A notice has been attached to the door of The Pipe and Ivories Tavern in Hardbuckler:

ATTENTION! Fullstaff, Agent of Sanctus, has reported an overpopulation of local Jackalope wildlife. Clearly someone has been breeding them, and this, can mean no good. We must stop the spread of this growing menace now. Will you help me? All hunters will be rewarded, but as special incentive, the hunter who returns with the most carcasses will receive a special reward, to be announced the day of the hunt.  ALL ABLE HUNTERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND!

This notice is approved by signature and the seal of the City of Sanctus.

(Thazull will be leading the staff in holding a Hunting event on Thursday May 7th at 7 PM EST and will run for 24 hours in order to accommodate all time zones – The rewards will be worth your attendance!  This event is for players of all levels!  Contact Staff on our Discord server or in-game for further information.)

More News:

April has been a massive month for Luminari – with lots of change, new staff onboard, new systems being added, tweaks to races and classes and as always updates to quests and world content.  The full change log is included at the bottom of this post, but please find a list of highlights below.  Also massive thanks to Vodur lending his extensive knowledge in tracking down some bugs and cleaning up the code base, and Valde for his work on extending and improving our custom Mudlet GUI package.

Major Change:

Prebuilt Class Templates are in!  This new system from Gicker will open up the game massively for new players, especially those unfamiliar with Pathfinder, making an easy transition to the world of Luminari.


Other Changes:

  • New automated player auction system
  • New mission/bounty system
  • New staff-ran event system
  • Tweaks to improve Trelux Epic Race
  • Equipment and mobs added / tweaked across a number of low level / leveling areas
  • Availability of resource harvesting nodes has been increased
  • Monks have been given the Spring Attack Feat for free at level 5
  • Multiple additions to help files and hints
  • Upgraded Berserker Feats – including the return of their Raging Critical Feat
  • Script fixes and enhancements into the ever expanding Main Quest Line
  • Added a donation room for high level players to automatically donate gear to new players from wherever they are in the world
  • Added Epic Levels for Alchemist including New Bomb Mastery Feats
  • Multiple bug fixes / code improvements
  • +Much more!

Complete list of changes since our last update (April 14 2020):

Snow Hunt by Sandara
Snow Hunt by Sandara https://sandara.deviantart.com/art/Snow-Hunt-642033407

[May 01 2020] – Havamal

The room descriptions in several of the Mosswood fields have been given more


200 rooms in the Keep now the titles’ colours cleaned up

[May 01 2020] – Zusuk

some tweaks and bug fixes to staff event system

RRebrick Valde: Support for sending character position via MSDP

RRebrick Valde: fix for msdp position value not setting right

Odoth Vodur: Add performance monitoring code.

Odoth Vodur: Increase embed_build_version size to avoid truncation.

Odoth Vodur: Fix crash bug in do_players.

Odoth Vodur: First pass strcpy -> strlcpy

Odoth Vodur: Remove .accepted in Makefile.

Odoth Vodur: Always rebuild constants.c with other files so that

luminari_build is

Odoth Vodur: Reduce perfmon log spam by only dumping when high water mark


[Apr 30 2020] – Zusuk

staff event code alpha is implemented

updates to feat info for trelux innates with missing info

added a new hint to help players struggling with interacting with the


trelux now get a higher bonus to damroll

trelux get a slightly higher bonus to AC naturally now

put a little blurb on top of the website about the game

added a link to the homepage on the website

swapped themes for the website, much faster now

move drain on crippling critical scaled properly

crystals with no enchantments should be fixed

slight increase of disenchantment success

[Apr 29 2020] – Gicker

Added the Khopesh weapon type, heavy blades

Added new item auctioning functionality with auction command. Auction channel

changed to auctalk.

[Apr 29 2020] – English

Fixed Zone Reset Flag on Mosaic – the zone will now not respawn with a player


Minor addition to Recite / Scrolls helpfile

[Apr 28 2020] – English

Added Gold to allow Hilmer and Riautar to purchase loot from players in

Ashenport – they have limited gold, so don’t expect them to be buying everything

you’ve got.

Fixed Load for Human assassin in Rat Hills – also fixed his equipment load

(lowbie leggings, sleeves.)

[Apr 28 2020] – Gicker

instrument wear slot removed

[Apr 28 2020] – English

Checked Mob Levels in Ardeep and Loggers Camp, Fixed a couple of containers /

keys, Added some additional Mob spawns to make it a better leveling zone for 6 –


[Apr 28 2020] – Havamal

The unfortunate Mosswood wheat field with the beetle problem has been cleaned

up in term of colour and descriptions.

Several mosswood farm creatures which also needed colour cleanup have been

sorted. Thanks to those whom reported a few I missed!

[Apr 27 2020] – Gicker

Sorcerers and Bards can not longer change spells they choose without a respec.

If a mistake is made during study spell selection, the person would need to quit

out of the study session without saving, and do the study process anew.

Added ability to get spell help when choosing spells as a sorcerer or bard

Added an instrument wear slot for bard instruments

Added the premade build system. New characters will have the option to choose

a premade or custom build after they choose their class during creation.

Existing classes can respec into a premade build by typing ‘respec (class)

premade’. Premade builds go up to level 20.

[Apr 27 2020] – Zusuk

Odoth Vodur: const audit round 1

Odoth Vodur: More const auditing.

Odoth Vodur: Resolve -Wwrite-strings warnings for assign_wpn_armor

Odoth Vodur: Make ACMD argument const to resolve -Wwrite-strings warnings from


Odoth Vodur: Resolve -Wwrite-strings warnings for act.wizard.c and feats.c.

Odoth Vodur: More fixes for -Wwrite-strings.

Odoth Vodur: Make SPECIAL argument const to resolve -Wwrite-strings warnings


Odoth Vodur: Resolve -Wwrite-strings warnings in fight.c

Odoth Vodur: Fix remaining -Wwrite-strings warnings. Add -Wwrite-strings and

[Apr 27 2020] – Havamal

The colour in the Mosswood swamp has been cleaned up.

[Apr 26 2020] – Zusuk

increased harvesting nodes, please give feedback to staff

putting together a primitive first iteration of a staff event system

apparently i broke something in the affections display, hopefully fixed now 😛

[Apr 25 2020] – Zusuk

fixed a key with broken keywords

[Apr 25 2020] – Gicker

fixed a number of bugs with sticky bombs

[Apr 25 2020] – Zusuk

added another little adjustment to lingering song

converted the affection system for bardic performances to an array

fixed a display issue with affections

From Odoth Vodur: Fix editor /n. Destination should not also be used as an

argument in…

From Odoth Vodur: Fix additional cases of using destination buffer also as an


From Odoth Vodur: Fix more snprintf cases of destination is also an argument.

From Odoth Vodur: Finished fixing strings

fixed a bug that caused followers ordered through portals to turn aggressive

against their masters

fixed a bug when followers auto-follow their master through a portal in the


fixed a typo in stohana’s quest

made it -extremely- rare for instruments to break

made the ‘flags’ helpfile visible to all players

gicker fixed nature ally iv for rangers

[Apr 24 2020] – Gicker

Fixed sticky bombs affecting the alchemist, except for fire brand and healing

bombs which extend the fire brand duration and heal the alchemist again,


Added discipline and total defense to stalwart defender class skill list

Changed ranger 4th level summon nature’s ally VI to IV

Added code to auto copyover the MUD at 9am server time each day

[Apr 24 2020] – Zusuk

From Odoth Vodur: First pass replacing strcat uses with strlcat.

From Odoth Vodur: Add build details to version command and game log.

help haste fixed!

[Apr 24 2020] – Gicker

Added instructions for setting up ability scores in study for new characters

and respecs

Made buff spells replace old buffs of the same type instead of failing.

[Apr 23 2020] – Zusuk

merged the dev / main trello staff boards!

From Odoth: Fix “‘return’ with no value” warnings in alchemy.c

From Odoth: Fix format overflow warnings.

From Odoth: First pass replacing sprintf uses with snprintf

From Odoth: Fix reset_com.if_flag type

added wear-off message for sacred flames

restring cost halved, super cheap now for level 6 or lower chars

[Apr 22 2020] – Zusuk

kick has a very slight reduction in effectiveness on locking down an opponent

lazily turned tiamat into the prisoner 😛

gave monks free feat at level 5: spring attack – requires respec if you are

at level 5 or higher

[Apr 21 2020] – Zusuk

new helpfile for staff: zedit-then

updated escape artist to mention benefits in grappling

added a bunch of ‘dummy checks’ into the code to try and address a crash bug

some of the monk level-basedd bonuses will now consider sacred fist levels

you can no longer spam order pet dragons to use breathe weapon

[Apr 20 2020] – Zusuk

increased lingering song duration by 1 round

added a new hint

dramatic change to troll regen

added missing constants

new bard class feat – efficient performance which changes performance from

standard to move action

farshot with imbue arrow should work properly now (i hope)

new affects have a default bonus_type of enhancement

added a note to wings discovery of commands (fly/land)

[Apr 19 2020] – Zusuk

fixed a bug with imbue arrow not firing in the proper room when firing from


added a new new hints

fixed an error with duration of spells on quaffed potions based on level

added a list of valid spells to use for imbue arrow

tweaked (upgraded) a bunch of berserker feats, and gave them back raging

critical feat at level 30

smash defense now has a little tag letting you know the knowckdown attempt


minort tweak to stalwart’s smash defense to address a bug report

detached/modified some death traps due to complaints 😛

[Apr 18 2020] – Zusuk

added a bunch of item types to ‘olist type’ staff command

[Apr 18 2020] – Gicker

PCs with draconic heritage wings or alchemist wings can now use the fly and

land commands to enable to disable flight.

[Apr 18 2020] – Zusuk

gicker fixed a bug with the bazaar

added a bunch of new info to identify for item types

fixed wall of force duration

Fizban fixed an issue with Swinton’s treasure chest

[Apr 17 2020] – Gicker

Added a donation room in mosswood and disabled the other donation rooms.

[Apr 17 2020] – Zusuk

fixed typo in parse_room() – thanks tba community

[Apr 16 2020] – Zusuk

fixed crystal rapier proc and added identify tag

[Apr 15 2020] – Gicker

Adjusted item resizing to not cost gold when resizing an item to your current

racial size. Also made resizing not offer experience gains.

Added epic levels for alchemists, and added the bomb_mastery feat

Fixed a bug with psychokinetic tincture to use it’s own cooldown

Fixed a bug with true mutagen grand discovery to properly apply the bonuses

Fixed a bug with mutagens triggering cooldown when entering incomplete

parameters, and thus not receiving the mutagen affect.

[Apr 15 2020] – Zusuk

extended constants array for higher stats

extended attacks command

fixed a bag full of gear, thanks Bersain!

increased guest limit to 99

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