[Oct 07 2014] – Zusuk
added enhancement bonus to damage, arbitrarily capped it at 12
changed it so you can get gold from corpses even with full inventory
remove % in troll help file because it causes weird output in char creation
now you get notified you can gain a level every time your xp goes over req for next level
removed “opponent gets first strike” message in peace rooms
added to olist:  # of objects in game, Y/N if has extra descrip or not
[Oct 07 2014] – Ornir
Fixed issue where group members would have all kills registered with one kill for autoquests.  Now you gotta work for your supper!
Added required keywords to the race and class helpfiles so they show up in character creation.
[Oct 06 2014] – Zusuk
update to group member quest credit code, note it is incomplete
[Oct 06 2014] – Treyorn
Updated help classes to include current available classes.
Edited the main quest line to be a little more descriptive for early quest objectives and locations.  Added color based on mobs/objs/room names.  Woman at gate now gives a map of Ashenport when completing the quest line in Mosswood.
[Oct 06 2014] – Ornir
Now group members will get quest credit for kills.
Fixed the auto eq bug!
[Oct 06 2014] – Treyorn
Fixed the quest “First Step is the Hilt” in Graven Hollow Camp.  The directions are more straight forward and now it requires you to have the hatchet in inventory to obtain the chunk of the Great Oak.
[Oct 06 2014] – Zusuk
changed shadow stealer to dagger type and added +5 damroll
[Oct 06 2014] – Ornir
removed the Whirlwind combat maneuver
Added the ‘Whirlwind Attack’ combat mode.
Switch and Rescue now take actions.
[Oct 05 2014] – Zusuk
changed tics before voiding out to 610 (10 after idling out)
changed tics before idling out to 600
file0002084376530 [Oct 03 2014] – Ornir
Reduced random treasure drop to 2%.
Now you can not counter-trip someone who is already prone.
Fixed issue where mobs were tripping after they died.
[Oct 02 2014] – Ornir
Phase 2 of help system is in place, HEDIT works.  Deletion of help entries is not yet implemented.
[Oct 01 2014] – Zusuk
fixed wizard who wear robes in ears in mosswood šŸ˜›
[Sep 30 2014] – Zusuk
added mob flags up to 63 (unused) to fix syslog errors
commented out: drink type as last name, NOTE has extra descrip from cod
added new argument to quest history:  quest history <nn>   .. so players can review their quest history
[Sep 29 2014] – Zusuk
added “mosswood” for teleporter
[Sep 28 2014] – Zusuk
fixed error in paladin help file
added classes help file
[Sep 25 2014] – Ornir
Phase 1 of the new Luminari Help System is complete.  Help entries have been moved into an external database and the help command has been changed to access the database instead of the original flat file help system.
[Sep 24 2014] – Treyorn
Added identify scrolls in Mosswood General Store for players who do not train lore
[Sep 24 2014] – Zusuk
added the beginnings of the eastern and the southern roads connecting rat hills, ardeept and wizard training mansion
extended “main” quest-line to leave mosswood towards ashenport
the trans command is now usable by staff level characters
[Sep 23 2014] – Zusuk
added lit roads to:  ardeep, wizard training mansion, mosswood village and rat hills
added a road directly from ashenport to mosswood
added a gateguard that will try to keep the northern gate to mosswood locked
added the beginning of the main quest line in mosswood (1452)
added temporary fix to spamming magic missile (old skool wait-state)
[Sep 22 2014] – Ornir
Fixed problem with spamming bash.
[Sep 21 2014] – Zusuk
cleaned zlist from 1000 9999
[Sep 19 2014] – Zusuk
added newbie trainer and “mini tutorial” to the first room
changed lifespan of mosswood (1452) to 10 minutes
[Sep 14 2014] – Zusuk
mobiles will now be read from file converted directly to d20 system (factor 10), and saved direclty to file as old AD&D system
attempt to phase out the deprecated APPLY_AC where possible
some significant changes to armor-class system

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