It’s been nearly a month since our last update! Changes are coming a little slowerthis month, all the staff is extremely busy right now with real-life stuff. But good news is we have some active player testers helping us find bugs and tweak things and submitting great ideas! A special thanks to: Kylidrah, Sinne, Neiska and Reinhart for their contributions to the game…

Some of the highlights of this update:

  • Added some more MDSP data sent over the connection for Inrus’ Mudlet project
  • Added a bunch of attack types and fun features to wildshapes
  • Added a bunch of new commands to help support screen reader folks
  • TONS of bug fixes

Our full list of changes follows:


[Jul 03 2015] – Zusuk
fast crafting skill won’t notch quite as fast now
moved ‘concealment’ from score sheet to ‘resistances’
moved ‘spell resist’ from score sheet to ‘resistances’
moved more damage reduction info into ‘resistances’ command
added a mechanism to fix folks who notch over 99 in the past 😛
fixed a bug allowing skill notch above 99
added more skills that you can notch by performing supply orders
fast crafting skill should kick in now
[Jul 02 2015] – Zusuk
added stacking in feat display for unstoppable strike
gave weaponmaster more ranks of ‘unstoppable strike’
account xp gain for leveling a char from 1-30 should be over 5000 now
tweaked account xp gain to be faster
combat modes now cap at 6, 2h power attack gives double bonus (powerattack 6 = 12 for 2h weapons)
fixed some silly typos in code output
typing ‘shapechange’ after polymorph will return you to your normal form
[Jul 01 2015] – Zusuk
you can now initiate combat with a ‘charge’: charge <target name>

combat expertise no longer will apply while casting
tnl no longer unhides you
fixed a crash bug with inventory msdp
[Jun 30 2015] – Zusuk
fixed a club 🙂
fixed a lion that was the wrong sex 😛
starting weapons now should be properly sized
affect_total() added to affect_remove() – consumes extra resources but addresses an issue with mobile spell-stat stacking
[Jun 29 2015] – Zusuk
reading helpfiles will not unhide you now
dirtkick now uses an unarmed attack roll tod etermine success
fixed bug with grappling small sized characters and their light-classed weapons
had to remove affect_update check for mobiles that was takign care of funky AC stack, will have to observe to see if this is still a issue
[Jun 28 2015] – Zusuk
new command: weaponlist – this will list all the weapon types in the game and the details of each type
new command: armorlist – this will list all armor types in the game and the details of each armor type
made aranys drop all.portion (in case of full inventory)
aranys now drops the crafting ring object (to avoid full inventory issues)
added new affect flag: entangled, behaves nearly identical to grapple, but separates the mechanic… used for web spell, etc
combat maneuvers that get close enough will now trigger damage-shield checks (such as fireshield, etc)
removed old ac apply references
added 2 new aff flags: warding, mirror image
[Jun 27 2015] – Zusuk
poisons (apply poison) now give proper info when identified/lored
wearable items now appear normal in identify/lore
[Jun 26 2015] – Zusuk
fixed an issue with mobile AC not resetting after protection spell wears off
[Jun 26 2015] – Ornir
Fixed problem with virtual rooms in the wilderness…
[Jun 25 2015] – Zusuk
added msdp tnl max
added msdp tnl
[Jun 23 2015] – Zusuk

[Jun 18 2015] – Zusuk
removed the ‘knowledge’ reference in the ‘train’ command (currently unimplemented)
[Jun 17 2015] – Zusuk
fixed some broken weapons from elcador
paladin horse no longer is flying, but their epic mount is flying 😛
[Jun 17 2015] – Inrus
added script to refuse items
[Jun 16 2015] – Zusuk
fixed a crash bug with memorization code
fixed a crash bug with certain melee damage messages
[Jun 12 2015] – Zusuk
most animal wildshapes now have a set of attacks that are appropriate for the race
[Jun 11 2015] – Zusuk
eagles now have the wings feat (fly / land)
removed a double define causing issues in feats
constrictor snakes (widlshape) now get ‘improved grapple’
the ‘attacks’ commands now will display your CMB/CMD

viper wildshape now gets ‘poison bite’
npc’s now can type ‘train’ to see their skill levels
wolves and hyena’s get free feat: infravision
wolves and hyena wildshape now gets ‘natural tracker’ feat for free
fixed a crash bug in mud-event cooldown (divide by zero)
turning off your automap will turn off your wilderness map, thanks kylidrah for the submission
fixed junk output in whois command for race
you can now buy arrows from ralg in mosswood
[Jun 10 2015] – Zusuk
the cheetah wildshape form now gets +8 dex, and the dodge feat
summon swarm now has damage messages – thanks kylidrah for reporting it!file000286999262
fixed another ranged attack potential crash bug
new source file: bardic_performance.c
[Jun 09 2015] – Zusuk
new header file: bardic_performance.h
fixed a crash bug with ranged attacks
[Jun 08 2015] – Zusuk
fixed a bug: firing was not shutting off after combat, thanks Kylidrah!!
3 new commands to help supplement the screenreader experience: hp (display hitpoints), tnl (display exp to next level), moves (display movement points left)
[Jun 07 2015] – Zusuk
copyover now clears: call familiar, (animal) companion, (paladins) mount
copyover now clears: epic warding
copyover now clears: epic mage armor
copyover now clears: hellball
copyover now clears: greater ruin
copyover now clears: dragon knight
copyover now clears: mummy dust
changed hitroll -> attack_bonus and damroll -> damage_bonus in msdp
added some missing variables from the MSDP assignment
fixed a very very fun bug with charging criticals, was multiplying values correct, but you aren’t suppose to do that, it is suppose to only multiply the original value instead of multiplying each other
you can no longer win the intiative if you can’t see the person who is attacking
[Jun 06 2015] – Zusuk
used the new featlisting command to identify un-assigned feats and do other cleanup in the feat/feat-defines
new staff command: featlisting, used as quick reference to find unused feats that need assignment

[Jun 05 2015] – Treyorn
Update HELP TRIG-AFFECT to display flags for dg scripts when checking %actor.affect(FLAG_NAME)%.
[Jun 05 2015] – Zusuk
when looking at objects you can now see: size, material, and if its a weapon, weapon-type, and if its armor, armor-type
cleaned out our changelog

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