Bad news first!

Sorry, but if you haven’t logged in recently, next time you log in you will have to RESPEC.  This is due to a mistake yours truly, Zusuk, made while modifying the file saving format.

If you have any issues getting into any of your characters or account, please email me directly at:

The good news now:

Tons of neat little changes, not quite as breakneck speed on release of these changes due to heavy work-load, but some of the highlights include:

  • Schools of specialism for Wizards!
  • Some really neat modifications to the feat system of mobiles to support specialized feat assigned to wildshaping druids
  • About a dozen new feats

Here is our comprehensive list of changes since our last update:

[Jun 05 2015] – Zusuk
you can now look at any item to get its: size, material, if weapon – weapon type, if armor – armor type
[Jun 04 2015] – Zusuk
restore now will give any staff character all feats in the game
restore is now level-immort usable
found a similar saving bug with character size, fixed it
fixed a bug with saving feats, only noticed it because of wildshape feats
wildshape plants now get armor-skin based on shapechangers level
wildhsaped animals now get rages based on shapechangers level
wild-shaped air elementals now get cold shield and are flying
wild-shaped fire elementals now get fire shield
wild-shaped earth elementals now get acid shield
wild-shaped water elementals now get scuba, water breath and minor globe
if you are wielding a weapon when you wildshape, it will be ignored for calculating damage (replaced with natural attacks)
you can no longer wield/remove/wear stuff while wildshaped
you no longer get your AC bonus from equipped gear when wildshaped (but you still get affection/enhancement bonuses)
first mobile feat assigned to wildshapers: natural attack
finished our special mobile feat framework
[Jun 03 2015] – Zusuk
turned low-light vision to infravision, and darkvision to ultravision
swapped the racial innates to racial feats
[Jun 02 2015] – Zusuk
removed a redundant set_fighting() call in do_hit()
[Jun 01 2015] – Zusuk
added new macro: is_specialty_school(ch, spellnum) to check if given spellnum is a specialty of ch
link command is now lvl-immortal
fixed a crash bug with redit
[May 31 2015] – Zusuk
druids were missing some starting equipment, fixed now (thanks kane!)Pirate skull and booty
fixed a bug with crafting tick taking out money from folks banks
WOOO!  Wizards are ready to launch!
add divination specialist mechanic
add transmutation specialist mechanic
add abjuration specialist mechanic
added illusion specialist mechanic
added evocation specialist mechanic
added conjuration specialist mechanic
added necromancy specialist mechanic
new command: nop – which does nothing 😛
you can no longer enter portals while fighting
added school name to wizard spell listing
you can now only change your domain selection at 1st level of cleric
you can only modify your specialty school if you are a wizard and level 1 in your wizard class
you now can’t cast spells from your restricted school
study: changing your specialty school now will reset your master list of spells, then based on selection, add restrictions
selecting a specialty school now automatically assigns a restricted school
specialty school selection now saves
added school specialty display to score sheet
added school specialty selection to study menu
started framework for wizard school specialization
[May 29 2015] – Zusuk
fixed a crash bug with ranged attacks
new wild feat:  natural spell, with this feat you can cast while wildshaped
you can no longer cast while wildshaped
enabled tcp socket keep alive
death now inflicts much more xp loss
sorry raizen, spider trap has been fixed 😛
crystal-fist/body both had their bonus event matching their cooldown event, effectively meaning they could potentially just stay in crystalfist/body mode as long as they like
[May 28 2015] – Zusuk
new epic feat: damage reduction
new epic feat: self concealment
new feat: fast healer
new feat: armor specialization (heavy)
new feat: armor specialization (medium)
new feat: armor specialization (light)
found a nasty bug with domain spell calculations, it has been fixed
added some dummy checks to saving/loading values to pfile
Yes Zusuk may have corrupted YOUR pfile, please respec upon logging in and let me know if you notice any funny behaviour with your character(s)
[May 27 2015] – Zusuk
new feat: epic skill focus
new feat: skill focus
fixed a bug: your pets kill while you aren’t in the room, you’d still get xp
new feat: improved grapple
new grapple command: pin
new feat: great cleave
new feat: cleave
changed domain command so it page-strings
rangers now get ‘summon natures ally 6’ as a 4th circle spell
identify/lore can now view full restitance info about the target (to be modified later)
added some vulnerabilities/strengths based on npc races/subraces
[May 26 2015] – Zusuk
new feat: combat casting
WOOOOOO!!  Clerics are ready for launch!!

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