Greetings friends!

Happy to announce that Gicker will be taking over as co-lead (together with Ornir) and Zusuk will be shifting over to a support role.

Huge gratitude to Gicker for accepting this responsibility.

Past due gratitude is owed to Opie – he is our new hosting solution and moved the MUD to her new home.

The Credits file will now reflect these changes to the LuminariMUD Project.

Gicker has jumped into his new role with a bang, adding a new base class Alchemists, new treasure system, new weapon family system, and various other features and bug fixes.

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We are actively recruiting new world building and admin staff and of course we are always searching for players!

Comprehensive list of Updates since last listing:

[Nov 20 2019] – Gicker
Added treasure chests. See HELP TREASURE-CHESTS for more info.
Added OLC functionality to create treasure chests.
Added weapon types for combat feats instead of specific weapons. Also added the
weapontypes, weaponinfo and weaponproficiencies commands. See HELP WEAPONS for
more information.
[Nov 14 2019] – Gicker
Added the alchemist class. See HELP ALCHEMIST for more info.
Added affect applications for dazzled (-1 attacks and perception), staggered
( can only take one standard action or one move action per round ) and deafness
(-4 to initiative, -4 to perception, 20% chance of spell failure for vocal spellcasters).
Made rooms flagged with ROOM_REGEN increase spell preparation speed as well
as increasing hp and mv regen rates.
Increased number of moves characters have by a factor of 10.
Made survival skill reduce movement costs.
Made climb skill reduce movement costs in hills and mountains.
Forced swim checks in swimmable water with movement loss on failure.
Added a movement speed system that helps determine move points used for travelling.
Added copyroom staff command to duplicate a specified room to the room you’re standing in.
Added players staff command allowing staff to see a summary of informartion for each player logged
Added help files for staggered, dazzled, deaf, and speed.
[Aug 2 2019] – Gicker
Fixed a bug that prevented people from levelling after respeccing due to alleged left over stat
[Jul 21 2019] – Gicker
Added mounted archery feat as selectable
Fixed a bug where raging mobs would die upon rage end, denying experience to the player that
killed it
Fixed a bug where damage over time affects like poison would cause the affected person to be
removed from their group
Fixed erroneous descriptions of randomly dropped ammo items
[Oct 28 2018] – Danavan
Memory leak fixes
[Oct 22 2018] – Danavan
Added command to make it easier to grant account experience.
[Oct 18 2018] – Danavan
Added ‘here’ command
[Oct 15 2018] – Danavan
Fixed divine caster level calculations
Fixed ‘taunt’ roll calculation.
[Oct 11 2018] – Danavan
Fixed some issues with the theurge.
[Oct 10 2018] – Danavan
Added mystic theurge prestige class.
[Oct 09 2018] – Danavan
Prevent containers with items from being sacrificed.
[Oct 06 2018] – Danavan
Fixed the help file for the ‘magic resistance’ spell
[Sep 28 2018] – Danavan
Fixed some crashes when building new rooms.
[Sep 20 2018] – Danavan
Fixed pricing of wizard spellbook scribing.
[Jun 28 2018] – Danavan
Rewrote ‘help memorize’ to clarify the spell prep process.
[Jun 12 2018] – Danavan
Added the appropriate prereq for shieldslam.
[Jun 04 2018] – Danavan
Added help file and cross-references for the new ‘maneuvers’ command.
Added a ‘maneuver’ command to show what combat maneuvers you can currently do.
[May 23 2018] – Ornir
New GUI version! Please direct all questions/comments to discord!
[May 14 2018] – Danavan
Maybe fixed a persistent crash.
[May 08 2018] – Danavan
Fixed the improved critical feat to correctly double the threat range of wielded weapons.
[May 04 2018] – Zusuk
moving php 7.2 to downgrade 7.0
forcefull reboot on server to install some software
[Apr 19 2018] – Thazull
added a small tavern in Mosswood next to recall
[Apr 16 2018] – Zusuk
modified coloring for damage condition in prompt, thanks kogan for the suggestion
added bright red to position_types array in constants.c for any compromised combat position (for
prompts) thanks kogan for the recommendation
maybe temporarily, but changed ‘dexterity’ to the primary stat for ‘total defense’
new mail system will be indicated by (mail) on prompt
old mail system will now be indicated by (postmaster) on prompt
ran auto-format for code in file: new_mail.c
ran auto-format for code in file: modify.c
ran auto-format for code in file: mail.c
changed the IBT yellow to a brighter version so color blind folks can see it better
doing a lot of working trying to organize/systemize development both code/world via Trello!
[Apr 16 2018] – Thazull
fixed Jufus materials vendor to match increased obj limits
[Apr 16 2018] – Zusuk
increased MAX_DUPLICATES from 100 to 30,000 in order to accomodate massive stockpiling of items
such as crafting material
[Apr 15 2018] – Danavan
Added an ‘unlead’ command.
[Apr 14 2018] – Zusuk
installed php extensions: iconv, mbstring, soap, xmlrpc, zip
[Apr 13 2018] – Zusuk
fixed a bug of broken objects submitted by thimblethorp
[Apr 12 2018] – Danavan
‘auraofprotection’ and ‘destructiveaura’ will now affect the caster in addition to the rest of the
Emit when rage ends. Lose gained HP when rage ends. **THIS MAY KILL YOU.**
[Apr 12 2018] – Zusuk
added a new shop for Thimblethorp, congratulations!!
[Apr 12 2018] – Ornir
Increased stats for the Ancient White Dragon in Jotunheim.
[Apr 11 2018] – Danavan
Added help file for ‘apotheosis’.
Added ‘apotheosis’ command for arcane-bloodline sorcerers.
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[Apr 11 2018] – Zusuk
You can now submit new socials via the forum!
You can now add polls to the forum! thanks kogan for the idea
[Apr 10 2018] – Zusuk
we now support php7
fixed a bag full of objects turned in by Thimblethorp
provisioned for upgrades on easyapache 4
upgraded easyapach from 3 to 4
[Apr 09 2018] – Danavan
Mirror Image and related spells will no longer absorb spells and other special attacks.
[Apr 09 2018] – Zusuk
welcome new staff member: Kogan – he will be working on our Mudlet GUI
moved most of the bugs/ideas to the forums
fixed some gear with issues, thanks Thimblethorp
[Apr 08 2018] – Danavan
Wands and staves will now work in your offhand or when wielded two-handed.
[Apr 08 2018] – Zusuk
new helpfile: helper
added a format post for helpfiles if the community wants to post helpfile contributions:


fixed some gear in jotunheim
[Apr 06 2018] – Thazull
Added Reaching Woods zone
Added Green Glass Tower zone
[Apr 05 2018] – Danavan
Added X and Y coordinates to MSDP data in the wilderness.
[Apr 05 2018] – Zusuk
fixed some untyped values on ring of giant kind
fixed some untyped values on cloak of glittering icicles
cloak of glittering icicles cooldown reduce to 6 game hours (6 minutes) from 24
cut the news/changelog files down now that we posted a website update:

Development Updates [Jan 29 2018 – Apr 05 2018]

ran website updates for plugins/cms

Best regards,
LuminariMUD Staff


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