[Apr 26 2013] – Nashak

mlist will now display — for classless mobs

[Apr 25 2013] – Zusuk

added a new class-based stat-cap system

[Apr 24 2013] – Zusuk

commented out do_flee wait-state until the whole system is re-evaluated

ranger spell selection modified to be a sub-selection of druids

hasspell() in memorize.c now returns the class instead of true/false

[Apr 23 2013] – Zusuk

added some more important info about gear in score sheet and ‘equipment’ command

[Apr 22 2013] – Zusuk

added proficienc_worn() info to the score-sheet

added new function:  proficiency_worn() which will check the higest level proficiency of gear worn on char

with the change to the ‘proficiency’ system with weapons/armor, i’ve commented

out the invalid_class() function for gear

fixed a color bleed with harvesting nodes

fixed simple_list errors

added first spell in potions/scroll spells in type-list (olist)

added a ‘npc-race-subtypes’ helpfile by request

you can now unapprove quests by selecting approve on an approved-quest

you can now use the ‘lore’ command while resting

you can now gossip/chat/look/score/group/say/tell/help while crafting

added a ‘real-mode’ for the auto-statter in code, for auto-statting summoned creatures, and other read_mobile cases if desire

auto-statted plants, animals and vermin no longer have gold

helper mobiles will not assist animals as per taure’s request

added sign to chessboard warning that it isn’t really safe for newbies

[Apr 21 2013] – Zusuk

added some dummy checks to try and deal with crash in movement

[Apr 21 2013] – Nashak

increase READ_SIZE to 512 to allow longer echos and paths

fixed double free crash bug in echos

[Apr 21 2013] – Zusuk

discovered nagging bug:  was storing warding (stoneskin/mirror-image/etc) in th

e wrong data-struct, should be fixed now

greater-undead are now wizard-casters

revamped mag_summons bonus on mobiles to utilize auto-statterfile000189566493

[Apr 20 2013] – Zusuk

added mob-paths helpfile

added a set of debuggign info broadcast to a mobile on a path (switch to the mobile to observe)

fixed a bug in mob-paths (not starting on right index)

added mob-paths to medit

added mob-paths to saving/loading of mobiles

[Apr 19 2013] – Nashak

fixed an issue where the leading tab was being stripped from echo color codes

[Apr 19 2013] – Zusuk

added mob ‘listen’ flag

mobiles will go after master’s of pets over their pets when dealing with memory/hunting

added AUTO-STATTER help file

added SIZE-TABLE help file

added scenario of mobile level 31+ in do_consider, advising to bring friends

revamp of auto-statter for mobiles concluded, now mobiles will be statted accor

ding to type (race), class and level… level 31+ will be auto-statted to very difficult levels

finished first revision of mobile AI code, all classes now have AI code unique to the class

[Apr 18 2013] – Nashak

fixed area converter to now copy over extra descriptions for objects

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