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      Title: size change and gear
      Bug Details
      if you enlarge and wield a huge weapon, then shrink
      back down it should force the weapon to be removed

      Title: Problems with Price Selling / Appraise / Charisma
      Bug Details
      Occasionally, it seems that getting raises in the appraise skill — either through direct raises or raising my intelligence — sometimes lowers the prices I get for selling stuff. Moreover, the same effect happens with charisma. It doesn’t seem quite consistent across the board as sometimes I do get favorable prices. But often the proper relationship is inverted.

      Title: continual flame in the dark
      Bug Details
      Trying to cast ‘continual flame’ in a room that’s too dark (shouldn’t my infravision take care of that anyway?) Evidently the room is too dark for me to find the flame. If I go to a brighter area, I can find the flame again.

      Title: char-creation
      Bug Details
      enter twice, sometimes y/n doesn’t show up

      Title: make darkness/light room affections cancel each other
      Bug Details

      Title: MXP Settings
      Bug Details
      Can’t get MXP settings to save as “Off” on this port or on my own.

      Title: room description formatting
      Bug Details
      in zcheck the rooms aer sometimes sending back this message… – Room description not wrapped at 80 chars (/fi in the editor). I have also noticed that when putting colors into a room, wihtout the entire room being the same color, that there is sometimes a formatting issue if you do not /t before /fi. Not sure if the two are related.

      Title: Prompt
      Bug Details
      The prompt code appears to lack a rn at the end of the line, it is appearing on the same line as the names of rooms as so:
      Temple of Sanctum [ 100] [ 100] Temple of Sanctum [ No-Mob Indoors Peaceful ] [T 56] ( None )

      Title: shops
      Bug Details
      in a shop the list includes 1 a small dagger. buy 1. we have 0 to sell, that is 0 coins, you now have (something from your own inventory, like mail)

      Title: respec and crafting skills
      Bug Details
      when you respec, your crafting skills are reseted.

      Title: Crafting Skill Increase
      Bug Details
      When using crafting skills or harvesting skills they never go up in ability.

      Fast Crafter is the only thing that ever randomly goes up and its 1 in every 100 items/nodes.

      Ive harvested probably 2000 nodes to se if an increase would kick in, but nothing.

      Title: echos
      Bug Details
      There’s a bug in echos, don’t create more than 4 per mob for now until I fix it.
      Mobiles aren’t allocating enough memory for more than 4.

      Title: hitall no-exp
      Bug Details
      seeems like even tho im cranking hitall on this troll ber, he’s only getting exp for one of the kills each round.

      Title: Mob Loading After Reboot
      Bug Details
      Mob loading after reboot is off by what looks like 1 vnum in
      rooms. When you zpurge/zreset it fixes the issue.

      Title: killing out-of-room with arrows
      Bug Details
      gotta fix messages for that

      Title: shopkeeper messages
      Bug Details
      using keyword instead of item name
      Title: houses
      Bug Details
      might be issue with house saving, reported item losses
      with taure’s alt and cuoris

      Title: dayblind
      Bug Details
      taure is experiencing dayblindness on worldmap at 8am game-time

      Title: respec with pets
      Bug Details
      you needa clear pets when respeccing or it can abused

      Title: spell messages
      Bug Details
      don’t display casting messages to players while writing

      Title: spellbooks
      Bug Details
      issues they will overwrite each other if same vnum

      Title: SYSERR: GenOLC: add_room: Unknown zone entry found!
      Bug Details
      probably missing some zone commands added to that switch() in the code

      Title: fall rooms ignore doors
      Bug Details
      you fall through closed doors!

      Title: buggy output with prayer
      Bug Details
      after repraying for a spell it says that you cant retain more spells of that level
      and that you can not pray no more spells. But in fact it starts to pray and keeps
      working until its finished and complete. So it works but the messages are misleading

      Title: exp count when harvesting
      Bug Details
      It says i gain 1 exp for crafting but my XP to next level lowers with 2

      Title: Cleric 9th level spell: group summon
      Bug Details
      Seems to only summon one charmie to your location. I don’t know what/if any effect it has on pcs.

      Title: Gold
      Bug Details
      Given that gold is not stored in inventory, it should bypass the inventory when the “get” command is used on it. So if a player has a full inventory, he can still grab it.

      Title: alias help file
      Bug Details
      help alias and aliases, and the hindex of the same, take me to the
      alignment helpfile. Not really a bug, just my minor OCD kicking in!

      Title: magic shop in midgen
      Bug Details
      Don’t know if it’s intended or not, but the magic shop in midgen seems to
      only have one of each of its items….

      Title: kitquest
      Bug Details
      Kitquest crashes the mud. /s

      Title: # of attacks for 9th level druid
      Bug Details
      seems to not match up

      Title: shopkeepers in mid
      Bug Details
      Hey so some of the shop keeps(weapon seller for example) only have 1 of some items
      for sale. Couldn’t change it with sedit tho 🙁 Might be more deeply rooted.

      Title: Trip bug
      Bug Details
      Trip will still work when someone is mounted. You will not be able to take actions until you stand up, and when you stand up, you’re still mounted.

      Title: sc while hiding
      Bug Details
      Cannot check score while hiding

      Title: MOB pathing bug
      Bug Details
      My mob 7700 had been pathing fine for a while, now he just seems to go east,
      then west, then east, then west, etc. Im not 100% sure, but I might have
      noticed the bug shortly after changing a few exits in some of his rooms. Just
      removed some exits, and none were ones that the mob used ever.

      Title: Players can’t see max item count.
      Bug Details
      Title: Mount issue
      Bug Details
      When you teleport, your mount does not come with you. You are forced to dismiss it, which isn’t fun.

      Title: mass cure moderate
      Bug Details
      The spell prepares and casts, but does not heal anyone.

      Title: Switch obsolete AC to converted on treasure.
      Bug Details

      Title: paladin mount flying
      Bug Details
      Paladin mounts move room to room by flying through the air.

      Title: Holy Avengers
      Bug Details
      Cannot be removed, the reasoning is so they cannot be disarmed, but they can’t be unequipped. Also, Should be flagged holy.

      Title: Experience gain
      Bug Details
      There are times where experience gain reports back at 4, but you gain much more than that.

      Title: wail of the banshee
      Bug Details
      It still applies fear to Paladins

      Title: save-rolls
      Bug Details
      the saving rolls should be done after the attacks, not after the mob is dead.

      Title: I can log in with a different password. I beleive the number following my password are not taken into account
      Bug Details
      I believe the the numbers in my password are not being taken into affect while loggin gin.

      Title: greater ruin
      Bug Details
      It will not cast if you’re wearing armor as a cleric. As a cleric, divine casting shouldn’t be hampered.

      Title: Vampyre Castle Crash
      Bug Details
      Something we killed in the Vampyre Castle crashed the game

      Title: missing gear
      Bug Details
      I went to jotenheim and was fighting to mobs when ornir entered the room. I accedently aggroed him and cause him to attack me. Upon death the server crashed and now I have no gear. Nothing equiped or in my inventory.

      Title: varying experience tables..?
      Bug Details
      i kill a cityguard, bonus xp: 400% i receive 25 xp, make a group, kill a guard, i receive 30625 xp. yea… need i say more?

      Title: class check in dgscripts

      Title: Crafting EXP error
      Bug Details
      While doing supply orders, I gained experience for jewelry making while
      making shields. The first supplyorder of the day was a necklace, so it’s likely
      that it got stuck on giving experience for the one skill.

      Title: Toughness and epic toughness
      Bug Details
      When respecing to warrior/sorc, the above feats are meant to stack with one
      another, but when taken (Admittedly out of order) the epic toughness feat is the
      only one activated. I would recommend teiring the two, so characters with
      toughness are able to take epic toughness after so that this can be avoided.
      Either way, they are the same feat.

      Title: Toughness and epic toughness
      Bug Details
      When reclassing to warrior/sorc, and taking toughness and epic toughness,
      even in the correct order, neither of them garnered any bonuses. Multiclassing
      is suspect.

      Title: level 1 HE druid toughness
      Bug Details
      Practiced toughness and did not gain 1 extra HP as told.

      Title: kick and hide
      Bug Details
      im hidden.
      You step out of the shadows…
      it should not be like this.

      Title: Dimensional lock wear off message is wrong
      Bug Details
      You feel locked to this dimension.
      should be:
      Your feel the dimensional lock dissipate.

      Title: group code does weird stuff with exp gain
      Bug Details

      Title: objects used as lights
      Bug Details
      there is something whonky/fishy in the room light/object used as light code lights dont seem to work properly in certain room_types? not sure where the issue is exactly, but they dont work right!

      Title: mlist name
      Bug Details

      Title: OLC ERROR
      Bug Details
      SYSERR: OLC: Reached default case in oedit_disp_val1_menu()!

      Title: Armor with two identical bonuses
      Bug Details
      While testing out the new loot system, I came across a peice of armor that carries two +1 constitution modifications.
      Object ‘[Rare] a suit of leather armor with a falcon crest’, Item type: Armor
      Can be worn on: (Takeable) Body
      Item will give you following abilities: None
      Item is: Magical
      Size: Medium, Material: leather.
      Weight: 9, Value: 1500, Rent: 0, Min. level: 15
      AC-apply is 11
      Proficiency: Light Armor Proficiency
      Can affect you as :
      Affects: Constitution By 1
      Affects: Constitution By 1

      Title: potions and spell failure
      Bug Details
      the spell failure code is applying to potions and other things that
      doesn’t make sense due to armor weight

      Title: crash
      Bug Details
      bug when my elemental or mummy lord die. it seems to crash the server sometimes

      Title: Dual backstab output message
      Bug Details
      When the automatic rogue skill Crippling Strike (or a magic effect from a weapon) the output message is in the wrong order. It’s currently showing laste, after exp , gold , and saccing. When a player ASSISTs another and the mob is already dead, that output is also at the end. /s

      Title: spellbooks
      Bug Details
      spellbooks are broken, not saving correctly
      also if you restring them, it’ll blank the books

      Title: Epic Warding and Items
      Bug Details
      When casting the epic spell Epic Warding – if I am wearing the flaming ring of the efreeti (which has Protection from Elements on it) the spell fails but the timer is enacted.
      Of course I can just take the ring off when casting for now. Just not sure if this was the intended mechanic.

      Title: Clenched Fist spell
      Bug Details
      This spell will hold the caster in the room if the taraget dies before it is fully cast. (or if cast in a room alone without a target)

      Title: race selection
      Bug Details
      Kraevn chats, ‘But, in the race selection, you type a letter to select a race, you get a partial page, press enter for page 2, but there’s no prompt that shows’
      You chat, ‘ahh ok, i’ll add that to a bug report’
      Kraevn chats, ‘So you hit enter for page two, and there’s nothing under it to indicate the Y/N question unless you hit enter again’

      Title: char creation 2
      Bug Details
      Kraevn chats, ‘Item 2: when you select your race, the output to the player is “Class Confirmed!”, and then you go to the Class Selection screen. That should probably be “Race Confirmed”.’

      Title: MXP and HMUD client
      Bug Details
      When toggling ON MXP from the Prefedit menu while using HMUD client, Exits are not visible. Turning MXP OFF shows exits again.

      Title: Wait/Act Again
      Bug Details
      Players get the “You are able to act again.” msg as soon as the kick
      skill’s wait state wears off. HOWEVER, if the player got bashed after
      using “kick”, the player gets the “act again” msg even though they
      still have {wait} in their prompt, and can’t do anything until the
      bash lag ALSO wears off.
      So then, when a wait-state wears off, the MUD should check for any
      additional wait-states on the player before sending the “act again”
      msg to the ch.

      Title: Crystals
      Bug Details
      I am assuming the 6 different color crystals are supposed to correlate
      to the 6 stats, but both yellow and blue crystals give +Dex, and there
      is not a crystal that gives +Cha in the Supply Materials shop.

      Title: Quests
      Bug Details
      NPCs who talk to players and interanct with them should have hide,
      sneak, invisibility, and other such skills/spells removed from their buff
      list. Exceptionally annoying to not be able to give items to the “Someone”
      asking you for them.

      Title: Clans are horrid
      Bug Details
      Fix clan talk, who list, etc.

      Title: Helpfile: DAMROLL (or DAMAGE)
      Bug Details
      The helpfile DAMROLL references seeing “help damage”, but “help damage”
      actually gives the player “help damage-reduction” instead. If there is
      not a “help damage” helpfile, the reference to it in “help DAMROLL” needs
      to be removed.

    • #2184

      1|Ornir | 23422| 34|game should respond to the corpse keyword
      2|Zusuk | 1208| 34|empty/auto prompt
      3|Zusuk | 1208| 34|check removal of wait-state
      4|Zusuk |145202| 34|queue command isn’t showing queue
      5|Zusuk |145216| 34|quest completion (in room)
      6|Treyorn | 1214| 33|help class
      7|Zusuk | 1208| 34|zone errors
      8|Zusuk | 1205| 34|peace rooms
      9|Ornir | 1204| 34|pet kills dont count for quest credit
      10|Ornir |145286| 34|Fix map command in wilderness
      11|Treyorn | 5942| 34|player priority
      12|Zusuk |145200| 34|xp gains outside of mob kills
      13|Thoward |145201| 6|”Your rage has calmed” repeats four times
      14|Aramus |145201| 9|Gaining Feat Prereqs
      15|Sumara |145202| 1|Train Command
      16|Nitelite |145331| 1|When making a Troll character, the penalties to resistances is garbled in the display
      17|Test |145286| 1|Bard spells
      18|Zusuk | 1208| 34|auto-equip
      19|Selwyn |145201| 5|at level 5 – sneak attack
      20|Premor | 23422| 1|Help Class
      21|Premor |145202| 5|paladin divine bond
      22|Ornir | 14104| 34|getting gold
      23|Zusuk | 1208| 34|powerattack
      24|Ornir |103385| 34|Should be able to use items in inventory when blind.
      25|Zusuk | 1208| 34|circle
      26|Zusuk | 1208| 34|new character help files
      27|Zusuk |145286| 34|hitroll/damroll/enhancement
      28|Sumara | 6721| 10|Autogold
      ! 29|Zusuk | 150| 34|shop sell/buy
      30|Zusuk | 1208| 34|possible issue with helpfiles
      31|Ornir | 1207| 34|Autoquest room find in the wilderness
      32|Ornir |145286| 34|Issues when searching help for strings containing ‘%’
      33|Sumara | 29013| 11|Guard/Rescue
      34|Ornir | 1204| 34|Help updates – Actions
      35|Ornir | 1204| 34|Can flee when feared…
      36|Sumara | 29002| 13|Shieldslam
      37|Cleanse | 9235| 13|Fountains with remove poison
      38|Aramus |145286| 14|Feats (Critical)
      39|Zusuk | 1208| 34|lighting in mosswood
      40|Zusuk | 1208| 34|equipment/items in mosswood
      41|Geist | 5900| 10|Track (Rogue)
      42|Zusuk | 27605| 34|switching to mobiles in wilderness
      43|Treyorn | 14105| 34|make helpfiles for postmaster and mail
      44|Treyorn | 14105| 34|make helpfiles for postmaster and mail
      45|Aramus | 222| 14|Read
      46|Aramus | 1924| 14|Rescue
      47|Zusuk | 1903| 34|attacks command
      48|Aramus | 1923| 14|recall
      49|Zusuk | 369| 34|crafting is using the wrong skill numbers?
      50|Geist | 6777| 8|Graven Oldman Quest 2 – 6703
      51|Zusuk |145200| 34|mag-light should probably also work in inventory
      52|Zusuk | 1208| 34|dual wield
      53|Aramus | 25119| 15|Damage Shield avoidance
      54|Olohorn | 5928| 4|feats/spells
      55|Coriolis | 6716
      | 8|Graven Oldman Quest 3 – Find the broken blade
      56|Treyorn |145202| 34|Zone Respawn time
      57|Treyorn |145202| 34|”who” alignment
      58|Coriolis | 1903| 11|Druid spell – stone skin AC
      59|Coriolis |145201| 11|Druid spell – Wall of Fire / Thorns
      60|Sumara |145201| 20|Rogues and Epic Feats
      61|Zusuk | 1214| 34|hi!
      62|Treyorn |145200| 34|actor.is_on_quest needed
      63|Zusuk | 8504| 34|mysql backups
      64|Zusuk | 1205| 34|valgrind
      65|Elegon |145274| 1|magic missile help file is incomplete
      66|Elegon |145200| 5|Rest, memorize, stand and your spells will continue to memorize.
      67|Elegon | 5917| 6|You can teleport in combat
      68|Elegon | 6736| 7|acid-fog helpfile empty
      69|Zusuk | 1208| 34|combat-rolls/spell-rolls
      70|Elegon | 7582| 11|help acid-fog is blank
      71|Gaden |1004028| 13|Traveling on : tiles expends no movement
      ! 72|Zusuk | 1208| 34|PVP XP
      73|Aramus |145201| 21|Epic Feat report on Gain
      74|Aramus | 23802| 21|Guard
      75|Aramus | 25131| 21|Some blinding attack, I assume dirt kicking, is giving a damage number and no text on application.
      76|Aramus | 25116| 21|Treasure Weapons
      77|Zusuk |145200| 34|ZUS REMINDER RESTORE HLQ 1030
      78|Zusuk |115950| 34|abundant step in wilderness
      79|Zusuk | 1205| 34|study system
      80|Zusuk | 6701| 34|feat info conflict
      81|Zusuk | 1204| 34|can’t demount folks
      82|Erasmus | 445| 13|no confirmation message when alderwood log harvesting complete
      83|Erasmus | 445| 13|tree harvest confirm message
      84|Ornir | 1204| 34|vicril has issues in training hall

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      [AOO] [3] A journalist barely grazes you as he pierces you.
      You grab and overpower a journalist, throwing him to the ground!
      A journalist grabs and overpowers you, throwing you to the ground!

      Possible bug. Journalist should not be able to trip from the ground.

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      thanks reinhart i’ll check that out

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