May brings to LuminariMUD a new prestige class: the Shadowdancer. Combining the benefits of rogue skills, shadow magic, their own shadow companion and more, the shadow dancer is a valuable choice for rogues looking for a tank and dip into conjuration and evocation magic.

Building efforts continue, with both high level and end game zones being the focus. Short term coding plans include improving our quest system and the wild shape / shifter systems.

There’s also been some tweaks and fixes which you can see in the changelog below.

[May 01 2021] - Gicker
  Spellcasters must now have a minimum unmodified base spellcasting stat of 10 + the circle of the spell being cast.
  Added the iedet command that will allow staff to edit specific items
[Apr 29 2021] - Gicker
  Increased chance for automated happy hour from 5% each hour to 10% each hour.
  Fixed scrolls and wands so that they can be used on objects if the spell can normally target objects
[Apr 27 2021] - Gicker
  Added ability for objects to be set with a mob recipient vnum.  If set, this item can only be given to mobs with the specified vnum (and any player).
[Apr 24 2021] - Gicker
  vampiric weapons should work now.  Command word to turn on and off not working yet... always on.
[Apr 23 2021] - Gicker
  when remove curse is targetted on a player/mob it will remove curse from all items equipped and in inventory (but not inside containers).
  The prefedit values for gmcp, utf8 and xterm, should all now persist over play sessions/copyovers.
[Apr 20 2021] - Gicker
  increased rogue hit die size to d8
  Added the shadowdancer prestige class
[Apr 14 2021] - Pathos
  small adamntium key item type and location now working properly
[Apr 13 2021] - Gicker
  fixed a bug where psionicist weapon proficiencies weren't applying correctly
  Added the new consumables system.  See HELP CONSUMABLES for more info.
[Apr 10 2021] - Gicker
  AC Cap raised to 65

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