[Apr 04 2013] – Zusuk

added a heavy penalty for not off-hand wielding weapons that are a size-class smaller than you

if you are lvl_immort or higher, you can study as much as you want

sentinel mobs will try to return to their loadroom

trying new pet limit system:  1 (greater) undead, 1 elemental, 1 pet (any other type, charmee or other summons) and call-mount/animal-companion/familiar

experimenting with allowing players to send their pets out of the room

you can no longer use teleport/portal to travel between planes (only works on prime)

fixed a bug with clanedit description, no longer crashes, but the parsing function needs to be redone

animals can no longer wear gear

npc_rescue will try to rescue not only their master, but other group members

compartmentalized npc_rescue() function

added a PULSE_VIOLENCE wait state to the rescuer on do_rescue

[Apr 03 2013] – Nashak

mobiles will now try to return to their preferred (default) position when not fighting

added jump zone command to skip over other commands

can now execute zone command based on success or failure of previous command

[Apr 03 2013] – Zusuk

npc casters that are not fighting will now attempt to create undead or elementals

all instances of word G-d in code with STAFF

[Apr 02 2013] – Zusuk

added macro’s/functions:  HAS_PET_UNDEAD(ch) and HAS_PET_ELEMENTAL(ch) for easy checking whether a char has an undead follower or elemental follower already

[Apr 02 2013] – Nashak

set max in game/max in room via olc

edit percentage loads in olc

[Apr 02 2013] – Zusuk

added new mechanic:  falling

added new room type:  needs-flying

[Apr 02 2013] – Nashak

added max_in_room for mobiles

maximum in game of 0 makes an item/mobile only load on reboot

display percentage loads in OLC

[Apr 02 2013] – Zusuk

added new AFF_ flags:  tower-of-iron-will, interial-barrier, no-teleport, max-d

amage (damage-boost)

added new AFF_ flags:  vampiric-curse, vampiric-touch, blackmantle, dangersense, safefall

[Apr 01 2013] – Zusuk

scavenger mobiles will now try to equip gear they find

pets will now try to find their master if they get seperated

[Apr 01 2013] – Nashak

implemented percentage loads (still need to add to OLC)

echo menu properly displays -=- NONE -=- when last echo is deleted

started to port percentage loads over

fixed crash bug in zone echos when target character is NOWHERE

[Apr 01 2013] – Zusuk

added framework for hl path code (mob patrols)

added GET_MOB_LOADROOM() utility function, and db.c support

[Mar 29 2013] – Nashak


added echo types: can be random (default), or sequential

finished mobile echos: can now add/edit/delete echos in olc

added echo menu in medit

added mobile echos

[Mar 28 2013] – Zusuk

added in spells.h macros to check object weapon category:  IS_BLADE(obj) IS_PIERCE(obj) IS_BLUNT(obj)

added these attack types as blunt:  hit, bludgeon, crush, pound and punch

added these attack types as blade:  whip, slash, clraw, maul and thrash

added these attack types as piercing:  sting, bite, pierce, blast and stab

treat injury now can be used while resting (ambanya request)

change quest_ask of hlquest to respond AFTER ‘ask’ command

added short wait-state to entering modes:  parry/expertise/powerattack

copied argument in do_say to send to triggers unmodified by new sentence-parsing code

animals can’t talk anymore

removed duplicate [stum!] message

you can no longer parry while casting

added new racial ability:  spellbattle

added a newline to riposte (parry)

added new advance race:  arcana golem

added hl quest and autoquest tutorial rooms to tutorial

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