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Update 07/24/19

Gicker fixed some bugs and we cleared the empty pages from the website.


Development Updates [Jan 29 2018 – Apr 05 2018]

Zusuk here… I am back!  Been extremely busy and sort of out of development for the past 1.5 months.  I can not develop as many hours as before, but I am committing to at least 3 hours a week.  Huge […]


Event: The Tower of Green Glass

“I will respond to their knives and poisons with fire and ruination.  I will not rest till their beloved Tower is ash.  I will not relent until every last magi are dead.  Any city that houses a chapter of the […]


The Great Hunt

A notice has been attached to the door of The Jade Jug in Ashenport: ATTENTION! Redgar Chag, huntsmaster, has reported an overpopulation of local wildlife due to excessive culling of predator species, including the hated dire wolves.  To cull these […]


The Ruined Citadel

In stories and legends, the Archmage Gnarth was renowned for his skill in Artifice and Evocation – He was among those who developed the magical arms and armor that outfitted the Armies of Hope during the Darkling Wars.  Tragically, he […]


Main Quest Line Extended: The Mosaic

Hello everyone!  After a long wait and a great deal of work by our staff, the next stage in the Main Quest Line has been released: The Mosaic Cave has been an interest to all those who are fighting the […]