We are extremely excited to announce the partnership in development!  Preliminary details include:


  • LuminariMUD is becoming officially “D20Muds Presents, LuminariMUD”
  • Full development credit is expanding to D20Mud as a partner
  • Mutual sharing/development of a codebase, integrating TBA/CWG features
  • D20Mud will be gaining access to LuminariMUD exclusive features, such as our memorization system and casting time.
  • We intend on growing with the TBA community at large in resources and support. (tbamud.com)  Which is still active unlike CWG.
  • Features from D20 will be slowly ported and checked, and bug-fixes/improvements will be shared.
  • “D20Mud presents LuminariMUD”, once hitting Beta, will become a open codebase available to other developers.
  • Immediately LuminariMUD staff/resources become available to D20Mud, and after LuminariMUD hits Beta, the resources can be shared both ways.
  • Fantasy-themed D20 developemnt now will be handled by Luminari staff, increasing D20 Star Wars exclusive attention from D20 staff, while ensuring the fantasy codebase moves forward.
  • Mutual play-testing/building assistance.
  • Linking of websites.
  • A continuation of the awesome vision of CWG, merged with TBA


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