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June 2021 Update – Blackguards

June 2021 Update – Blackguards

June brings another new base class: the Blackguard. Also known as an AntiPaladin, the blackguard is indeed the anti-thesis of the traditional paladin. He is able to inflict damage and negative effects with a simple touch, cast a number of buffing and debuffing spells, imbue his weapon with various special abilities and channel negative energy to harm living foes and heal undead allies. He is a fearsome warrior who strikes fear and weakness in those he calls foe.

There have also been some enhancements with paladins, some new building tools to speed up area creation and a number of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

You can see all changes in the changelog below.

[Jun 22 2021] - Gicker
  Blackguard has been added as a base class, with 30 levels to take.
   Abilities include: smite good, touch of corruption, cruelties, 
   unholy warrior, unholy champion, plague bringer, fiendish boon,
   and the following auras: evil, cowardice, despair, vengeance, sin
   and depravity.  Check the help files on blackguard, and the abilities
   listed above, as well as class feats blackguard.
  Paladins have been given some new abilities.  A respec will be necessary.
   Auras of justice, faith and righteousness.  Holy warrior and holy champion.
  Both Blackguards and Paladins, as well as clerics, now use channel energy in
   place of turn undead and command undead.  Neutral clerics need to choose 
   whether they will devote to positive or negative energy. Channeling
   positive energy will heal living creatures in the area and damage undead.
   Channeling negative energy will damage living creatures and heal undead.
   All of these classes will need to respec to obtain the channel energy ability.
  The sickened status affect has been added.  See help sickened.
  Some new commands were added for building zones more efficiently: setroomsector,
   setroomname, setroomdesc.
[Jun 09 2021] - Gicker
  Improved feint feat now gives +4 to the feint check and halves penalties for attempts to feint low-intelligence or non-humanoid targets.
  The feint command is now a swift action instead of a standard action.
  Paladins no longer use wisdom for their spellcasting, and use charisma instead
  Arcane Archers can now imbue arrows in a worn quiver or other type of ammo pouch
  Fixed a bug where paladin fast healing mercy was being treated as a violent affect, causing it to be removed by the ensorcelled mercy.
[Jun 08 2021] - Gicker
  Everyone will have higher hp, as we now bestow max hit die amount per level, whereas before it was random.
  Added paladin mercies. See HELP MERCIES for more info.
  Added dynamic max hit calculations.  Will allow for retroactive gains from things like constitution increases.  See the maxhp command for a breakdown of your max hp calculations.
  Fixed a bug where pets would stay in the world when quitting or udling out and being forced-rented.
[Jun 07 2021] - Gicker
  Added additional divine bond benefits for paladins.  See help divine bond and the divinebond command.
  Summon modifiers in admin cedit command now apply to purchased pets/hirelings.
  Armor and weapon type now show in the main oedit screen (if applicable).
  Item cost and armor/weapon type (if applicable) now show in olist screen.
  Smite evil and smite good now do extra damage against certain foes (ie. for smite evil 2x damage against evil dragons, evil outsiders and undead).
  Redid smite evil and smite good to use PF functionality. The smite lasts the entire battle now, until either target or smiter leaves combat.
  Added diehard feat.
  Added perception as a druid class skill.
  Characters with a fly affect can now successfully move through climb-required rooms.
  Fixed a bug with wearing items on eyes.
[May 18 2021] - Gicker
  Fixed a bug with shadow of body creating body of iron affect messages
  Fixed domain spells not being able to be cast with low ability scores with some domain spells
[May 13 2021] - Gicker
  Concussive onslaught no longer increases save DC with each tick
  Added a third argument to the swallow command to allow mutagens to have bonus type alchemical at a cost of halving the bonuses.
  See HELP SWALLOW for more info.
[May 12 2021] - Gicker
  Fixed a bug with psychic crush causing massive damage on successful save
[May 09 2021] - Gicker
  Added iron golem spell immunity to mob breath weapon attacks.
  Fixed empathic feedback and sharpened edge
[May 02 2021] - Gicker
  Made the stored consumables sytem a toggled option in favor of the stock TBAMUD system as the default.  Check HELP USE and HELP CONSUMABLES.


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