths function, only that they allow near instantaneous travel between remote locations. Not all of the portals are currently active and it is unknown how many of the Swiftpaths remain. It is rumored that the swiftpaths allow travel through the otherworld or perhaps using the magical fields of Lumi(n)a itself but the truth is unknown.

x-locy-locdest xdest yNearGoes ToNotes
1st Loop
-774157351768EvereskaMithril Hall
351768165-78Mithril HallCorm Orp
165-78-147-172Corm OrpPesh
-147-172-57-325PeshTugrahk Gol
-57-325615114Tugrahk GolHardbuckler
615114-6499HardbucklerAshenportend loop
2nd loop
-514-176-579474GrunwaldZzsessak Zuhl
-579474-596793Zzsessak ZuhlNeverwinter
-596793231291NeverwinterTilvertonend loop
Swiftpaths Details


The seaports of Lumina have expanded quickly over the years, even many that aren’t connected directly to cities are maintained for re-fueling and military purposes.

Ashenport34801-63, 89N Kellust Sea Port1000352286, 885
NW Ondius Sea Port1000280-25, 198NE Kellust Sea Port1000358423, 779
SE Ondius Sea Port1000281107, 39E Kellust Sea Port1000357644, 644
NE Ondius Sea Port1000282191, 295SE Kellust Sea Port1000356519, 539
SW Kellust Sea Port1000355371, 431
SELERISHNW Kellust Sea Port1000353161, 789
S Selerish Sea Port1000283363, -295W Kellust Sea Port1000354283, 724
E Selerish Sea Port1000284358, -200
NW Selerish Sea Port1000337161, -79VAILAND
W Vailand Sea Port1000359-772, 473
OORPIIN Vailand Sea Port1000360-599, 455
N Oorpii Sea Port1000339-112, 785C Vailand Sea Port1000362-467, 204
E Oorpii Sea Port1000338-105, 510S Vailand Sea Port1000361-512, 99
W Oorpii Sea Port1000279-316, 520
NW Oorpii Sea Port1000278-597, 804AXTROS
S Axtros Sea Port1000336606, -719
WEST UBDINASW Axtros Sea Port1000335591, -524
W West Ubdine Sea Port1000340-683, -626E Axtros Sea Port1000334866, -284
NW West Ubdine Sea Port1000341-824, -406Sanctus1000333688, -241
N West Ubdine Sea Port1000342-554, -489
S West Ubdine Sea Port1000343-566, -677CARSTON
SE West Ubdine Sea Port1000344-371, -789E Cartson Sea Port1000332743, -22
W Cartson Sea Port1000331575, 75
SW East Ubdine Sea Port1000345-268, -758HIR
S East Ubdine Sea Port1000346-110, -722SW Hir Sea Port1000364-442, -303
E East Ubdine Sea Port100034873, -603NW Hir Sea Port1000363-507, -123
N East Ubdine Sea Port1000347-71, -506NE Hir Sea Port1000366-20, -85
E Hir Sea Port1000365-57, -330
E Quechian Sea Port1000350-651, -4
SW Quechian Sea Port1000351-782, -110
NE Quechian Sea Port1000349-703, 155
Seaport Locations

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