[May 02 2013] – Zusuk

fixed color bleed in the log message for [ auto zone reset ]

[May 01 2013] – Zusuk

added jotunheim invasion proc, currently set at 100% fire rate for testing

[Apr 30 2013] – Zusuk

ported over jotunheim, it is connected to astral plane

added crimson flame procs

fixed zone 1423 proc

ported zone: crimson flame

ported zone procs for zone 1423, it doesn’t really do anything (yet)

[Apr 29 2013] – Zusuk

modified some of the zcheck values to match our system better, probably still needs more love though

fixed zcheck crash bug

split affect_total from 1 -> 3 functions

init_char wasn’t setting real_ size, updated it to do that

attached to game zones: plane of fire, astral plane, ethereal plane, avernus, plane of shadows, air plane, water plane, earth plane, abyssal vortex, plane of magma, cloud realm of stronmaus

made it so in olist type portal you will see the type and destination(s) of the


[Apr 27 2013] – Zusuk

fixed a bug in handling of con-bonus for hps

[Apr 26 2013] – Nashak

mlist will now display — for classless mobs

[Apr 25 2013] – Zusuk

added a new class-based stat-cap system

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