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The Ruined Citadel

The Ruined Citadel

In stories and legends, the Archmage Gnarth was renowned for his skill in Artifice and Evocation – He was among those who developed the magical arms and armor that outfitted the Armies of Hope during the Darkling Wars. Tragically, he was also thought to be responsible for a great deal of the highly powerful magic that destroyed the ancient world in the greed-driven aftermath of the Sacrifice of the Luminari. The stories tell that he himself was a victim of his own hubris – destroyed by the very magics he sought to employ.

In the search for a weapon to battle the coming darkling hordes, Meelka the Crone, at Alerion Lenadrian’s direction, has discovered some strange goings on in the area where the archmage’s citadel was rumored to stand. See Alerion in Ashenport if you would like to help her discover the secrets of Gnarth’s ancient home. Beware, you and your friends are not the only ones interested in Gnarth’s citadel!

(This quest is for characters of level 18-21 but may be attempted by characters of lower level in a group. This quest follows the Mosaic Cave quest and is part of the main quest line.)


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