Development has been busy over the last month. We’ve seen both a new prestige class added, as well as a new sorcerer bloodline. The psionicist class is also well underway.

Our new prestige class is the Spellsword. A warrior that couples arcane magic with heavy armor, he is able to channel spells into his weapons that have a chance to be cast when his weapon hits.

Our new sorcerer bloodline is the Undead bloodline. With a number of necromantic abilities they are the go to class for those who would like to play a necromancy style caster. We have plans to add the Pale Master prestige class down the line, for even more necromantic fun.

We’re on the home stretch now with the upcoming psionicist class. The class will introduce over 90 new abilities and some new mechanics with psionics. We’re down to about 25 abilities left to code, and expect to have a testable version ready in the next week or two.

Our new builder Icculus has been busy, busy, busy. He’s come to utilize all of our building tools including scripting and quests. His zones are looking very detailed and well done, and they should be published into the game soon.

See the full changelog here:

[Feb 26 2021] - Gicker
  spell focus series of feats are no longer restricted to wizards only.
[Feb 26 2021] - Pathos
  Obj 145501, ball of light, fixed so that it can't be worn.
[Feb 25 2021] - Gicker
  Worked more on psionic power manifestation in do_gen_cast.
  Added the spellsword prestige class.
  Added the following class abilities for spellsword: channel spell, ignore armor failure, multiple channel spell.
  Added the channelspell command.
[Feb 25 2021] - Icculus
  Wrote the short desc for Zones 206 and 207. Will focus on writing long descs for 200 rooms.
[Feb 23 2021] - Icculus
  Roughed out +90 rooms to Zone 207. Now need to write room descs.
[Feb 23 2021] - Gicker
  Also added checks for feats, epic feats and epic class feats, ensuring all are spent before gaining a new level
  Changed language in the error messages for trying to gain a new level without spending your skill points and/or ability score boosts first.
  Fixed a bug that allowed you to take a new level without spending all of your class feats first.
  Added 43 psionic powers from level 1-3. Not active in game yet, until psionicist class is complete.
  added functionality for power resistance.
  Added two new apply types: Power Resistance (for psionic power resistance) and Special (used as a custom field for some spell/psionic power functionality.
  Added a new damage type: temporal
  Prevented map from showing in-game in a room with a fog effect.
  Fixed a bug where the mud would crash when respeccing while part of a group.
  Updated spell focus series of feates to show proper requirements now
[Feb 23 2021] - Icculus
  Started to restat Zone 203 and 206. Planning on starting to build for level 12 and scaling upwards. 
[Feb 19 2021] - Icculus
  Created mob 105081 Ranger Tien into Corm Orp. She will give out Monster Hunter style quests to hunt a unique mob found in each of the zones I create for Region 2.
[Feb 18 2021] - Gicker
  added help files for affect-spell-resistance and affect-power-resistance
  Corrected map symbols for beach, taiga and jungle room sector types.
[Feb 17 2021] - Gicker
  Added the temporal damage type for time-based damage.
[Feb 16 2021] - Pathos
  Trigger 11871 edited to account for any damage reduction effect.
[Feb 16 2021] - Icculus
  Updated Corm Orp room sector from "city" to appropriate type
  Auditing Corm Orp (1050) for Region 2 quest hub
[Feb 16 2021] - Gicker
  Gave the shifter class the survival skill as a class skill.
  Reduced the min level to wear/wield random treasure by 5 to coordinate with the improvement in random treasure stats implemented recently.
[Feb 11 2021] - Pathos
  Updated materials helpfile
[Feb 08 2021] - Gicker
  Added automated happy hours.
  Automated happy hour settings can be changed in cedit.
  Separated spell and skill lists, and increased max spells to 999.
  Added the boon companion feat.
  Fixed a bug wherein after casting the refuge spell, and it expiring, those without ranks in stealth
  could not turn off sneak.
  Added the epic spell penetration feat.
[Feb 06 2021] - Zusuk
  world worksheet updated
  added two new zones to the worldmap image
  connected zone 'jade forest' to the worldmap / wilderness
  connected zone 'settlestone' to the worldmap / wilderness
[Feb 06 2021] - Pathos
  Npc merc shop in Ashenport had mob stats revised to make them more inline with players and other mobs.
  Room layout in dollhouse was changed to look more realistic. Vnum 11864
[Feb 04 2021] - Gicker
  Added the Undead Sorcerer Bloodline and the following associated class abilities:
  Undead bloodline arcana, grave touch, death's gift, grasp of the dead, incorporeal form, one of us.
  Added 'gravemagic' command for using undead bloodline abilities.
  Reduced NPC dragon breath weapon damage (includes summons suych as dragon knight).
  Added finger of death spell for druids, wizards and sorcerers.
  Added circle of death spell for sorcerers and wizards.
  Added undeath to death spell for clerics, sorcerers and wizards.
  Death ward spell (and other deat ward affects) will grant immunity to death magic such as finger 
  of death, power word kill and wail of the banshee.
  Fixed a bug with Shadow Walk spell to properly allow it to target the caster.
  Added help files for new spells and abilities.
  Updated the HELP PET help file to mention the summon command.
[Feb 03 2021] - Gicker
  Added HELP FRIGHTENED help file

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