April sees the result of many weeks of work in the launch of our new base class, the Psionicist.

Psionicists are similar to other casters, but instead of using spell memorization or spell slots like wizards and sorcerers, they use power points, which is similar, but not the same, as mana in classic diku-style muds.

Psionicists have their own list of powers, the psionic version of spells, that is completely separate from arcane and divine spell lists. This launch includes more than 80 powers across 9 manifestation levels. One of the unique things about psionic powers is the ability to augment most of them. By spending extra power points when they manifest a power, the psionicist can make their manifestations more powerful, and in some cases offer additional scope or functionality.

The new class also came with 27 new feats, some of which can be taken by non-psionicists.

We’ve also implemented a system of variables that can be easily adjusted in-game, without the need for editing code or doing reboots/copyovers. As a result of some balance concerns voiced by some of our players, we decided to implement this system, so that we can easily adjust numbers on-the-fly when testing or player experience reveals issue in game balance.

We’ve implemented some of those balance changes already, including the following:

  • Arcane spell damage increased by 50%
  • Arcane, Divine and Alchemy spell preparation time reduced by 33%.
  • Difference in level between player and mob to receive exp increased from 3 to 5.
  • Level 1-10 summons: 200% hp, 125% ac, hitroll and damroll.
  • Level 11-20 summons: 125% hp, 110% ac, hitroll and damroll.
  • Level 21-30 summons: 75% hp and ac, 67% hitroll and damroll.
  • Player death exp penalty lowered to 50% normal.

We also added a variable for the armour class cap, which currently sits at 65, and seems to be a good number based on recent testing done in the past couple of weeks by staff and some players. But it can be easily adjusted if need be.

We also have a new end game zone in the works. We were finding that some of our level-capped players were getting frustrated with the huge difficulty increase against end game mobs at level 30. As a result we’re going to be implementing a series of end game zones over time, that will offer better gear in stages, similarly to many MMOs and probably MUDs out there do. Right now, unless the player has done extensive exploring and personal play testing, level 30 end game difficulty is a bit of a wall. We’re trying to address that with this new zone. We expect the new zone to be done for our next monthly update.

See below for the full changelog

[Apr 09 2021] - Gicker
  added a new staff command: 'award' which allows a staff member to award a player with different things (ie. exp, gold, account exp, qp, etc.)
  Added the holyweapon command that will allow paladins to select the weapon type for their holy sword (now holy weapon) spell.
  Updated psionic augmenting functionality.  Augmenting a power will now increase the casting time.  See HELP PSIONIC AUGMENTING
[Apr 08 2021] - Gicker
  added functionality and help file for brutalize wounds
  added the following new feats: proficient augmenting, expert augmenting, master augmenting
  increased the number of records shown when using staff command: 'last complete'
  fixed a potential crash when respeccing
[Apr 07 2021] - Gicker
  Fixed alchemist fire brand bombs to have enhanced damage when applied to a weapon with a x3 critical hit multiplier, or higher.
[Apr 06 2021] - Gicker
  Added a premade build for psionicists
[Apr 03 2021] - Gicker
  burst weapons (flaming burst, etc.) now do increased damage on a critical hit when using a weapon with a critical hit multipler greater than 2
  changed the bonus type of most alchemical abilities from alchemical to enchantment due to serious balance issues with stacking bonuses at high levels.
[Apr 02 2021] - Gicker
  Added assimilate to the revokable spell/power list
  fixed a bug with AC improperly stacking from certain abilities, spells and powers
  added the revoke command that will allow you to voluntarily revoke/remove beneficial spells/affects on your person
  Fixed a bug with empathetic feedback
[Apr 01 2021] - Gicker
  psionic powers will default to who the psionicist is fighting if a target is not specified for a hostile psionic ability
  made diplomacy a class skill for psionicicst
  broker ability now affects both appraise and diplomacy
  added psionic info to score
  Added PSP and Exp TNL to report command and group command
  increased base psp regen time from 1 / 5 sec to 2 / 5 sec
  fixed missing study known powers help files for 'body equilibrium' and 'mental disruption'
  Changed the psp regen pulse from 10 seconds to 5.  HELP PSP is also updated with improved psp regen mechanics.
[Mar 31 2021] - Gicker
  Added the psionicist base class. There is currently no premade build, but that will come soon.
  Added the following new psionic powers:
    Broker, Call to Mind, Catfall, Crystal Shard, Deceleration, Demoralize,
    Energy Ray, Force Screen, Fortify, Inertial Armor, Inevitable Strike,
    Mind Thrust, Defensive precognition, Offensive Precognition, Offensive Prescience,
    Slumber, Vigor, Bestow Power, Biofeedback, Body equilibriam, Breach, Concealing Amorpha,
    Concussion Blast, Detect Hosilte Intent, Elfsight, Energy Adaptation, Energy Push,
    Energy Stun, Inflict Pain, Mental Disruption, Psychic Bodyguard, Recall Agony,
    Swarm of Crystals, Thought Shield, Body Adjustment, Concussive Onslaught, Endorphin Surge,
    Energy Burst, Energy Retort, Eradicate Invisibility, Heightened Vision, Mental Barrier,
    Mind Trap, Psionic Blast, Sharpened Edge, Ubiquitus Vison, Deadly Fear, Death Urge,
    Empathic Feedback, Energy Adaptation, Incite Passion, Intellect Fortress, Moment of Terror,
    Power Leech, Slip the Bonds, Wither, Wall of Ectoplasm, Ectoplasmic Shambler, Pierce Veil,
    Planar Travel, Power Resistance, Psychic Crush, Psychoportation, Shatter Mind Blank,
    Shrapnel Burst, Tower of Iron Will, UpHeaval, Breath of the Black Dragon, Brutalize Wounds,
    Disintigration, Sustained Flight, Barred Mind, Cosmic Awareness, Energy Conversion,
    Evade Burst, Oak Body, Psychosis, Ultrablast, Body of Iron, Recall Death, Shadow Body,
    True Metabolism, Assimilate
  Added the following the psionic feats and class abilities:
    Aligned Attack Good, Aligned Attack Evil, Aligned Attack Chaos, Aligned Attack
    Law, Combat Manifestation, Critical Focus, Elemental Focus Fire,  Elemental
    Focus Acid, Elemental Focus Sound, Elemental Focus Electricity, Elemental
    Focus Cold, Power Penetration, Greater Power Penetration, Quick Mind, Psionic
    Recovery, Proficient Psionicist, Enhanced Power Damage, Expanded Knowledge,
    Psionic Endowment, Psionic Focus, Empowered Psionics, Epic Power Penetration,
    Breach Power Resistance, Double Manifest, Perpetual Foresight
  Added a new field for the staff 'set' command: psionicist
  Added alchemy mem times as a player variable to the staff 'cedit' command.
  Increased Wizard and Sorcerer Hit Die from d4 to d6.
  Added 4th circle wizard/sorcerer spell: lesser missile storm.
  Fixed a bug where arcane spell damage variable in cedit wasn't saving properly.
  Enhanced spell damage feat can now be taken up to 3 times.
  Added the Empowered magic feat, which can be taken up to 3 times.
  Updated the shifter-form series of feats so their help files are a little more
    clear on the forms they unlock.
Added new feat category to the study command: psionic.
[Mar 25 2021] - Gicker
  Added new fields to the game config menu (cedit) for the following variables:
  - Psionic Power Damage Bonus
  - Divine Spell Damage Bonus
  - Arcane Spell Damage Bonus
  - Psionic Prep Time
  - Divine Prep Time
  - Arcane Prep Time
  - Extra Hit Points per Level
  - Extra Movement Points per Level
  - Armor Class Cap
  - Player-Mob Level Difference to Gain Exp
  - Death Experience Loss Penalty
  - Level 1-10 Summon HP Percentage
  - Level 1-10 Summon Hit & Dam Roll Percentage
  - Level 1-10 Summon AC Percentage
  - Level 11-20 Summon HP Percentage
  - Level 11-20 Summon Hit & Dam Roll Percentage
  - Level 11-20 Summon AC Percentage
  - Level 21-30 Summon HP Percentage
  - Level 21-30 Summon Hit & Dam Roll Percentage
  - Level 21-30 Summon AC Percentage
  These new config variables will allow us to test and address various game balance issues much more easily.
[Mar 23 2021] - Gicker
  rolled back some buffer increases that were causing severe memory leaks.
  fixed a bug with greater mutagen to correctly apply the highest boost on primary stats, specifically swallow dex and swallow con
  removed the requirement for a dwarf to have martial weapon proficiency in order to be able to use dwarven war axes and dwarven urgosh as racial weapons.  Reason: simplicity and no real balance concerns.
  Added the battle axe, heavy pick and war hammer as automatic weapon proficiencies for dwarves and duergar, as per the pfd20srd.com entry
[Mar 09 2021] - Gicker
  Added proper messages for most weapon special abilities when they hit, instead of so-and-so winces in pain.
  Fixed a number of weapon special abilities.
[Mar 07 2021] - Zusuk
  added new zones to the zone worksheet
  added new zones to the worldmap image
  attached a new zone to -159,-367 - misty forest
  attached a new zone to -474,-220 - minotaur outpost
[Mar 05 2021] - Gicker
  Rangers who have the qualifying feats and dexterity, may purchase the perfect dual weapon fighting feat if they wish. They get it automatically at level 21, but this allows multi-class rangers to obtain it as well with a normal epic feat point.
  Added the Chaos damage type.
  Added difficult terrain room affect type.  HELP DIFFICULT TERRAIN.
[Mar 02 2021] - Icculus
  Built onto Zone 207 (the reefs) via Zone 208 (the abyss). Map constructed via buildwalk.
[Mar 01 2021] - Icculus
  Thanks to Gicker, a deep sea zone 208 will be attacked to 207.
[Feb 27 2021] - Pathos
  fixed stats on a net, vnum 142009 to make it the way it should be

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