“I will respond to their knives and poisons with fire and ruination.  I will not rest till their beloved Tower is ash.  I will not relent until every last magi are dead.  Any city that houses a chapter of the tower will burn.  I will rain fire on the world until my vengeance is slaked, and then and only then will I destroy it.”

– Ah’magan the sorcerer

Over three hundred years ago the Sorcerer Ah’magan staged an attack on the Tower of Sanctus. He blamed the Chromatic Magi for the murder of his wife Sabina, his rage driving him mad. He used a variety of unique arcane techniques to wage this attack, the most formidable of these being his Flying Glass Tower.  He was defeated and killed during this engagement, but his tower was never recovered and drifted away into the skies and has not been seen again.

Until now.

Sightings of the Tower have been reported in the last few months and The Tower of Sanctus is looking for agents to deal with their old enemy.

The tower calls all interested parties to meet at 7 PM EST on Saturday, March 31 to join in the assault on the Tower of Green Glass!  Spoils will be divided among the victors!

(This event is balanced for higher level players (20+) but lower level players are welcome to attend!  This will be a challenging event with appropriate rewards.  Thank you Thazull for creating this event! See you in the game!)

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