Since our last major update in October 2022 we’ve done a lot of work, both code-side and world-side.

The code side has seen a large number of new spells and races added to the game, of special note being the Lich and Vampire races. Quite powerful, they require the completion of a challenging quest line (one for each of the two races), and upon successful completion, your character will change their race to Vampire/Lich.

The world side has seen the additon of sea ports as a fast travel option between continents and other sea ports on your current continent. A large number of zones were added to our world map including a new end game zone deep in the under dark: the Fire Giant Keep.

Our main end game challenge remains the battle against ‘The Prisoner’. This battle has been made more difficult, been given more phases and unique boss-AI, and the possible list of equipment drops has increased hugely. Most of these items are the best in the game, and some even have unique behaviour tied to that item alone.

Staff-triggered events have been added for both the Prisoner battle and the Fire Giants Keep, which, when active, increased the challenge and drop rate of items, and even some additional items only obtainable during the event.

Here’s a list of the major changes:

  • Buffing system, allowing you to set up a list of spells and psionic powers to buff yourself with a single command… no need to create aliases in your MUD clients.
  • Prisoner battle gear additions
  • Vampire and Lich Epic races and quest lines
  • 13 new races: High Elf, Wood Elf, Half Drow, Dragonborn, Tiefling, Stout Halfling, Forest Gnome, Gold Dwarf, Aasimar, Tabaxi, Goliath, Shade , Fae
  • A large number of new zone additions, including a new end game zone: Fire Giant Keep
  • Food and drink can now be bought, which have different buffing affects when consumed.
  • 39 New Spells: Minor Illusion, Moonbeam, Hellish Rebuke, Ant Haul, Mass Ant Haul, Corrosive Touch, Planar Healing, Cushioning Bands, Ghost Wolf, Gird Allies, Glitterdust,  Protection From Arrows, Spider Climb, Warding Weapon, Aqueous Orb, Mount, Communal Mount, Human Potential, Mass Human Potential, Black Tentacles , Greater Black Tentacles, Control Summoned Creature, Charm Monster, Mass Enlarge Person,  Mass Reduce Person, Communal Protection From Arrows, Rage, Communal Resist Energy, Siphon Might, Communal Spider Climb, Caustic Blood, Greater Planar Healing, Mass Daze, Hold Monster, Overland Flight, Communal Stoneskin, Hostile Juxtaposition, Greater Hostile Juxtaposition, and Banishing Blade.
  • A large number of bug fixes and miscellaneous game play improvements

And, the full changelist:

[Jan 20 2023] - Gicker
  Added the banishing blade spell.
[Jan 16 2023] - Zusuk
  upgraded axe of calamity, negetive energy ray fires at 500% and now has chance to fire 'symbol of pain' spell
[Jan 12 2023] - Gicker
  Added communal stoneskin, hostile juxtaposition, and greater hostile juxtaposition spells.
[Dec 22 2022] - Gicker
  Added the flightlist command.
  Added the overland flight spell.
[Dec 19 2022] - Gicker
  Added the hold monster spell.
  Added the greater planar healing and mass daze spells.
  Added communal spider climb and caustic acid spells.
[Dec 16 2022] - Gicker
  Added the communal resist energy and siphon might spells
  Added the communal protection from arrows and rage spells.
[Dec 15 2022] - Gicker
  Add mass enlarge person and mass reduce person spells.
  Fixed a bug with masterlist command.
  Hopefully fixed a bug with bardic song of flight.
[Dec 13 2022] - Gicker
  Added the charm monster and control summoned creature spell.
  Blood drain willnow restore more 'time' for recently fed and will negate 'blood starved' more quickly.
  Threshold for recently fed and blood starved increased.change Should result in longer periods for 'recently fed' when actively and strategically using blood drain, and high unlikelihood of being blood starved in similar circumstance
  The following commands now longer break 'hide': mark, race, class, cooldowns, abilities, resistances, lore, ooc, osay, rest, say
  Added the following new spells: human potential, mass human potential, black tentacles, greater black tentacles
  Also added the following to not break hide: chat, powerattck, expertise.
  Chat messages will now be seen in study and prefedit menus
  Chat messages will now be seen in study and prefedit menus
  Added the following new spells: human potential, mass human potential, black tentacles, greater black tentacles
  The following commands now longer break 'hide': mark, race, class, cooldowns, abilities, resistances, lore, ooc, osay, rest
  Threshold for recently fed and blood starved increased.  Should result in longer periods for 'recently fed' when actively and strategically using blood drain, and high unlikelihood of being blood starved in similar circumstance
  Blood drain willnow restore more 'time' for recently fed and will negate 'blood starved' more quickly.
[Dec 12 2022] - Gicker
  Blood drain should stave off blood starved status much more efficiently now.
  Blood drain will now properly start a fight with the target if not fighting already.
[Dec 12 2022] - Zusuk
  fixed the doors in the astral part of soubar underhalls
[Dec 11 2022] - Gicker
  Changed the vampire blood drain ability to use the blooddrain command now, and no longer requires grappling.  See HELP BLOOD DRAIN.
[Dec 09 2022] - Gicker
  Added spell: communal mount
  Added spells: aqueous orb and mount
[Dec 08 2022] - Gicker
  Added the spider climb and warding weapon spells
  Added the protection from arrows spell
[Dec 07 2022] - Gicker
  Added the gird allies and glitterdust spells.
[Dec 05 2022] - Zusuk
  added cone of cold to frost blade proc
[Dec 04 2022] - Zusuk
  the prisoner drop (non event) increase from 7 to 8 items
  new prisoner trove item: a titans heavy-pick
  new prisoner trove item: a double-headed battle axe of calamity
  new prisoner trove item: a shock lance of brilliant adamantine
  new prisoner trove item: a dragon-hide whip tipped with arcanite
  new prisoner trove item: a portable hole
  new prisoner trove item: a vertiginous hoop of vitality
  new prisoner trove item: a brightly ornamented shawl of the artist
  new prisoner trove item: floating arcanite of psionic power
  new prisoner trove item: a hound-skull helm of the divine warrior
[Dec 03 2022] - Pathos
  Fixed Demic quests issue with zone resetting. Now players will be able to do quests easier.
[Dec 02 2022] - Zusuk
  new prisoner trove item: animated eyes of a pit demon
  new prisoner trove item: a winged titanium open-faced helm
  new prisoner trove item: the transcendental boots of the voyager
[Dec 01 2022] - Zusuk
  new prisoner trove item: a grandidierite amulet of resistance
  new prisoner trove item: an aspect of a hideous scoundrel
  new prisoner trove item: a scale mail helm of dragonkin
[Nov 30 2022] - Zusuk
  15 more items added to the prisoner treasure trove... details to follow
[Nov 29 2022] - Zusuk
  fixed elven ice sword
[Nov 28 2022] - Gicker
  Added these new spells: corrosive touch, planar healing, cushioning bands, ant haul, mass ant haul.
[Nov 27 2022] - Zusuk
  attached 'pelleors praire' at (-886, 65)
  attached 'snake pit' at (-111, 776)
  attached 'stag forest' at (-129, -557)
[Nov 26 2022] - Zusuk
  attached 'bugbear caverns' at (-163, -505)
  attached 'serpent path' at (-432, -136)
[Nov 25 2022] - Zusuk
  attached 'battle of bones' at (-409, -83)
  attached 'yellow snake pass' at (-203, -440)
[Nov 24 2022] - Zusuk
  attached abbey of lost tears at -269, -86
  attached scorched forest at -331, -321
[Nov 23 2022] - Zusuk
  attached the lost vale zone, reachable via portal on tethyamar trail
  attached 'tethyamar trail' at (174, 414)
[Nov 22 2022] - Zusuk
  corm orp caverns moved to proper sublink sheet for internal notes/mapping
[Nov 21 2022] - Zusuk
  arath zuul attached to crystal caverns (underdark 1184)
  crystal caverns attached to deep caverns (underdark 1369)
  changed the website map of the underdark from an exported image of the diagram to a dynamic link, so changes to the diagram will dynamically update on the website
  updated the diagram-map of the underdark
  attached Daurgothoth's Domain at 786, -377
[Nov 20 2022] - Zusuk
  connected zone amenth'g'narr to the labby (1281) [underdark]
  connected zone 'serene forest' at 625, -653
  connected zone 'the lurkwood' at -522, 440
  connected zone outcast encampment at 342, -198
[Nov 19 2022] - Zusuk
  more auditting of zones
[Nov 18 2022] - Zusuk
  more auditting of zones
[Nov 17 2022] - Zusuk
  the new gear constructions continues
[Nov 16 2022] - Zusuk
  new gear for random load in prisoner battle is being constructed *drool*
[Nov 15 2022] - Zusuk
  attached the marble pyramids to the wilderness (end game)
  imix can no longer wander between planes like some sort of hobo
  fixed hallway door in soubar underhalls vnum: 114104
[Nov 14 2022] - Pathos
  fixed a couple keywords on some mobs at Crystal Castle
[Nov 13 2022] - Zusuk
  timestop should reduce your buffself time
  added a mechanic so you won't try to ironskin if you got an epic ward/or a treshold+ left on your current ironskin
  fixed a handful of bugs in the bug list, sort of lost track of all the details :P
  fixed blind fight feat info so it matches the code
  fixed the crude dagger in zone 44
  fixed it so a unique portal is set up for both the mosswood connection to the training hall and the training hall exit portal
  fixed and added soem protocol data per player submission
  fixed a broken potion per player bug submission
  per a player request, when grappling and unable to attack, the message is more detailed
  liches are supposed to only get acrobatics as a free racial ability, they were getting stealth/perception as well which isn't correct
  mental barrier now has bonus-type of deflection instead of enhancement
[Nov 13 2022] - Gicker
  Added food and drink to revoke list.
  hp, mv and psp regen affects are now working properly.
[Nov 12 2022] - Zusuk
  fixed another sail crash bug
  sailing crash has been fixed (certain destainations would crashs it because it was trying to access something outside of the carriage array)
  mobiles will no longer use pc corpses to animate
[Nov 11 2022] - Zusuk
  added 2 more ascii art pieces for copyover :)
  changed it so unlock status/cost for races is taken from race_list[]
[Nov 11 2022] - Courtesy of our beloved Gicker:
  new epic race at 50k account xp unlock cost:  fae - tiny, dextrous, resilient tricksters
  new helpfile: help fae
  new feat: fae flight
  new feat: fae senses
  new feat: fae resistance
  new feat: fae magic
  new feat: fae racial adjustments
[Nov 11 2022] - Zusuk
  alignment restrictions for race are now being implemented at character creation
[Nov 10 2022] - Zusuk
  psionic power 'psionic vigor' alias was just 'vigor' - changed it so its more intuitive for players
  fixed emote inserted into 'help use' file
  per player request, added a little ascii art to the copyover message
[Nov 09 2022] - Zusuk
  added fear-immunity check to frightful presence mob skill
  added a duration to endorphin surge so it won't just run out the instant invoke it
  fixed an overlap in spellnums starting with levitate
  another fix for tinker
  fixed burly dwarf + slaver problem (mixed up quest)
[Nov 09 2022] - Gicker
  Added the monkey grip feat.
  Added the following new races: High Elf, Goliath, Shade
[Nov 09 2022] - Zusuk
  fixed some mislabeled cooldowns
  the professor of spellcasting in the tutorial would default to talking to you as if you were a monk as a default class - changed that
  made it so demic gives you the amulet back in the tutorial
  temporary change to num_races to try to avoid crash with accexp-race command
  fixed tinker (had no daily feats assigned)
  zone audits continue, another 40 remaining... most of them are connecting/road-like zones that we likely won't be using
  replaced some general infra/ultra checks with the ultil.s alias that is more encompassing
  halfdrow now get ultravision
  a multitude of undocumented world fixes/tweaks/connections (mostly portals/switches/script doors)
  attached 'the trade way' and 'the way inn' zones
[Nov 08 2022] - Zusuk
  new zones evening star, haunted halls and deeper halls attached (check survey!)
  modified help scribe to include scrolls (thanks naul!)
  improved the hint to open the altar in thunderholme
  gear item fixed: a ring of blood letting
  gear item fixed: a mask of rippling flame
  gear item fixed: the broken wings of an erinyes
  gear item fixed: a jeweled platinum necklace
  gear item fixed: a sapphire studded silver bracelet
  gear item fixed: a shiny golden ruby ring
  gear item fixed: a beautifully carved jade dragon
  gear item fixed: a fine throwing boulder
  gear item fixed: a hood of swirling clouds
  gear item fixed: a petrified spider earring
  gear item fixed: a suit of remorhaz scale armor
  gear item fixed: an amulet with a fiendish face
  gear item fixed: an amulet inscribed with dwarven runes
  gear item fixed: a scarab of death
  gear item fixed: a jeweled sword scabard
  gear item fixed: the Gown of the Mother ..It emits a faint humming sound!
  gear item fixed: a black hood and cloak
  gear item fixed: the ring of unlimited wishes
  the value for act() condense combat toggle was replaced with a define in the code
  some tweaks to ironskin/epic warding to hopefully improve their effectiveness/efficiency
  let me know your thoughts on this change:  i made it so you can't ironskin someone who still has over a configurable threshold left on your ward (value set at 151 right now)...  this way you can sort of spam ironskin casting without being wasteful of the spell
[Nov 07 2022] - Zusuk
  new staff command: aqref, works like qref but for the autoquest system
[Nov 07 2022] - Pathos
  Fixed some typo and bug submissions.
[Nov 07 2022] - Zusuk
  began more zone audits
  started replacing some strcpy with strlcpy
  adding init calls in the code for buffers
  fixed the shadow master saving throw check
  another fix attempt to concentration issue with shadow dancers
  there was a bug in the code that all mobs level 31+ could cast spells instantly, fixed that, its meant for staff, not NPCs
  fixed the order followers bug that kept crashing us
[Nov 06 2022] - Pathos
  Fixed more typos in rooms, mobs, and quests.
[Nov 06 2022] - Gicker
  Added the following races: tiefling, stout halfling, forest gnome, gold dwarf, aasimar and tabaxi
  Added the dragonborn race.
  Improved stats on liches, vampires and trelux 
  Fixed some out-of-date racial help files.
  Added the Half Drow Race
[Nov 05 2022] - Zusuk
  removed minimum level requirement for gear, plans to implement system that will hide the gears powers unless certain level/stat/etc requirements aren't met
  shadow dancer spells don't require concentration checks
  deafness should not interupt the cure deafness spell now
[Nov 04 2022] - Zusuk
  gear item fixed: an elven longsword engulfed in swirling flames
  gear item fixed: a fiery amber bracelet
  gear item fixed: an ancient biting duergar battleaxe
  gear item fixed: a mithril badge etched with the symbol of the thieves guild
  gear item fixed: a penanggalan tooth earring
  gear item fixed: a thin black mask
  gear item fixed: a pair of emerald encrusted silver slippers
  gear item fixed: an ethereal sack
  gear item fixed: a stoppered vial of crystal
  fixed a couple typo's reported by MonsterBoy
[Nov 03 2022] - Gicker
  Gave mountain dwarves another +1 to strength to offset weak racial feats.
[Nov 03 2022] - Zusuk
  tinker was using can_mastermind instead of can_tinker
  added key for room 157648
[Nov 02 2022] - Gicker
  -Updated the help files on most races.
  -Elves are now known as moon elves. They no longer have a -2 penalty to strength and gain +1 to wisdom now in addition to the +2 to dex. They now gain the lunar magic and bathed in moonlight feats.
  -Dwarves are now known as mountain dwarves. They no longer have a -2 to charisma, and gain a +2 to strength in addition to the +2 to con.  They gain light and medium armor profieciency and the encumbered resilience feat.
  -Halflings are now known as lightfoot halflings. They no longer suffer a -2 penalty to strength and gain a +1 to cha in addition to the +2 to dex they have. They gain the naturally stealthy and shadow hopper feats.
  -Half elves now get +2 to cha and the adaptability feat.
  -Half Orcs no longer suffer -2 penalties to int and cha, and now get a +1 to con in addition to their +2 to str.  They gain the menacing, savage attacks and relentless endurance feats.
  -Gnomes are now known as rock gnomes. They no longer suffer a -2 to str, and now have a +1 to con and +2 to int instead of +2 to con. They gain the tinker and artificer's lore feats.
  -Half Trolls have gained an additional +2 to cha, int, wis and con.
  -Arcana Golems have gained an additional +1 to cha, int and wis, and +2 to con and str.
  -Drow Elves have gained an additional +2 to int and con. They also gain the drow innate magic feat.
  -Duergar have gained an additional +2 to cha and str. They also gain the duergar magic feat.
  -Crystal Dwarves have gained an additional +2 to dex and wis.
  -Added a new race: wild elf. They gain +2 to dex and +1 to str. In addition to racial feats all elves get, they get wood elf fleetness and mask of the wild feats.
  -Added the RACEFIX command.  This will allow you to gain the new racial stats and feats without hav
ing to respec.
  -The race numbers for lich and vampire changed in the code.  If you log in with your lich or vampire character and their race has changed, please contact a staff member to correct the issue for you.
  -Added the tinker command. 
  -Added the following new spells: moonbeam, minor illusion, hellish rebuke.
[Nov 02 2022] - Zusuk
  tweaked down the need for ironskin to help with end-game content
  added a new helpfile:  undead-race  ...  this helpfile will share the details of bonus/penalties of being undead
  2nd attempt at corpse-key bug fix :P
[Nov 01 2022] - Zusuk
  you can no longer open keyless locks with corpses
  fixed the door at the great black altar (keyword lock)
[Oct 31 2022] - Pathos
  More typos fixed for rooms, mobs, and objects.
[Oct 31 2022] - Zusuk
  fixed angel feather leggings
  put an indication in group display whether your members are in the same room as you or not
  added some dummy checks in code that has caused crashes
[Oct 30 2022] - Zusuk
  added a hint indicating the starting location of the vampire race quest
[Oct 30 2022] - Pathos
  Items on the typo list being resolved and obsolete items cleared out of list.
[Oct 29 2022] - Zusuk
  new group command - group appoint <target in group>, this will change leadership of the group
  made the group kick command work for people who aren't in the same room
[Oct 29 2022] - Pathos
  Fixed broken keys for Daurgothoth's Domain
[Oct 28 2022] - Gicker
  Fixed a crash issue with NPC rescues.
[Oct 27 2022] - Gicker
  Removed the llog system for tracking lastb login info.  Replaced with the former 'last complete' functionality.
[Oct 27 2022] - Zusuk
  fixed the gate keyword in luskan
  re-wrote gate code so it'll be a --laaaawwwwwwwwtttt-- less likely to fail for the caster
  slight increase to prep time based on relevant class stat
  cedit (game config) reduced the prep time by 17% on top of other improvements in general prep time
  class based prep time variable has been reduced a bit
  base circle-based prep time has been reduced by a factor
  finally, a quest to kill the Prisoner :)  Alerion has it, you must complete the main quest line to access it
[Oct 26 2022] - Zusuk
  locate object will now give a lot more results back, level + your highest mental stat (charisma vs wisdom vs intelligence)
  locate object will now handle multiple keywords via dash, i.e. cast 'locate object' long-sword
[Oct 26 2022] - Pathos
  Mage shield spell helpfile changed to reflect the name change of the spell.
[Oct 25 2022] - Gicker
  Added extra manifesting time in buffself when using extra augment psp on the buffed power.
  Added a little more time between castings for the buffself command.
[Oct 25 2022] - Zusuk
  found multiple spots in the code where bringing a mobile/pc to a location lacked adequate wilderness checks - should be good now!
  summon command will now work in wilderness
  summon command now costs 500 moves
  fixed a weird extra entrance to dwarven mines in the wrong spot - thanks for repoting arcavius
  had to trim down the news file, was too big!
[Oct 24 2022] - Zusuk
  added diagnol directions to the 'not break hide' list of commands
  renamed wiz/sorc shield spell to 'mage shield'
  trelux can now wear items on their feat and hands
  added a sign advising that the tutorial zone is still under construction and may have missing/broken issues while we work on it :)
[Oct 24 2022] - Gicker
  Added new class names to the game tutorial.
  vampire cloaks can now have color symbols in their description, using the key for color codes.
[Oct 24 2022] - Zusuk
  dropped fire giant invasion efreeti mercs hps quite a bit
  armplates of valor for opposite alignment somewhere per requests
  added a sign post for newbies next to the elder to point out the importance of hopping onto the main quest line :)
  added an ooc note in the training hall quest that mosswood elder starts the main quest line
  some reason demic wasn't giving the amulet back, he does now
[Oct 23 2022] - Zusuk
  duration to rage is increased to 12 + con-bonus * 3
  shadowshield will override shield spell (same bonus type of shielding)
  shield of faith is deflection type, so has no restrictions for stacking
  armor spell has been rebraned as 'shield of faith!'
  epic mage armor will override mage armor
  bark skin can now be stacked with any protection spell
  blur attack procs (like malevolnce and rune scimitar) are limited to 1x/6 seconds (1 round)
  40% reduction in king guards, halved the jarl loads in fire giant invasion, and 20% reduction in efreeti mercs...  added an extra item to the treasury..  enjoy!!
  new feat for shield specialists:  epic shield user, 10% to avoid damage from incoming attacks per rank (max 2 ranks) - this is NOT concealment and will protect from any form of incoming physical damage
  some more layers of protection have been added to the new 'careful with pet' toggle
  uptime command now can be accessed by anybody (used to be staff only)
[Oct 22 2022] - Gicker
  Sea ports working as intended now.
[Oct 22 2022] - Zusuk
  new toggle:  careful with pets.. this will add some dummy checks to reduce the chance of you aggroing your pet or your pet aggroing you
[Oct 21 2022] - Gicker
  Added Sea ports around the world map and the sail command.
[Oct 19 2022] - Gicker
  Added a buffing system to allow for easy self-buffing without needing to set up aliases and timers.  See HELP BUFFING for more info.


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