“We are not like the others, you and I. They use their books and songs to build their power, but this is false, unnatural! We are the true wielders of magic, those born into it!” -Roharis the bold, speaking to his late apprentice Altham

Sorcerers, unlike Wizards, do not learn to harness the magical energies of Lumia – They are born into power. A magical being or powerful event somewhere in their ancestry has altered their bloodline, granting them their powers. Perhaps a dragon, bored with their long existence and seeking new experiences, coupled with one of the sorcerer’s ancestors, producing a child. The dragon’s magic was passed down, generation after generation, until some roll of the dice caused it to manifest strongly in this individual. Their abilities reflect their dragon ancestry, with claws that slash and glittering draconic wings that grant flight, even a devastating breath weapon.

Mechanically, the ancestor dragon’s type affects the bonuses and powers you will receive:

  • black dragon – acid damage
  • blue dragon – electric damage
  • green dragon – poison damage
  • red dragon – fire damage
  • white dragon – cold damage
  • brass dragon – fire damage
  • bronze dragon – electric damage
  • copper dragon – acid damage
  • silver dragon – cold damage
  • gold dragon – fire damage

This will affect the breath weapon type as well as the cosmetic appearance of your manifested draconic attributes, such as your wings.

If you are currently a sorcerer in the game, you will need to RESPEC to choose your bloodline.

For help in-game: help Draconic Bloodline

Currently, the Draconic Bloodline is the only available bloodline. Other bloodlines will be available in the next few weeks.

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