Proud to announce that Luminari was selected as mud of the month on reddit!

We haven’t been posting a lot on the website, but we have been working on a lot of world building structure behind the scenes and planning for future upgrades.  We plan to upgrade the wilderness area of the MUD with dynamic descriptions, resource harvesting and combat encounters.  This is all in addition to continual refinement and improvement of interfaces and building tools.  Also we’re making a big push to attach more unique zones to the wilderness.

A complete list of changes since our last update follows:



[Dec 09 2015] – Ornir
Room names in the wilderness are now dynamically generated (more than before)
[Dec 09 2015] – Zusuk
fixed a bug with ‘mass cure critic’
fixed a bug with ‘mass cure serious’
fixed a bug with ‘mass cure light’
fixed a bug with ‘mass cure moderate’
only mobiles level 31+ will raise dead and conjure elementals, future plans to add special mob flags so lower level mobs can do the same
[Nov 13 2015] – Zusuk
implementors can now track under all circumstances
[Nov 10 2015] – Zusuk
upon server crash/reset, enabled reboot-cron job to put the flash policy back up auomatically (web-client connections)
upon server crash/reset, enabled reboot-cron job to put the mud back up auomatically
[Nov 09 2015] – Zusuk
shopkeepers no longer cast “invisibility” and “greater invisibility”
rearranged the order of information when looking in a direction
fixed a broken dagger in zone 125

fixed natural spell for druids
cleaned out repository of some duplicate junk
[Nov 08 2015] – Zusuk
fixed a silly quest bug, mercenary with improper char response
finesse will only use your dexterity bonus if its superior to your strength bonus
[Sep 03 2015] – Ornir
Fixed AC bug where caster mobs would become invincible. Now everything can die equally.
[Aug 19 2015] – Zusuk
fixed keyword issue with an item (thanks raddo)
[Aug 17 2015] – Zusuk
zone 19, spider swamp, fixed races/classes of mobiles
[Jul 12 2015] – Zusuk
disabled spellquest command, not finished
[Jul 08 2015] – Zusuk
ok alertness is fixed 🙂
made it clearer that the gossip option in prefedit also refers to chat
[Jul 07 2015] – Zusuk
slist (shop list) now shows the mobile shop-keeper’s name

[Jul 06 2015] – Zusuk
tried to fix a bunch of mobiles that were attacking players that did not make sense in mithril hall

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