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Development Updates 09/22/2012


The Development focus has switched to world development temporarily to establish a testing ground for mechanic changes.

Preliminary changes include:

  • Changes in act.informative.c and asciimap.c to implement a ‘overworld’ or ‘worldmap’ interface for navigating the realm
  • Added new sector type:  Zone Entry, for finding zones on the worldmap
  • Added new sector type: Roads -North/South for easier/safer travel on worldmap
  • Added new sector type: Roads – East/West
  • Added new sector type: Roads – Intersection

Also a variety of bug fixes were applied this week to clan code

Development Updates, week ending 9/14/12



Clan system implemented, (thanks Jamdog, tbamud.com, http://stefancole.com/)
Clan Features
* Zone claim system based on clan popularity

* Diplomacy skills to affect popularity, each skill has different ‘cooldown’

* Minimum popularity needed to claim a zone is configurable in cedit (default=75%)

* ‘clan who’ command shows all clan members and their rank

* ‘clan where’ command shows online clan members and their location

* ‘clan edit’ command for Staff and clan leaders to set clan ranks and privs

* Clan leaders can award clan points (CP) to clan members for purchase of clan items.

* ‘clantalk’ communication channel

* Staff see all clan’s clantalk, and can toggle it on/off

* ‘clanset’ Imm command for non-OLC changes

* clan banking system, with ‘deposit’, ‘withdraw’, and ‘balance’

* Players clan shows on who list and whois command

* Framework for clan spells/skills, so all clan members gain certain skills

* clan wars/allies (Shows on clan info, no pvp aspects yet)

* clan enrolment fees (for clan members)

* Tax paid to your clan by members of other clans in your clan’s zone

* Clanhall Guards

* Clanhall Clerics (for healing)

* Clan Portals, entering them takes players to their own clanhall

* Players can see who owns each zone on the areas command

* %actor% clan/clanrank variables for scripts

* Adding clan subcommands in the code is very easy

* Each clan may have up to 20 ranks

* All subcommands have configurable privileges

* Clan armor – can only be worn by members of one clan

* The ‘whois’ command now shows clan information.

* The ‘stat <player>’ command now shows clan information.

* Help files added for all clan functions for both mortals and Staff

* Added new PreTitles for Immortal types, idea from Jamdog (tbamud.com)
[Senior Staff]
[World Forger]

* Gave ‘where’ a facelift to keep in theme with rest of the mud.

* when automap is toggled, WORLDMAP now will not display room desccription.

* added more quest info into stat_character.

fixed issue with removing at-war status from clans
fixed issue with saving clan description
fixed issue with new staff-who list
fixed issue with removing ally status from clans
fixed issue in db.c initializing quests properly for new players
make PreTitles editable
remove renaming of clans from leaders clan edit
remove abbreviation of clan name from leaders clan edit
make renameing and abbreviation of clans Staff only
fix history clantalk command

fix clan armor, not recognizing vnums

change clan portal system

add gohome command to take players to their house if they are in a main city

add goclan command to take players to their clanhall if they are in a main city

[Above is week ending 9/14/2012]


D20mud and Luminari Partner Up!


We are extremely excited to announce the partnership in development!  Preliminary details include:


  • LuminariMUD is becoming officially “D20Muds Presents, LuminariMUD”
  • Full development credit is expanding to D20Mud as a partner
  • Mutual sharing/development of a codebase, integrating TBA/CWG features
  • D20Mud will be gaining access to LuminariMUD exclusive features, such as our memorization system and casting time.
  • We intend on growing with the TBA community at large in resources and support. (tbamud.com)  Which is still active unlike CWG.
  • Features from D20 will be slowly ported and checked, and bug-fixes/improvements will be shared.
  • “D20Mud presents LuminariMUD”, once hitting Beta, will become a open codebase available to other developers.
  • Immediately LuminariMUD staff/resources become available to D20Mud, and after LuminariMUD hits Beta, the resources can be shared both ways.
  • Fantasy-themed D20 developemnt now will be handled by Luminari staff, increasing D20 Star Wars exclusive attention from D20 staff, while ensuring the fantasy codebase moves forward.
  • Mutual play-testing/building assistance.
  • Linking of websites.
  • A continuation of the awesome vision of CWG, merged with TBA


Development Updates [07/09/2012]




DONE – (recent updates) past week tasks completed

ARCHIVES – tasks completed since port to TBA base, are below recent updates

TODO – short-term goals are below ARCHIVES




added a bunch more help files












proficiency of items now saves

added proficiency checks to handler.c (invalid_prof())

added respective skills to proficiencies

added default race sizes

rewrote spec_procs:  list_spells, list_skills, list_abilities

no longer page-strings and buffers, all just send_to_char()

changed the look of list_spells

changed the look of list_skills

changed the look of list_abilities

changed the look of “practicing”

mount, riding, taming now accounted for compute_ability

in qedit, a new setup was defining the quest type as -1, then displaying types based on that value

fixed it now to check first to make sure its a valid array value before displaying

suprised this isn’t an issue for other people

made lots of changes to presentation of:




added some missing info to do_stat_character

changed void sprintbitarray() to output a CR every 5 BITS

added mount target to stat_character

added ridden_by to stat_character

added cooldowns to stat_char

added damtype resist to stat_char

added energy absorption to stat_char

added concealment / DR to stat_char

added multiclass array to stat_char

[Above is Week Ending 07/09/2012]




fixed missing constants.c label

changed some more contants.c labels

added “Can Be Worn on” to identify/lore (Bakarus idea)

recharge added (code: David A. Carver <DCARVER[at]cougar.colstate.cc.oh.us>) (Bakarus idea)

uploaded, compiled and have running on port 4103 a copy of DOOM (CWG)

defined sizes based on DnD 3.5 (thanks CWG project)

added size to object_data and char_data

added macros:  GET_OBJ_SIZE(obj) and GET_SIZE(ch)

compute_armor_class now accepting the attacker for calculating size bonus/penalty

added medit/oedit size menu

made sure to add full credits to CWG to be extra strict about credits (see credits)

added CWG docs to our collection for licensing purposes, credits, etc

made sure sizes save to objects/mobs/chars and in the process discovered another memorize bug

!!!! **** ==== PWIPE ==== **** !!!!

Had to pwipe once again to fix my memorize bug, was initializing incorrectly in certain scenarios

size is now viewable in stat obj/char and score

size can now be set via ‘set’ command

new ‘set’ command options to set multiclass:

mage                God    PC    NUMBER  {magic user}

cleric              God    PC    NUMBER

rogue               God    PC    NUMBER  {thief}

warrior             God    PC    NUMBER

monk                God    PC    NUMBER

druid               God    PC    NUMBER

added quick help file ‘mob-size’

when you look at a mob/pc it’ll show its size

made MAX_BAB / MAX_AC defines, and threw them in structs.h

adjusted calculation for “hitroll” in do_score to account for staff-stats

added WEAR_WIELD_2H for two handed weapons, and made “hands_needed” function to deal with it

changed combat calculations and coded in 2h weapons, also added 50% strength bonus with 2h weapons

disabled armor factoring, now all AC-APPLY values, regardless of eq-position is a 1 for 1 value

added a new toggle in zone edit:  show weather; this will determine whether your zone sees the weather/time messages

remade db.c handling of reading the file to accomodate 11 zone values

made all other zone values have default weather of 1

there are no longer two types of zone-saves (4 or 10) now just just 11

added two more messages to give visual cues to time outdoors

added two more messages to give visual cues to weather outdoors

capped concealment:  50% MAX_CONCEAL

capped damage reduction:  20 MAX_DAM_REDUC

capped energy absorbption:  20 MAX_ENERGY_ABSORB

added a little more character to weather

added proficiencies (I have NOT added the code to save these yet):

“Simple Weapon Proficiency”

“Elf Weapon Proficiency”

“Druid Weapon Proficiency”

“Martial Weapon Proficiency”

“Exotic Weapon Proficiency”

“Light Armor Proficiency”

“Medium Armor Proficiency”

“Heavy Armor Proficiency”

“Shield Proficiency”

“Tower Shield Proficiency”

[Above is Week Ending 31/08/2012]


spell darkness, and room affection engine for darkness made via utils.c (YAY room affections!)

spaced utils.h a little different so its easier for me to see the utilities defined

setup framework for infravision/ultraivison differences in utils.h

added some detail-work to infravision

you can now attack in darkness with infravision (idea:  make x.shape targetable)

MOVED SERVERS!  we are now luminarimud.com 4100 / 4101

PolicyPort set to 4124

Made (setup) a new webpage, much nicer framework for expansion


FMud is back online, and seems to be working with more browsers than just IE

Framework for weaponspells added (thanks Mike Stilson <stilson[at]earthlink.net>)

added the ability for weapons to cast spells on you

added PULSE_LUMINARI for various activities i want updated

added the ability for weapons to act even out of combat

moved regeneration into PULSE_LUMINARI


added mud connection info to the website

added some more widgets to the website, and added footer info

added contact-us and sitemap pages to website

added AFF_GRAPPLED, help grappled

spell-class now passes with casting time

concentration check added to casting-time event

put another port for Bakarus 4102

posted two concept maps to website

worldmap concept finalized (Bakarus)

Started Mount port from LuminariOld->LuminariNew (Thanks Daniel Koepke: dkoepke<at>california.com)

made sure to check if mount is flying

made sure to not allow mounted peeps to enter a tunnel

added related abilities:




*NOTE* Maybe some conflict between mounts and furniture, have to test more (act.informative.c)

*NOTE* Need to test different sneak scenarios between mount/rider/umounted (act.movement.c)

*NOTE* Need to check for flight, etc (act.other.c)

changed some more visual tags in act.other.c to lowercase instead of capital

New Mage Spells:


summon monster ii*+




[Above is Week Ending 24/08/2012]



Added tons of helpfiles, everything I could think of new I added now has a helpfile

Found a sneaky bug in memorize

Did a GET_CLASS scan for multi-class code to check for missed adjustments, and made them

Added server-startup / shutdown scripts

Did a memorize.c revamp in prep for more caster classes

Found a nasty crash bug in houses, with Vatiken’s helped it is now fixed

Replaced (only) in-game references to tbaMud with LuminariMUD

Added a total of 4 slots to PRAYing arrays, for expansion to cleric/druid/paladin/ranger casting

Modified save/load functions to handle the array in pfiles

Modified memorize.c to handle expansion of new classes

Made Druid class

Added framework for damtypes (like elemental damage)

changed all the defines of saving throws to new counterparts:  fort, reflex, save.. also added two fillers, poison and death

To fill the gap in espec loading, added old saving throws and translate them to new ones

Added some more info to do_score

Realigned spells in mem lists, added a little color

Spell affects are now measured in round increments instead of game hours (ticks)

Converted current spell affects to new system

Spell levels were level dependent, regardless of what levels you have multi-classed, now only “caster” levels will make your spells more powerful

Got rid of sort_spells in db.c (at least temporarily), not compatible with how i’m sorting spells

finished display for damtypes (affects)

started some changes in constants.c to move away from capital letters (thanks Bakarus)

got rid of NOBITS (now:  None)

added AFF_DEAF .. although it may be a little too harsh right now

added AFF_FEAR

added AFF_STUN – can attack, but can’t enter commands (affets mobact too)

added AFF_PARALYZED  same as stun, but also can’t attack

spell polymorph (mostly just framework, probably should share functions with shapechange)

changed spell color-spray

spell endure elements

spell expteditious retreat

spell grease

spell horizikauls boom

spell ice dagger

spell iron guts

spell mage armor

spell negative energy ray

spell ray of enfeeblement

spell scare

spell shelgarns blade

spell shield

spell summon creatre 1

spell true strike

charmee’s will now autoassist (even if not groupped) and autorescue if they are a warrior > level 5

expanded player structs in plrtoascii, expanded max_skills to 600 (400 spells / 200 skills)

max_types increased to 800

renumbered all skills and everything after, renumbered lib->messages too

found out that expanding the struct in plrtoascii destroys mud, so undid it 😛

consolidated the various caster arrays, freeing up space in pfiles

made a warding array to save stoneskin/mirror image and the sorts

made a spec_abil array to save x-per-day use skills

added framework for rage skill

went and adjusted all the save-types for all spells

added room-affections framework, thanks to: The Arrow <pt94jpi@student.hk-r.se>

[Above is Week Ending 17/08/2012]


With Vatiken’s help, fixed minor bug where sometimes people would respawn exactly where they die (due to copyover).

Fixed big MEMORY bug, only last mobile who hit you was getting his memory cleared

Death is different, no longer sent to menu, no longer any PC corpses

Added NPC Classes:  Cleric / Magic-User, they only behave in combat so far

Shapechange framework added, see help file – available to everyone for now for testing purposes

Added NPC Races:  Red Dragon, innates added:  tailsweep, breathe, frightful

Fixed a bug I created with do_flee wimpy

Got rid of exclusive “god-only” messages

Violent AoE got a completely revamp due to charmie-need

Fixed parry: had a slight bug if someone started combat again you and you parried the first attack that would cause issues with HUNTING()

Added Damage Reduction and Concealment ratings to do_score

Fixed minor bug in medit.c, miscounted # of AFF_FLAGS

Added commands:  boost, gain and respec – see respective help files

Added MULTICLASSing !!  See help file

Switched cleric “memming” to “praying”

Hacked up memorization code to allow for multi-class memming/praying

Implemented Vatiken’s new group-system, help GROUP for more info

Added framework for website:  luminari.genesismuds.com

Help file update

[Above is Week Ending 10/08/2012]


[Below is Changes TBA->LuminariPort]

*mobiles (general) – decreased pulse_mobile, i.e. faster mob reaction,

for charmees, # is now maxed out at GET_CHA_BONUS, if you go over the bonus

extra mobiles will rebel


*NPC races – added framework, mobs will identify their race right now

for debugging purposes


*NPC classes – added framework, mages will now behave at least semi-smart

with their new code


*stats – constitution / hp – redid the system so gear/spells/leveling

work correctly, increased max-stat limit to 50, changed bonus system to reflect

3.5ed, added aliases to calculate bonus [GET_<stat name>_BONUS()], character

starting stats are fixed and have increases according to 3.5ed (not selected though),

compartmentalized a lot of vitals like compute_armor


*aesthetics – weather.c added a little color, skill_messages have more color

now, do_who a little more color, login screen colors


*train/ability – resemble skills in 3rd ED  [new abilities] listen, spot,

tumble, hide, sneak, treat injury, taunt, concentration, spellcraft, appraise,

discipline, parry, lore


*combat changes – multiple attacks, perform_attacks, multiple changes

to the whole combat systme, parry, compute_thaco now is like 3.5ed system,

compute_armor now is calculated like 3.5ed, dual-wield, initiative (limited

implementation), switch opponents (AoO penalty), auto-diagnose added, taking

things out of bags in combat imposes penalty (vs Tumble DC 15), completely

rewrote do_flee also don’t lose xp for fleeing, dam_messages now % based,

dual-wield (multiple hands), max. damage per damage() call now 999


*other char vitals – spell resistance added, regen changed from tick

system to being called very 3 real seconds, advance_level and do_start redone



*information changes – do_score redone  [new commands] affects, attacks


*races – dwarf, human, elf, troll; troll regen added, racial bonuses added

for all the classes, human skill/ability bonuses implemented


*class – monk, bare-hand damage, attacks and level armor bonuses added,

wisdom armor bonus added, lay on hands ability added


*world modifications – newbie eq resembles old Luminari (added special

mode to perform_remove), some stock world bug fixes that were showing up in syslog,

shop.c appraise changes


*prac/skill:  one practice per skill = 75 proficiency, bash behaves much

different now (similar to Toril)


*prac/skill:     [new skills] quickchant, ambidexterity, dirty fighting, dodge,

improved critical(2), mobility, spring attack, toughness, two weapon fighting(2),

finesse, armor skin, blinding speed, damage reduction(3), tougness(2),

self-concealment(3), trip(2), improved bash, improved whirlwind, spell

penetration(3), spell resistance(5), initiative, power attack, combat expertise,

epic skills needed for spells


*spells: casting time, say_spell at beginning of casting and finish

of spell, heavy damage increase, added some color to say_spell, npc’s that cast

AoE’s will not hit their fellow npc’s


*spells:     [new spells] stoneskin, blur, mirror image,

ice storm, ball of lightning, missile storm, chain lightning, meteor swarm,

flame strike, destruction, cause light wounds, cause serious wounds, cause moderate

wounds, cause critical wounds, mummy dust, dragon knight, greater ruin, hellball,

epic mage armor, epic warding, protection from good


*memorization: implemented, initial testing passed, a lot more to do


*color code:  added parse_at to all q, and to nanny check (for race/class new

character selection), also disabled mpx because the potential security risk


[Above is Changes TBA->LuminariPort]









makes houses save bags in bags

finish pc/npc races/classes

spot + hide fix

need to switch pick-locks and steal to abilities

initiative improvements

racial innates

monk feats

multiple hands:  do_use do_write etc, just check primary hand

protection from good/evil not implemented

memorization:  optimize

feint and survival

NPC idle casting

help files on combat messages

add more races

redo:  spells/prac/train/boost

cleave / greater cleave

add more spells!

thief feats

redo wizard stat interfaces

check into first-char double connection bug

add drowning

2nd half of sneak (arriving room) needs to be finished

add air rooms and falling

add weapon spells to stat obj

control waether

move some of do_stat_char to a different command