After a restful summer, development is back on at LuminariMUD! In addition to a number of game and class improvements, we’ve also added the Assassin class. Assassins, in addition to added sneak attack damage, also gains the abiltiy to mark an opponent by observing them for a few rounds. Once marked, the target becomes open to a number to added affects to the existing backstab commands, including added chance to hit and damage, invisibility, extra attacks and more.

Here’s our entire logfile for summer 2021:

[Sep 28 2021] - Gicker
   Added the assassin class and related feats.
   Fixed auto door functionality.
 [Aug 27 2021] - Gicker
   added the corruptingtouch comand for touch of corruption ability.
   Fixed the fey laughing-touch ability to properly add the laughing affect
 [Aug 01 2021] - Gicker
   added ability to use help command on weapon and armor types.  Improved output format for
 weaponinfo and armorinfo commands.
   Added the following new spells for clerics, paladins, druids, blackguards and rangers: sacred
 space, righteous vigor, litany of defense, litany of righteousness, life shield, fire of 
 entanglement, effortless armor
 [Jul 29 2021] - Gicker
   Night time changed to be shorter now: 21(pm) to 5(am).
   Added the following new spells: divine favor, heal mount, resistance, lesser restoration, hedging
 weapons, honeyed tongue, shield of fortification, stunning barrier, sun metal, tactical acumen, veil 
 of positive energy, bestow weapon proficiency.  Help files added for all of them.
   Caster levels for ranger, paladin and blackguard changed from class level / 2 to class level - 4
 (min 0).
   Added automated happy hour notifications o the discord channel.
   Changed Monk BAB progression from medium to high.
   Adjusted base attack bonus calculation (BAB).  BAB progression from levels 1-20 is based on the
 class type.  BAB 21 and higher is a flat +1 regardless of class.
   Added inside room sector type to allow for differentiating hallways from rooms on the mini map.
   Fixed the charge command so that if the target you specify is not in the room, it will cancel the
 charge instead of making the charge effect take place, forcing the charger to wait a few seconds 
 before charging again.
   Added mob flags allowing mobs to prevent movement in a specific direction, also optionally
 allowing to only block based on a class type, or minimum level, or alignment.
   Added a new object type: outfit crates.  These crates allow the possesser to specify a specific
 armor type or weapon type that the crate will dispense. HELP OUTFIT.
   Fixed the hidden nature of secret door.  Cannot be interacted with or seen unless discovered with
 the search command (which uses Perception skill).
   Included more information when using the lore command on mobs.
   Added mob flag allowing a mob to be treated like an object in certain ways.  Useful for quest mobs
 that take shape as an object, like a bulletin board.

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