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      If players want to write help files and post it as response to this post, we can easily import it into the MUD!

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      Format for helpfile submissions:

      Tag: keyword for this helpfile, used for editing the file and ‘ease of finding entry’ – example: helper

      Keywords: when someone types help xxx, it will try to find the helpfile based on keywords – example: helper help-write-helpfiles

      Minimum level: the level you need to be to read this helpfile – unless it is a staff-only command, this should be just 0 (zero)

      Entry: The helpfile content, you can use colors, and we also are habitual to add a “See also” section on the bottom for related keywords – example:

      Helper is the title for the position of the individual(s)
      responsible for helping compile and organize community
      contributed help files and guides.

      See also: Helpfiles

Viewing 1 reply thread
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