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Training Halls

Hello everyone!  I am very proud to announce that LuminariMUD has released its new player tutorial zone, the Training Halls.  We have an incredible MUD with amazing and unique features and because of this we knew it was imperative that we come up with a way to teach our players how to use all of those features.  We wanted to make it interactive and enjoyable, not just walls of help file text (which is still there for the players that want ALL the information).  We feel that this zone enables our new players to understand the vision of LuminariMUD, and enable them to ease into the actual game once they have finished the tutorial zone.  Nahalia will be waiting for Lumia’s newest adventurers as soon as they log in!sailing_ship

On an island off the coast of Ashenport, lies a large wooden building beaten up by wind and sea water over the years.  The building is being  used to train Lumia’s newest “marked” adventurers.  With the rising tide of darklings, the “marked” must be trained properly to prevent the release of the Prisoner.  Nahalia has been given the responsibility of creating the Training Halls which will provide extensive training for the chosen “marked” to aid in the fight against the darklings.



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