Hello friends!  Zusuk here just updating our blog with the complete list of updates since our last comprehensive update post!  A more ‘view friendly’ version coming shortly to sum up our wonderful month as “Mud of the Month” at Reddit.

[Jan 28 2018] – Zusuk
you can craft slighter more powerful than treasure
new crafting!
fixed craftcheck
critical success on crafting projects will give it a bonus stat point
you can now add essences to your craft-creations, which increases chance of ‘critical’ success
disenchant will create essence now, not crystals
augment will now only work on essences
[Jan 28 2018] – Ornir
Updated wizlist
[Jan 28 2018] – Zusuk
the exp ‘autoquest / supplyorder’ has been reduced
the gold ‘autoquest / supplyorder’ has been reduced
the chance for receiving quest point in ‘autoquest / supplyorder’ has been reduced
fixed weapon resize mechanic, see ‘help weapon-resize’ for new charts
[Jan 27 2018] – Ornir
Updated Golden Rapier and Silver Sword in Notre Dame (Stock items, will be removed eventually)
Enabled Duelist feats Precise Strike and Canny Defense
[Jan 26 2018] – Zusuk
added object events
modified the formula again for spell preparatinon, made your class level affect the prep time more dramatically
[Jan 25 2018] – Zusuk
mythic treasure will now have a 1-2 bonus “inherent” stat point(s) on it
legendary treasure will now have a bonus “inherent” stat point on it
mythic treasure will now have a bonus feat from a (least) limited list on it
legendary treasure will now have a bonus feat from a (less) limited list on it
rare treasure will now have a bonus feat from a limited list on it
fixed treasure ammo so it will no longer have negative values for breakability
reduce prep time of sorcerer, heads up for further changes, please bug zusuk with constructive criticism and patience 🙂
removed color in rare-garde labels, the player can use restring to color things up if they like
rare grade functionality has been consolidated into specific functions
some “slight” modifications to treasure system
staff that gets item through the treasure/craft system will automatically receive a free id of the object as it is received
swideth in mosswood now sells newbie spellbooks, which include a few spells in it for multiclass wizards
renamed has_feat() adjusted HAS_FEAT() to include equipment calculations (feat on objects)
you can now add feats to items, builder note: don’t do it 😛
changed the eskimo whaling spear to a ‘short spear’ weapon
prep time for a spell will always be at least ‘circle’ seconds (i.e. 9th circle spell can never be prepared faster than 9 seconds)
reduced stat bonus to prep-time bonus in half
modified new ‘crafts’ system formula
[Jan 24 2018] – Treyorn
Graven quest weapons have been nerfed as they were found to be too powerful.
[Jan 24 2018] – Zusuk
new helpfile: craftedit
new helpfile: crafts
copyover now accepts an argument in seconds to time-down a copyover
new staff command: stat account <target>
next copyover your stat bonus to your primary casting stat will be applied as a

bonus to your spell prep time
added a note on augmented summoning for requirements
you can no longer get full value for sacrificing objects, sorry guys ;p
sacrifice will no longer give you double value for objects
fizban fixed running girl script
fixed an issue with blessed touch
ornir added vatiken’s crafting system to the code
increasing your intelligence via boost will give you retro-active trains now
salvation should only work on the prime plane now
fixed inconsistency with info about stat bonus of epic races and actual values
fizban fixed a bug with protector proc on player death
fixed armor help file
fixed some hunting knife objects
you can not harvest now if your carried weight is at or over your limit
added steal helpfile
fixed a bug with mobile echoes only showing the 1st entry
fizban fixed the incorrect room display for portal to raven in wizard training mansion
favored enemies menu should be fixed now
prep time on prompt should be working now, let zusuk know if it is not
[Jan 23 2018] – Wolves
added much needed guffaw social
[Jan 23 2018] – Zusuk
finished the new spell prep system
[Jan 22 2018] – Ornir
Fixed issue with Feats – you could select class and racial feats during study.
[Jan 22 2018] – Zusuk
fixed an issue with object 852
[Jan 19 2018] – Zusuk
staff: new olist type: 35 – switches, will tell you the switch type (pull/push), room it should affect (vnum), type of affect (unhide, open, unlock exit) and direction
made it obvious where the quester needs to go after helping the mosswood wizard
[Jan 18 2018] – Zusuk
to avoid confusion, moved find alerion quest to the gate guard
added switches to oedit
switch values: push or pull switch, vnum of room to affect with this switch, direction to affect, switch effect: open unlock or unhide
new object type code added: switches
polymorph self spell now uses the wildshape mechanic, for whatever it is worth ;p
added Thomas’ fix to add_lookup_table
fixed a bug where lower level druids were not consuming wildshape usages
HAPPYHOUR xp now applies -after- xp-cap limitations
npc’s that gain xp will gain about half as much, added to reduce abuse
energy drain xp is more limited
you get 2% bonus group xp per group member when gruopping, notice this is still affected by xp caps
you get a slight bonus in group’s based on how many group memebers you have
[Jan 17 2018] – Zusuk
sorc/bard metamagic spells are NOW consuming the appropriate slot
sorc/bard metamagic spells are not consuming the appropriate slot
reduced the casting time penalty for maximized spells from sorc/bard
sorcerer can no longer cast metamagic spells that would push them over their highest circle
[Jan 16 2018] – Ornir
New map of Mosswood and Ashenport available for download if you have no map and

are using the GUI.
Fixed pagination issue I introduced. (sorry!)
[Jan 15 2018] – Zusuk
removed ‘unused’ choices in skill feat selection
fixed a typo
[Jan 14 2018] – Zusuk
new helpfile: coordconvert
new staff command: coordconvert
two new hints
new helpfile: map
halved the duration of disease spells
halved the duration of poison spells
reduced duration on blind spells by 50% on every spell except power word blind
npc’s will stop trying to finish opponents with combat maneuvers
tried to make the harvesting nodes a little more general
you should no longer find harvest nodes in room sector type: under dark water no-swim
you should no longer find harvest nodes in room sector type: under dark inside
you should no longer find harvest nodes in room sector type: under dark city
you should no longer find harvest nodes in room sector type: outter planes
you should no longer find harvest nodes in room sector type: water no-swim
you should no longer find harvest nodes in room sector type: inside
you should no longer find harvesting nodes in rooms that require climbing
you should no longer find harvesting nodes in rooms that require flight
fixed a bug with wake command (that i created)
changed the MODE-CAP of combat modes to match the feat info (5)
fixed typo in combat modes output
adjusted feat info text for combat expertise
fixed ‘reserved’ spell appearing in spelllist
[Jan 13 2018] – Gicker
Added the Draconic Bloodline for Sorcerers. Sorcerers may want to respec to take full advantage.
[Jan 13 2018] – Ornir
Default map added – connect with a new profile in mudlet and you will receive the latest GUI as well as a default map!
[Jan 12 2018] – Zusuk
staff can repeat quests as much as they want irregardless of restrictions for testing purposes
you can now set quests as repeatable builders
[Jan 11 2018] – Zusuk
new helpfile: queue
sorry, you may have to respec as a caster because of my mess up 😛 blame ornir
*cough cough cough*
fixed more code i broke *cough*
fixed code i broke by expanding the prep-system constant arrays
you can now copyover as a staff level on dev port
added a special check in mob-echo to make sure the ECHO_COUNT() isn’t corrupted
-huge- revamp of spell preparation phase 1, and 2 finished, working on final phase now
[Jan 09 2018] – Zusuk
started new header file: spell_prep.h for new spell preparation code
started new file: spell_prep.c for new spell preparation code
modified and moved all the spell-slot charts to constants.c
[Jan 07 2018] – Zusuk
added note in augmented summoning feat info about pre-reqs
rest, mem, stand, rest, mem will no longer cheat the system

fixed a bug with mobiles casting too fast
changed simple_list code in do_affects to the ‘long’ version thomas posted at tbamud forum
new function: change_position(char, new-position), help centralize/error check when changing character’s position
added some more hints on how to remove the Goethite shackle in memlin cavern
fixed a typo in hints reported by fizban
new helpfile: endgame
swideth now sells remove poison potions
there was an xp-cap, made it so the xp-cap is not applied to scripts/quests
added modes to gain_exp() function to help simplify handling various situations of xp gain in the code
fixed a bug in quest xp gain
keen abilities output has been adjusted to appear half as often
modified definition of light weapon to include: smaller than char, ‘light’ or ‘balanced’ flag
you will no longer see casting while writing (in menus)
added to stat object info the spell (if any) that is on drink container contents
you can now drink regular drink containers even if they are on the ground (use to be able to only drink fountains from the ground)
fixed a bug with fountains
fixed a bug in is_tell_ok() – missing an ‘else’ before an ‘if’
when ‘writing’ (like menus) tells you received will not be seen, but stored in history
you will no longer get a hint while in menu-system
new hint: archery
new helpfile: collect
new helpfile: autocollect
autogold now will attempt to pick up coins from the ground after kills, to account for incorporeal victims
show zone <num> will now show the average mob-level in the zone
fixed a few error reports in the logs that were vague
stripped colors in zone-names for error-log reporting in the SYSLOG
[Jan 06 2018] – Zusuk
a bunch of the newbie gear you start with as a new char will now load directly into the backpack to save some space
added note in two scripts that you have extra material in your backpack if needed
new chars will start with crafting material in case tutorial fails
added a slight delay between crafting material loads in tutorial script
fixed a crash bug in oedit related to eq-score
new helpfile: hint
[Jan 05 2018] – Zusuk
fixed bug with sorceress of the underworld
8 more hints
new post about the client! https://www.luminarimud.com/forums/topic/official-luminari-gui/
new forum category: mud client
new forum topic community HELP FILE SUBMISSIONS!: https://www.luminarimud.com/forums/topic/help-files/
new forum topic community HINT SUBMISSIONS!: https://www.luminarimud.com/forums/topic/hint-submissions/
new forum topic community CLASS BUILDS!: https://www.luminarimud.com/forums/topic/class-builds/
added helpfile: forum
added helpfile: warrior-build
added levitate help file

added wilderness helpfile
added helpfile: bazaar
[Jan 04 2018] – Zusuk
‘disabletrap’ no longer breaks stealth (assuming you pass the check)
‘detecttrap’ no longer breaks stealth (assuming you pass the check)
‘fire’ no longer breaks stealth (assuming you pass the check)
i -think- i fixed the issue with battlehide
[Jan 04 2018] – Ornir
Alpha GUI client for Mudlet will now auto download and install.
[Jan 04 2018] – Zusuk
grace fixed, has enhancement bonus type now
autocollect added to prefedit
new toggle: autocollect – will collect ammo automatically, should work in conjunction with autoloot nicely
spiders summoned by the trap (like velna’s) will fade after 3 minutes
made some revisions to item-decay code
added another hint
you know in oedit will get suggested affections to put on relative wear-slots
in-progress eq rating system is now displaying in OLC oedit
added 4 more hints
modified pricing on houses
[Jan 03 2018] – Zusuk
in oedit and vstat, exact details of what the special-trap effects do
fixed poison traps
tried to make it more obvious what ‘faster memorizaton’ feat is doing
[Jan 03 2018] – Wolves
added a few lines of dialog to Demic in the tutorial zone after completing the 4th quest, pointing people back to the portal to start adventuring in Mosswood when the tutorial is finished.
[Jan 03 2018] – Zusuk
added nohint to prefedit
added 15 starting ‘hints’ in new nohint channel
new channel: nohint, every 5 minutes give a gameplay hint
new toggle: nohint
[Jan 02 2018] – Ornir
Stripping colors from enemy name, now the gui shoudl work properly
Fixed some issues with MSDP to make group data reflect the proper group info when you leave a group
[Jan 02 2018] – Zusuk
added social media icons to sidebar of website
[Jan 01 2018] – Zusuk
slight loop optimization throughout the code where gcc suggested
added brackets throughout the code where gcc suggested
made indentation fixes throughout the code where gcc suggested
using new compiler/makefile on local code, fixing indentation issues that are misleading when reading the code
[Dec 31 2017] – Zusuk
added message to victim of mass enhance (like) spells to notify them they already have an enhancement spell
added a message to victim of a failed mass-enhance spell
fixed some typos in spell affections

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